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Former WWF Champion Kevin Nash challenges the Ultimate Warrior to a MMA Fight.

Yeah, i know, more pro-wrestling news on a MMA site, even if you want nothing to do with it, i'd recommend reading the bolded parts.

What do Kevin Nash and Ultimate Warrior have in common? they are both old former pro-wrestlers, Kevin Nash returned to the WWE for a while last year into a very high profile program with HHH, and his beef with Warrior started on twitter when someone asked Warrior why he doesn't ever dye his hair and make one more nostalgia run in WWE like Nash did, Warrior responded by saying unlike Nash, The Ultimate Warrior is "not a d*ckhead who thrives on stealing the limelight from young guys."

Nash decided that the best idea to handle this insult was to challenge Warrior to a MMA fight:

"Never realized I had a problem with Jim (Warrior). Seemed to get along fine in Scottsdale. Come on my clown, turn that frown upside down. @UltimateWarrior: A true warrior never turns down a challenge. Put up 100K. I'll do the same. 3 rounds. MMA rules. Winner take all. I'm talking shoot, not sports entertainment. Jim Hellwig needs to put up or shut the f*ck up. Day before Mania in Miami area. Warrior will have to pass all HIV and HEP A, B and C tests. I'll do the same. I'm tired of this guy talking sh*t about the boys and me. When they stop it or you tap, I'll quit, or you can apologize like the c*nt you are. @UltimateWarrior You should watch your mouth, you know you're a bitch. You want nothing to do with me. You ran out of your gym to avoid me. @UltimateWarrior You want to go p*ssy name the place and time. If not shut your d*ck sucker and forget my name. Bitch make me 100K richer. I knew i would get no response because i know Jim Hellwig. In the future when my name comes up pass Jim, p*ss."
Warrior responded with a 10 min video on youtube that ill leave here for reference.

Ahead is a transcript of the video where Warrior not only completely owns Nash, but also puts over MMA.

"Hey, everybody. What's going on, Warriors? Warrior Man here. Let me respond to the feeding frenzy that's taking place out in the digital la-la land.

"Kevin, it's been a long time. And this is what I've got for you, buddy. You know, it's interesting to me that such a big, strong, powerful, tough guy like yourself is so damn sensitive to some truth.

"For years, you and the other guys, you go out there, you make up lies, you tell lies trying to destroy my reputation personally and professionally. It just seems like after all this time that you would be a little bit more open-minded, maybe even friendly, to hearing some truths told about yourself. Because the challenge that you offer me doesn't change the truth about what I said. And that's what's most important about this video I am recording and what I want to say.

"Everybody in the business, everybody from the top talent all the way down to the ring crew -- hell, even the people that work the concession stands at the arenas -- they know what kind of two bit, two faced, backstabbing manipulator you are. They know what kind of conniver you are. They know what kind of phony motherf*cker you are. They know what kind of wicked, nasty, dirty means you will go to to hold on to your spot in your organization, holding other young guys down, keeping them from their chance at their own success.

"Everybody knows, Kevin, that you're a cheater and a thief afraid to compete on merits alone. This isn't in dispute. Even your friends, those you call your friends, know this about you. Nobody is taking the stand in your defense. The only reason you have a job at WWE is because you've got a friend over there, you're good friend Paulie, one of the original members of the Kliq. And everybody knows, again, everybody from the top talent to the ring crew to the people that work the concession stands, they know that he's the same kind of vile, contemptible human being that you are. And he has operated his life and his business in sports entertainment the same way that you have. He's envious, he's petty and he's done everything within his means -- and he's got some pretty powerful f*cking means, I will have to admit that -- he's done everything within his means to hold other young promising talent down. Totally just snuff out entirely their chance at having success in the business.

"I want to correct you about something you said because I want the record to be straight. I don't talk sh*t about "the boys." The young guys, those are the ones I consider "the boys." They don't get any critiscm from me. They get the level of respect and admiration they deserve as they go about trying to make their own way in a very tough and challenging business.

"I do, though, tell the truth and call absolute bullsh*t on guys like you. Guys who have had their time in the business, had their runs in the business, had great success in the business and are still in the business beyond their time to be there. Hogging the limelight, scheming politically to hold their spot. Devouring a huge chunk of the talent budget and thereby robbing the boys, the young guys, their chance at succeeding in the business on their own, in their own right and by their own merits.

"And I stand by what I said before. Let me personalize it for you: pack your f*cking gear bag Kevin, do the right thing and take your ass home.

"Now, I went back through the videos I've done over the last few years, a lot of them, not all of them, and I looked at the commentaries I posted and the comments I made and I didn't find any place where I ever said I dreamed to be an MMA fighter. Or that I was training to be an MMA fighter or that I trained in the style as MMA fighter's do. So that part of your challenge is a little odd and confusing considering that because I'm into exercise and fitness for all these years in a hardcore way that I'm totally aware of the long term intense and disciplined training that goes into preparing for something like that.

