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mrmyz 12-30-2006 05:53 AM

Point grappeling tips
I participated in a small tournament and placed secound. So I thought id post up some tips for all of the guys who are going to their first tournament or people that want some tips for an upcoming one.

1. Know the rules
2. Keep track of your points
3. Dont take unnessasary risks if your winning
4. Have a corner man
5. Conserve energy when ever possible
6. Use Positioning as much as possible
7. Plan ahead

1. The most important thing is to know the rules. Most tournaments are going to have a rule book or you will be given access to the rules and point scoring before you even go out there to the event. It would be wise to review these the night before and familiarize yourself with how they score. Knowing the rules will win or lose a match especially if you were being very conservative through out the match because you thought you were winning when in actuality you were not.


2. Keeping track of your points is also very important. The reason for this is because if you are winning and you have attained a dominant position you shouldnt be worrying about submitting him or taking high risks because your winning why would you jeapordise the match when it is in the bag already. I see alot of people losing because they wanted to win by submition when they clearly didnt need it.

example: one of the guys went for a submition while he was dominant in the north south position and the guy under him couldnt get out. He then went for some kind of submition. He was spinning around the guy so I assume he was dragging one of his arms around with him and setting up a smother choke. The guy lose because he messed up and it ended up going into a scramble. He then found out from one of his freinds that he was winning and was pissed because he went for the submition thinking he was losing.

3. Dont take unnessesarry risks. If your winning who cares if you win by submition or points your goal in point grappeling is to win. One guy went for a submition around the end of the match when he was dominating the other guy on points and had superior positioning.

example: one of the guys in the tournament had an 8 point lead. He was completely dominating this other guy on points. I thought he was going to win. Then from out of no where he goes for an armbar from the mount and the guy fought his way out and it ended up in a scrable. The guy that was winning ended up getting submitted with a heel hook. If he had not gone for that submition and maintained the mounted position he would have won.

4. Have a corner man. If you have some one coaching you from the sides you will have some one telling you escape options pointing out oponents weaknesses and openings. Some times having a good cornerman will be the difference between winning and losing.

example: One of my freinds that I trained with couldnt participate because he is injured and I asked him to be my corner. When I was grappeling against this one guy I was having a tough time with him because he had a good guard. The guy was faking an arm bar but was really setting up a triangle. I almost fell for it but then my corner screamed watch out for the triangle. That saved me from the submition also while I was fighting my freind was screaming out guard passes and escapes I could use.

Its important to have a corner that knows you because they know which techniques you know and can use effectively. Theres no point in having a corner that screams excape to knees when the only mount escape you know is the upa escape. It comes in handy as well because some times in tough situations people panick and its good to have some one their to keep you calm.

5. Conserve energy. I was watching alot of guys going all out in the first round which didnt mean anything because it just determined which bracket you went into. The guy that ended up winning the tournament threw the first round because it wasnt important and he thought it would be smart to conserve his energy. If your winning and you have a dominant position dont go for some crazy submition just conserve your energy and ride the time down. Not only are you playing it safe but you are also conserving energy while others are burning it.

example: in the first round the guy who threw his match was completely fresh the guy he faced in the secound match was winning but he ended up fighting all out to get a arm entaglement and ended up getting reversed and it then eventually led to this huge scramble. One guy was going in dead tired and the other one was fresh and hadnt even broken a sweat. needless to say the guy who waisted his energy lost easily.

Use posisioning as much as possible. If your winning like I said dont take risks maintain position so you can win and conserve energy. I like to use the side control position because i get to ride the person down have good submition options and if I need quick points to win I can easily turn it to a knee on belly mount and get 4 points for side control wait it out then turn it into another 4 points for knee on belly.

7. Plan ahead - people that take into account how much energy they expend and how many matches they have left in order to win tend to do better. Also watch the match of the people you will face. If you know you will be facing one of two guys watch their match even if you havent fought in yours yet. This way you can get an idea of how they fight and know what to defend against.

Needless to say the guy that threw his match in the begining played it smart the whole tournament and ended up winning. I played it smart as well and followed these tips and ended up making it to the finals. I lost because a faild to follow up a ankle pick fast enough and instead of establishing a good cross body after the take down I ended up in a scramble which is the most unpredictable part of a grappeling match. The guy ended up using what I think was an elevator sweep when I was trying to pass his guard.

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