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ozz525 03-10-2007 11:14 AM

Wreslters switch in BJJ
I was watching the Edgar Griffin fight again (BTW great fight) and I was looking at the switch's that Edgar was doing and it looked like an effective techniqe, But when u try to preform it dosen't it leave u wide open for some on to take ur back. My question is can u use a Wreslting switch in BJJ?

raymardo 03-10-2007 01:47 PM

I didn't see the fight you are referencing, but I can answer your question by explaining what a switch is.

The move is a reversal used in amatuer wrestling for a competitor in the base (bottom) position to "reverse" his opponent and gain the top position. In BJJ or MMA the top fighter would already have the back of the bottom fighter - whether they are kneeling, standing, or on their hands and knees.

When properly executed, a switch requires the practitioner to force his hips away from his opponent and excercise hand control while putting tremendous strain on the opponents arm - the shoulder and elbow are heavily affected.

It is a very effective counter and hard to stop or reverse when done correctly.

The main counter to a switch is a reswitch where the man being switched senses the move and immediately positions his own switch and starts the move while he is in the process of being switched. Strong hand control is the best way to counter being reswitched.

The disadvantage of using a switch in MMA is that it means you have given your back to your opponent which is very dangerous, but if practiced properly it appears that a switch could be very effective in MMA because not many people would be able to counter being that they'd be unfamiliar with it.

I've watched many MMA matches where I've scratched my head thinking that an effective switch could have made a huge difference - possibly leading to ending a fight.

TheSuplexor 03-10-2007 02:08 PM

well your back is to them already and when you sit out at an angle to do the switch it cuts the angle off making it hard to stop with the pressure on the arm....try it

northcoastmma 03-10-2007 06:02 PM

a switch is a great move to hit in a grappling match. I'm not sure about mma cause of the strikes but i've been using a switch in my bjj trainning and it seems to be pretty effective. it has to be hard though not a lazy one like some wrestlers will hit.

Onganju 03-11-2007 03:59 AM

The switch is the move that Kazushi Sakuraba used comonly on his way to getting famous. A Gracie would take his back, and he'd set a figure-4 on one arm to hit the standing switch into an armbar or Kimura. He did it to both Royce and Renzo when they fought.

If you hit the switch with the armbar in mind, you don't have to pull a full switch to get a submission. After you set the turning arm on the inside, once you have your hips free, you can set you figure-4 and sit out while barring the arm. You'll end up with a "reverse" waki-gatame. Not bad for building off of a standard folkstyle wrestling technique.

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