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Ape City 12-12-2008 11:24 PM

Ape Siggy Request
Hey guys!

I was hoping to finally get a snazzy banner to rep some of my fav fighters. I will pay 4k, or whatever the going rate is if that is not enough, for a sweet banner with Wanderlei Silva. I would love it if you could include either Machida or GSP in some way, but you don't need to put all three if it is too cluttered.

I will add some pics in the next day or two when I (hopefully) get more time. If someone happens to find pics on their own before I find them I will throw in an extra 3k.

Thanks guys!

The Request:

I want a sick Wanderlei Silva banner please! I would also like to include GSP and Machida if possible.

Title: Ape City

Colors: Whatever, go nuts!

Size: 400 x 200

Avatar?: NO

All attempts will be repped.

Thanks in advance.

D.P. 12-13-2008 01:50 PM

Did one real quick before I went to class.

Ape City 12-13-2008 07:28 PM

Awsome D.P.!

I wanna check out all the entries before I make a decision, but that is a great start! Wouldn't mind some action somewhere in there though.

Ive decided I think I will give everyone who makes one 500 pts or so for the attempts. Unless you guys don't think that is enough?

Steph05050 12-14-2008 01:00 AM

i like gsps face with paint stripes the best

Ape City 12-14-2008 10:30 AM

I like both of these! thanks guys!

I was wondering, though, if one of the fighters could be in an action shot, like striking or GnP or even a sub. It could be like the background or somthing maybe? I'm not too artsy so im not sure if its possible.

Steph I dig the stripes, but surprisingly I like them more on Machida. I wonder if you could somehow work them into somthing with action going on?

Oh and don't worry about naming the fighters, I dig the clean look.

Anyways you guys are the artists, so go nuts!

Since I won a few bets last night I will up the donation to 1000 points per UNIQUE (not altered, unless it is very altered) submissions.

so if you submit a siggy I will give you 1000 pts regardless of whether or not I use it, and I will give an additional 9000 pts to the person who created the one I choose.

I hope I am not being too picky, I just figure if I give out points there will be incentive for lots of attempts!

D.P. 12-14-2008 12:08 PM

I'll definitely try and fix that up for u bro, just give me a little time while I finish up some stuff for my finals, unless someone comes up with one u like first then just go with dat. :thumbsup:

Toxic 12-14-2008 12:16 PM

I did this before the action revision but here's my go,

MJB23 12-14-2008 12:54 PM

We'll see how bored I get studying tonight. Maybe I'll throw something together.

pliff 12-14-2008 06:44 PM


Ape City 12-14-2008 07:05 PM


Originally Posted by Toxic (Post 737274)
I did this before the action revision but here's my go,

I reaaaaaly like the style! It lookjs almost like a drawing. Dude, the banana rocks hahaha!

Awsome Toxic!

If you decide to try one with the action shot plz include the banana!

Gonna send you guys your 1000 pts now :) Do you guys think 1k is enough? I have no idea how long these take.

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