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dudeabides 11-03-2011 10:48 PM

ProElite2: Richard Odoms vs Rodney Housley

dudeabides 11-06-2011 12:07 AM


Round one: Odoms pawing at Housley with jabs, finding distance. Odoms coming forward aggressively stalking. Odoms hits Housley in the chin with a right hand that pops his head back and then clinches against the fence. Housley looks totally overpowered. Odoms is leaning heavily on Housley and hitting him with occasional hammer fists to the quads. Odoms lands a couple of nice inside knees in the clinch. Housley answers with a decent inside knee. Housley able to circle off and get away from the cage. Odoms continues to stalk and throw bombs. The action is against the fence again. Odoms continues to hit Housley with hammerfists on the thighs. Very unorthodox but effective. Just over a minute to go in the round. Back to the center of the cage. Odoms lands a stiff jab and follows with a right cross that glances off Housley's arm. Odoms with a hard kick to Housley's ribcage. Housley rushes in for a takedown attempt. Odoms sprawls but is eventually taken down. The round ends with Housley on top in side control. Should be a 10-9 round for Odoms but a nice way to finish for Housley.

Round two: Housley comes out with some swelling under his right eye. doms begins round with an inside thigh kick. Housley shoots in for takedown but Odoms stops him dead. Odoms throws him down and jumps on top of him with his forearm across his throat. Odoms working from inside the full guard of Housley. Odoms lands a nice hammerfist strike from top position. Housley is off his back but Odoms is on his back, leaning with all his weight. Somehow Housley gets back up and their up against fence, dirty boxing. Housley working the inside knees. Odoms lands a very unusual kick to the back of Housley's calf with his heel, muay thai style. Back to the middle. Incidental thumb to the eye of Housley. Brief pause. Back to the action. Odoms feints with outside leg kick, follows with inside leg kick and an overhand right. Housley shoots again and Odoms dodges, then takes his back. Housley using wrist control to try and stop Odoms from completely taking his back. Odoms now in side control using knees and elbows to soften up his opponent. North-south position now for Odoms. Housely taking some punishment. Another 10-9 round for Odoms.

Round three: Odoms working the jab. Odoms misses with a kick then ties Housley up against the cage. Housely reverses and is looking a leg to grab hold of. Both fighters trading knees in the clinch. Odoms circles off the cage and reverses. Odoms lands a brutal knee to the mid section. Odoms drops down looking for a kimura but Housely gets away. Housely "turtles up" as Odoms begins to rain down powerful hammerfists. Just under three minutes left. A ton of time. Odoms continues to pound on Housely's head (insert cheesy analogy). Two minutes left and Odoms still very much in control. Housely looks helpless, holding on to one of Odoms' legs. Odoms in north-south, landing knees to the shoulders and side of Housely. Odoms lets him up. One minute left. Odoms fakes a spinning back kick. They clinch in the middle. Odoms with a nice double leg takedown and is on top in full guard. Both fighters gassed and it will probably end this way. Ten seconds to go. It's over. 10-9 for Odoms again.

Final Results: Richard Odoms via unanimous decision

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