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dudeabides 01-18-2012 08:50 PM

ProElite 3: Hitomi Akano vs Sara McMann

dudeabides 01-22-2012 12:10 AM


Round 1
McMann lands a crisp right hand on the heels of two strong jabs. McMann easily takes Akano to the canvas and avoids a guillotine. McMann works from side control with lefts to the head. Right hands land to the body of Akano. The more experienced fighter gets to full guard and looks for an armbar as McMann defends. Akano’s guard is closed and she eats a hard right hand. McMann works the body with her left hand. Referee Yuji Shimada stands the fighters. Both fighters miss head kicks and McMann picks Akano up and slams her hard onto the canvas. Akano rolls and the slick McMann takes her back. mcMann, an Olympian wrester, is clearly no joke on the ground. McMann looks for an arm triangle from the top in half guard as the round closes. 10-9 McMann.

Round 2
Akano tries to tie up with mcMann and again she’s thrown hard to the floor. Akano shows an offensive guard with an aggressive armbar attempt, but falls short. Again Akano goes high with her hips, but this time she has something. Akano alternates positions from armbar to triangle as McMann defends. McMann clears danger and again Akano gets the same position and threatens with an armbar. McMann plays the game and referee Shimada stands the fighters. McMann rushes and beats Akano up with hooks from both hands. McMann powers Akano to the floor and defends a kimura with 1:45 left in the period. McMann escapes and takes an accidental thumb in the eye. Shimada stands the fighters. McMann wastes no time in throwing her back to the floor effortlessly. Akano locks on a triangle and throws wild punches from both hands as time expires. Akano finished strong, but it was not enough to steal the round. 10-9 McMann.

Round 3
Akano misses a head kick and is tripped to the floor. McMann takes the top position and hits the body with her right hand. McMann mixes in her left hand as she continues to assault the body. Akano works the same half-triangle position she has from the bottom previously and she’s got McMann locked up good this time. Akano hits the head trying to get her opponent to move, but the stronger fighter pops her head free. McMann greets her with hard rights to the body and Shimada again stands them up. McMann lands a right hand and throws Akano on her head like she’s a ragdoll. The strength of McMann’s hips is to behold. McMann is cruising from the guard with body shots. Akano works to her feet and lands a right hand before being slammed yet again to the floor. 10-9 McMann (30-27 McMann).

Official score: 30-27’s across the board for McMann, winner by unanimous decision.

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