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dudeabides 11-03-2011 10:33 PM

ProElite2: Mark Ellis vs Ryan Martinez

dudeabides 11-06-2011 12:10 AM


Round one: Ellis comes out working the jab and finding the distance. Ellis throws a punch combo but doesn't land. Martinez looks content to sit and wait. Ellis circling. Martinez holds hands down, daring Ellis to rush in. Crowd getting restless. Both fighters throw punches simultaneously and almost hit hands. Ellis continues to paw at him, then he shoots. Martinez sprawls and stuffs the takedown. Martinez has his back and his hitting him with hammerfists. Ellis able to wiggle out and they're back up. Ellis comes in and gets hit on the chin by Martinez, but not squarely. One minute left. Not a lot of action. Ellis shoots and the attempt is stuffed again. Martinez has a hold of his neck and then lands a right uppercut. Ellis backs away quickly. Looks to be some blood coming from the nose of Ellis. 10-9 round for Martinez.

Round two: Ellis active but not accomplishing much. Lots of movement. Ellis shoots and is stuffed for the third time. Martinez landed a very illegal knee to Ellis' head. Blatant foul. Looks like the referee is giving Martinez a warning. Should be a point deduction. Very odd. Back to the action. Ellis throws inside thigh kick. Martinez continues to sit in the pocket and counter whatever Ellis does. Crowd antsy again as little to nothing is going on. For over a minute, Ellis has been dancing on the outside with lots of feints. Ellis looks scared to shoot, after being very unsuccessful thus far. Ellis runs in and gets clip by a lead hook. Martinez is picking him off at every turn. A minute left. Martinez comes forward with a punch combo that sends Ellis running backwards. Martinez lands the jab. Ellis looks frustrated and flustered. Round ends with Martinez landing a solid right hook to Ellis' head. 10-9 again for Martinez.

Round three: Ellis appears to be clearly down, two rounds to one. He needs a finish here. Martinez takes the center again and just sits and waits for Ellis to come in. Ellis shoots, is stuffed again and Martinez grabs hold of his neck. Martinez controlling him in north-south position, but Ellis slips out. Back to standing position. Ellis shoots for the sixth time and is stuffed again. Broken record. He isn't setting up his takedowns and every time, he gives up right away when he doesn't get the takedown. Three minutes to go. Martinez is going to win this one handily unless something drastic happens for Ellis. Martinez is still on top of Ellis who is on one knee, trying to get back up. Martinez leaning on him with all his weight. Just under tow minutes to go and Ellis doesn't show any sign of getting free right now. Referee looks for activity and stands them up. One minute left. Another failed takedown attempt. Martinez laughs as he stuffs him and backs away. Martinez catches a kick and tosses Ellis to the mat. 10-9 for Martinez. Not a good showing at all for Mark Ellis.

Final Results: Ryan Martinez via unanimous decision

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