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mrmatt 09-23-2012 06:52 PM

New "victim" from Montreal
Greetings everyone,

I will be starting Mix Martial Art in a week or two.

MMA is something that I always been interested in. I am an avid MMA/UFC fan, and I love to train!

My background:

I trained boxing for about 5 months, 2 years ago, just so I could learn the basics of punches/blocking. Only then, I decided to stop boxing to try something new, Brazilian Jiu jitsu. Even though I am aware that many people who train MMA thinks BJJ is gay, I am an addict and I've been training BJJ for the past 2 years of my life. However, I will only be able to attend 1 or 2 BJJ class a week because of my school schedule. I learned a few days ago that I could join a MMA team for 1-2 times a week, which will be a plus to my BJJ training.

Originally, I wanted to train BJJ until I get my purple belt, and then switch to a MMA gym for a couple of years (Tristar or H20), and then go get my bjj black belt as I get older (I am currently 20 year old). But things have changed and I will be starting MMA this semester. Hopefully, my background in other martial arts sports will help me and I won't get my ass kicked that much.

But hey, if MMA is any similar to BJJ, I will basically be a "victim", or "training dummy" for the first few months!

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