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dudeabides 11-03-2011 10:19 PM

ProElite2: Travis Fulton vs Andrei Arlovski

dudeabides 11-06-2011 12:12 AM


Round one: Fighters meet in the middle and Fulton throws inside leg kick. Fulton throws head kick and misses. Arlovski yet to throw. Fulton rushes in and misses with a punch combo. Fulton lands another inside leg kick. Fulton ties Arlovski up and brings him to the fence. Fulton leaning on Arlovski but not very active. This could get split up soon. Three minutes to go in the round. Arlovski with an inside knee. Referee separates them (far too late) and brings htem back to center. Big uppercut by Fulton. Arlovski looks very tentative. Arlovski lands good in-step kick to Fulton's front leg. Jab by Fulton. Arlovski lands a good right hand to the head. Arlovski with good inside leg kick. He looks like he's awake now. Fulton misses with high kick. One minute left. Arlovski throws big right hand that misses narrowly. Fulton throws big right hand and Arlovski ducks under it. Another front kick to the lead leg by Arlovski. I'm calling it a 10-10 round. Neither fighter did much of anything.

Round two: Fulton aggressively comes forward and is met by a front kick to the body. Fulton ties up and pushes the action to the cage. Arlovski uses underhooks to reverse him. Arlovski with a good knee to the body. Arlovski uses his leg to sweep Fulton who falls to his back. Arlovski keeps hold of Fulton's leg and goes for heel hook. He is unsuccessful and Fulton gets back up. Three to go. Arlovski with nice left hook that makes Fulton wince and move backwards. Fulton with a nice inside leg kick. Fulton throws head kick that misses. Arlovski throws good jab. Arlovski starting to stalk now. Arlovski snaps a very loud inside leg kick. Arlovski throws one-two punch combo. Arlovski fires a kick to the lead leg. The Pit Bull is starting to land with an ever-growing level of precision. Fulton is starting to back up more and more. Double jab by Arlovski. Fulton comes forward with a strike and gets countered. Arlovski throws a spinning backfist that doesn't even come close. 10-9 round for Arlovski.

Round three: Fulton shoots for takedown and gets hit with an inside legkick. Arlovski totally stuffs him and gets on top. Forearm across the head of Fulton. Arlovski in side control and dominant position. Oddly, Arlovski backs away and lets him up. Fulton lands a good kick to the body. Arlovski responds with one of his own. And another. Arlovski throws head kick. Fulton dodges under it and shoots for takedown. He misses with his attempt and Arlovski ends up on top and in side control again. Arlovski landing hammerfists to the ribcage. Arlovski working to get full mount but having trouble getting the leg over. Arlovski landing elbows to the body from top position. Arlovski rears back and throws double hammerfists. Just under a minute to go. Arlovski comes forward and out of nowhere throws a head kick that knocks him out!!! With one second left, Arlovski KO's Fulton with a massive head kick!!! Right on the jawline. If you missed this, you need to find a replay ASAP! Craziness!

Final Results: Andrei Arlovski via KO at 4:59 of round three

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