"I mean, let's face it, Kevin: You're in the business that is a work for the same reason that I'm not pounding my chest cutting Ultimate Warrior promos that I'm the baddest motherf*cker on the planet because both of us would have our asses completely handed to us by nearly every MMA fighter that is out there on any MMA card.

"Now, if you're serious that you want to play by MMA rules, I gotta ask myself why it is that you're waiting around and not doing that. My suggestion would be that you pack your gear bag and go home. And then maybe pick up the phone and call Brock (Lesnar) or call Dana White directly and see if they can accommodate you in fulfilling your fantasy because I am not. Not by the timeline and the terms that you've offered, anyway.

"You know, the saddest part about your offer is well, the money. I know that that's not a revelation to anybody because I have a reputation for always being on top of my money or paying particular attention to money side of things and you know, there are a lot of mischaracterizations out there about me that will never be cured but there is one that doesn't exist. And it's that I learned my money business well and I practice it even better.

"In fact, you did an interview some time ago where you were complimenting me about that and saying nearly the exact same thing that I'm saying now. So I just wonder how you came up with the silly ass idea that I would ever be interested in going back to any kind of ring for the chump change that you've offered. Or, if I'm understanding this thing correctly, that I would put my own money up, sort of as an entry fee, to participate in an event where only other people are going to profit and I'm pretty goddamn sure that those other people can't be trusted to begin with.

"I think the thing to do, based on what you've actually offered, is that you should keep your money because you need it worse than I do. But if you want to set a date several months into the future so that I can employ the intense and disciplined training that I am known for, that I used to succeed in the business at a higher level than any of you guys, and you have some investors who want to put some big money up -- and let me be clear about that right now so people don't think that I'm leading them on -- let me just say that adding one zero to the figure you've offered isn't going to buy my interest.

"If you have investors that can come up with big money to get my interest, I will happily oblige you in your challenge. Happily.

"One other condition of the deal would be that the negotiations are open to the public so that they can see exactly what takes place. If that doesn't work for you then my advice is this: it's best that you keep your distance from me. Because if you touch me, different than you may fantasize about, you're not going to enjoy the outcome or the consequences. And because you have to work at the job you have, neither are you going to be able to afford them.

"If you decide not to heed that advice then you should come prepared to kill me, Kevin. Because I will never, ever, never ever, apologize to you or any man for simply speaking the truth.

"So there you go, Kevin. I have assisted you in being relevant for the last 48 hours. You're going to have to go out on your own from here on out. In fact, this is the last time I am ever going to defend myself or defend the better man that I have become in my life to anybody in the business. Anybody in the business today or anybody in the business that I worked with before. None of you are worth it. And I'm done doing it.

"Now, if you'll excuse me, I have a very real and a very wonderful life to get back to."
I heard that Nash is now offering to do the fight for free, thoughts?

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You're Welcome.
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Kevin Nash can barely walk across a ring without tearing his quad.
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Man, this is the most interesting article I've read all week in the world of entertainment sports.

I like both fighters, but man UW was da bomb! Nice comeback...haha!

Nice find.
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This is very odd. You never know who to believe in all of this he said/he said stuff. The Warriors youtube videos are pretty entertaining though. Id watch Nash and The Ultimate one throw down.

On a slightly related note, I just watched the E:60 on Scott Hall. You can find it on youtube. Man, that is one depressing ass story. The part with him doing the local show drunk of his ass was hard to watch. He was my favorite wrestler when I was a kid. He had me thinking tooth pics were cool back in the day. Worth a watch if you grew up watching wrestling in the 90's.
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^I know eh that was pretty depressing. That can show you how low you can get in wrestling.

As for the fight, Nash wins by jacknife powerbomb through the octagon/ring

'Bisping's a dick'

Dana White
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I like the Warrior, he seems to have gained some wisdom and gotten his life together to the point where he's not a beat up has been that can hardly walk and clinging to fame like most other former WWE guys. I bet Warrior would easily win this fight given 6 months to train due to being much smarter than Nash. Nash is a bully and he injures easily, hit him in the face once and he'll wilt. All the guys like Nash are the same, act big and tough to intimidate. Real tough guys act with more honesty and humility because they aren't scared.
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Even in his prime, Nash was a lumbering imbecile and could hardly move an inch for as mobile as he tried to be. He would get his ass handed to him by THE ULTIMATE WARRIOR!!!

I bet Nash backs down and walks away like a puss with the taste of Warrior's dick left in his mouth!

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These guys are both old farts and if they did this they would both get brain damage. However, I'm sure some promotion will pick this up and run with it. Freak shows pay.

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These WWE idiots need to stop thinking they can become MMA fighters..

It's honestly pathetic, most of them take steroids, and looking at Nash.. yes, guy definitely took roids a few times in his life.

Just because he's like 7 feet tall doesn't mean his arms need to be that ****in big.
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Yeah, this started with Dave Batista and then Kurt Angle has been saying he can do it to. Well Angle could've done it way back when but it won't work now. Brock Lesnar and Bobby Lashley can both do this because they are actual wrestlers.

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