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bbjd7 08-12-2008 07:13 PM

bbjd's Babalu sig challenge
Ok I offered 20,000 points for a Dida sig and got one entry even i it was sick so I will now offer 25,000 points for a Babalu sig since after rewatching Babalu vs Heath I remembered what an awesome fighter he is.

So Template time

Babalu sig

Pics: Anything you can find

Title: Babalu

Sub text: BBJD

more sub text: 13-2 since 03

Size : Whatever you think looks good

Avatar: Worth 5,000 extra but not a requirement

Come on boys lets get more than one entry this time Compusure made a nasty sig for me but I would still like to see some entries it's 25,000 points.

Edit this will end on sunday

Composure 08-12-2008 07:18 PM

Working on one and an avatar too.

MJB23 08-12-2008 07:46 PM

Here's my avy entry. I'll work on a sig in a little while.

bbjd7 08-12-2008 07:57 PM

That's sick Mjbish. I'm pumped for this man I can't wait to see some of these.

Composure 08-12-2008 08:09 PM

MJB23 08-12-2008 08:11 PM

Thats really good Composure, now i'm gonna have to try hard to beat that.

bbjd7 08-12-2008 08:11 PM

Holy Sh*t that is possibly the sickest sig I've ever seen you guys have got a tough job to beat Composure.

Composure 08-12-2008 08:12 PM


Originally Posted by mjbish23 (Post 637114)
Thats really good Composure, now i'm gonna have to try hard to beat that.

While you do that, I am going to go play some Battlefield. ;0

yorT 08-12-2008 08:38 PM

When is the due date? I never done a sig before so i am going to try

bbjd7 08-12-2008 08:41 PM

Sunday take your time Yort you get a rep just for trying and I will do these once a month so you can keep making entries and maybe you will win one of them.

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