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TraMaI 01-12-2011 07:25 PM

TraMaI's help thread!
So I've been doing BJJ for quite some time now (5 yearsish) and I've always felt a natural affinity to the art. Not trying to brag, but it seems I'm a natural to it and picked up it's philosophies and techniques pretty quickly. I want to give back as much as I can to everyone trying to learn this beautiful art and want to offer my advice and teaching experience as much as I can. I want to help anyone who has a question about anything pertaining to grappling and answer it to the best of my ability and hopefully we'll all become just a little better for it. So what is it? Are there certain philosophies you don't grasp well? Certain techniques you just can't seem to get the hang of? Or do you just want to learn new ways to do things you may not have seen before? I love to teach perhaps even more than I love to fight, so let the questions come and I will answer them as well as I can. If anyone else does something different than me or I make a mistake or something, feel free to chime in. I won't be offended as I know there's still plenty I can learn.


BearInTheClinch 01-20-2011 11:46 PM

I'll put an opener for this.
Have you ever tried to work towards a Takedown that had you already in a good spot to work a Submission, an example is like Karo Parysian(sp?) when he'd get the Kimura style lock then trip them straight down into Side Control so he basically had a Takdown that put him right ready to start a submission attempt.

Kin 01-22-2011 02:07 AM

Nogi triangle escapes!

Triangles have given me the most trouble out of any submission I've come across. Almost all of my tournament losses have come from a triangle. I've tried to learn a bajillion different triangle escapes and I blow at all of them.

Eventually I decided to take a more aggressive approach and just improve my posture and not get caught in triangles. This has served me well and I don't find myself in the position NEARLY as often, but the other day we were drilling from when you're already in a triangle and its reminded me that in the worst case scenario (posture is already broken, triangle is imminent) I don't really have anything reliable.

What are some good, simple, high percentage triangle choke escapes?

(When I asked my BJJ coach, he said not to worry about it for now and just work my posture. I've been doing that and its yielded great results and will be my go-to (as it should be), but I'm starting to wish I had a last-ditch option.

Voiceless 01-22-2011 08:53 AM


Originally Posted by Kin (Post 1345439)
Nogi triangle escapes!

As with most submissions there is a point of no return in triangle chokes (unless you have some rampaging power to lift up the submission guy and KO-slam him to the ground). So the "escape" really is an avoidance to the final lock up, because once it's locked up properly you have no space to move, with no movement possible there cannot be any escape and then it's either tap or lights out in 3-5secs.

So if it's not yet locked up, but your opponent is close to do so (you're between his legs, on of his legs is already above your shoulder and he is just about to sink his leg) most important thing is to stay cool headed! You want to have your elbow (from the arm which is also between his legs) tight to yourself (so he can't easily manipulate your arm) on his belly/hip/groin (on the side of your arm), so your upper arm blocks the deep sinking and you keep some space to work with. What you want to prevent is that he crosses your arm over to the other side, you may support yourself with having your hand against his opposite inner thigh. Then in the same time you want to step up with your leg of your free arm side (giving more pressure to your elbow) and then move your body in the same direction as the arm which is between his legs (so if your right arm is between his legs you move to your right side) trying to step with your knee of the same side on his belly. In that position you may be able to break his leg triangle open or at least to create enough space to slip out. Or with your arms either you can slip out your trapped arm followed by your head or sneak your free arm in and at least advance into his guard and from there to work on.

Hope that this can give you an idea on what to do.

BearInTheClinch 01-23-2011 01:23 AM

One of the ways I like to get out of guard into cross body is to bait them to attack me with a triangle. I should clarrify that this has on occasion not worked out the way I initially planned but mostly it works.

I guess it's kind of hard to explain actually without it sounding too easy but I'll try anyway. Basically I move my hips 'around' so that I'm sort of walking my hips towards them in an arc and also give a little shrug. I have a really thick torso and wide shoulders on top of that so this is sort of a natural defence for me. I'm basically a big wedge when in someones guard but when I have shown this to other people it has tended to work well for them. It probubly has an official cool sounding name but I call it 'shucking' cus I'm shucking thier attack off and winding up in cross body.

one good thing to focus on is stopping them from starting the triangle, posture is good but it isn't the only way to hinder a triangle, the both arms rule is also good (both arms in or both arms out but not one and one)

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