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Toxic 06-18-2009 09:13 PM

Official MMA Forum GFX Shop Thread.
From now on this will be the place were artists can sell their work for points.

Selling Rules

1. You can have 5 sigs for sale at a time. If any do not sell you can add more after 2 weeks.
2.If something has not sold, you may bump it after a week,
3. Please state a starting price and whether you will make modifications or add usernames/avatars on request.

Buying Template

Price offered:

* Where applicable

Other Information:

* Only paid members can buy sigs, regular members can buy avatars if they are available.
* No stealing an artists work. If someone posts a sig and you use it without paying them it will be removed from your sig and you will recieve an infraction.
* Don't request that an artist makes you a sig in this thread. Your post will be deleted if you do.
* You must wait for the artist to respond before using a puchased sig if you do not recieve a response in the thread try sending them a PM as they may not always check back regularily.

M.C 06-21-2009 01:56 AM

Sig taken out.

Toxic 06-21-2009 02:13 AM

Damn thats some nice work right there, really like how this one turned out.

M.C 06-21-2009 02:16 AM

Thanks, I think it is one of my best so far, starting to realize text is important, lol.

Toxic 06-21-2009 02:20 AM

I like the choice of render to, I think people all to often use the standard fighter posed pics because they are easy to find but putting in the extra effort to find a unique picture to use almost always pays off.

M.C 06-21-2009 02:27 AM

Yeah, that's true as well.

MMAfan69 06-25-2009 05:50 PM

You should probably check your spelling when you make sigs.

His name is spelled Diego not Diago and Nightmare instead of Knightmare.

M.C 06-25-2009 06:24 PM

Good call on his Diego, not sure what I was thinking.

the N with the text looks like K, so Nightmare is in there properly.

K R Y 06-25-2009 07:09 PM

2 Attachment(s)

Anyone who wants it. 5k. PM me if you want username included.

M.C 06-26-2009 01:17 AM

Nice sig, man.

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