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dudeabides 12-14-2011 09:11 PM

Strikeforce: Devin Cole vs Gabriel Salinas-Jones

dudeabides 12-17-2011 09:30 PM


Round 1 - Referee Herb Dean in charge of these heavyweights. Salinas-Jones in a southpaw stance, and he lands an early low kick. Cole walks him down and moves into the clinch. Salinas-Jones pulls away and resets. Cole walks through a few punches and moves back into the clinch. Battle for position in the clinch, and crowd wants Dean to step in. He doesn't need to, and they break. Cole lands a few punches in a flurry, but he's quickly back into the clinch.Clear where Cole wants this fight. Salinas-Jones tries for a trip, but Cole's whizzer prevents any gain in position. THe break away again, and tow minutes remain. Salinas-Jones lands a jab and ducks for a takedown, but Cole defends the effort. Cole sprawls out and lands four quick punches before moving around to the back. Salinas-Jones spins into the clinch as he stands. Cole with a late takedown, and he's on top with 45 seconds. Salinas-Jones works his legs inside and kicks away, and they return to the feet. They push away and exchange punches in the closing seconds. Not much to score between the two. will lean slightly toward Cole, 10-9, but a 10-10 wouldn't be unjust.

Round 2 - Little bounce from both to open, so hopefully they'll look to throw in round two. Cole walks forward and throws a few jabs. Salinas-Jones counters with a right, and Cole staggers away from an apparent eyepoke. Crowd doesn't like it, but replays reveal Salinas-Jones dead each forward with an open palm. Cole doesn't take much time, and they reset. Cole again in the center, and he lands a crisp right, the best punch thus far. Salinas-Jones dives in for a takedown, but Cole stands him up. Salinas-Jones kicks to the body then the legs. Cole looks for his own takedown that won't come. Back to the stalemate in the clinch we saw so much of in the first, and the crowd lets the fighters know they're not feeling it. They break, and Salinas-Jones lands a nice left-hand uppercut, hi best punch of the fight. But in no time, they're clinched up again, and Cole wraps the body and takes the action to the floor. Salinas-Jones rolls to his knees and stands. Cole stays latched to the back. Salinas-Jones looks for a forward roll, but Cole holds tight and prevents it. Salinas-Jones finally pulls away. Cole again walks him down, and Salinas-Jones retreats to the cage. Round ends in the clinch. Not a barnburner, and the crowd boos at the break. sees it for Cole, 10-9.

Round 3 - Crowd wants to cheer for something in this final round. Cole immediately walks to the center of the cage and flurries into a clinch. He knees and pulls away before rushing in again. This time, Salinas-Jones reaches over and controls the head. Nothing there, so he lets it go. WHen they rest, Salinas-Jones takes the center, but he looks completely uncertain what he wants to do with it. Cole simply walks him down. Boos rain down again. Salinas-Jones kicks to the body, but his constant retreating lets Cole easily clinch him up and take the fight to the floor yet again. Salinas-Jones in guard. Cole works punches to the body and drives in a few short elbows to the head. Halfway into the round. Cole is in half-mount, and Salinas-Jones tries to turn to his hips, but he can't escape. Salinas-Jones does turn to his knees, and Cole immediately latches onto a rear-naked choke. Cole is too far to the side, so he spins over to mount. Salinas-Jones briefly exposes the neck again. Salinas-Jones rolling over and over, but he can't get away. Cole not exactly blowing anyone's mind from top position, but he's certainly cruising to a win. Salinas-Jones will not escape, and he ends the fight on his back. sees the round for Cole, 10-9, and awards him the fight 30-27. Devin Cole def. Gabriel Salinas-Jones via unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27).

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