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dudeabides 04-05-2013 01:42 PM

Invicta FC 5: Mollie Estes vs Julia Budd

dudeabides 04-05-2013 09:08 PM


Round 1

Fighters come out and Budd shoots for a double leg after a few seconds of exchanging strikes. Budd applying pressure and looking to pass from half guard, Estes controlling the head. Budd pops her head out and is working Estes towards her corner. Estes has gotten to her side, but Budd puts her flat on her back and then passes to side control. Budd goes knee on belly and then slides to mount. Budd postures up to strike, Estes goes up to give up her back but Budd fails to put in hooks and Estes escapes to feet. Budd now has double underhooks against the fence.

Budd drops down for takedown and is able to finish. Estes turns away again and Budd uses a half-nelson hold to control Estes, but doesn't put her hooks in again, using more of a wrestling ride than BJJ back mount. Budd rolls Estes over to side control to finish the round. 10-9 Budd

Round 2

Budd looks very happy in her corner and comes out energetic. Estes working a push kick early, but Budd slips under some hooks and gets the body lock against the cage. Budd changes levels, gets a high crotch lift and then slams Estes to the mat and takes North/South. Budd pulls Estes away from the cage and towards the center of the mat, Estes is able to move her hips and recover the half guard. Budd throwing strikes to thigh and looking to slip into mount, Estes tries to lock down but fails. Budd in mount, staying low and controlling, Estes holding on to the back of the head. Budd postures up and strikes, Estes again gives up back and again Budd doesn't gets hooks in and gets reversed this time. Estes moves to side control, Budd gets to her knees and a scores a single leg to reverse the position and again Budd gets the mount. Budd now working on an arm triangle, trying to finish from mount, but Estes is able to fend off the choke and slip her arm out. Budd goes back to striking from mount.

Estes roles to back and again Budd doesn't put in her hooks, and allows Estes to get to the turtle position. Against the round ends with Budd rolling Estes into side control. Total domination in that round, 10-8 Budd

Round 3

Budd clinches right away, gets a single leg takedown and again mounts. Again Estes gives up the back, again Budd doesn't put in hooks and gets to a riding position. This time Budd is able to lock on a rear naked choke and even with just one hook in she is able to finish the choke.

Official Result

Julia Budd wins by Submission (Rear Naked Choke) in Round 3 at 1:04

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