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Tyler Durden 06-07-2007 12:07 PM

One Man Army is here!
Ladies and Gentleman, the One Man Army is here!

I just thought I would take the time out to introduce myself. Now I could have went for the usual intro but that lacks creativity and does not make you stand out, so I thought I would go into greater detail about myself before jumping straight into the deep end where discussion is concerned as this looks a cracking place.

I am from the beautiful country of Scotland and I am farely new to the world of Mixed Martial Arts as I have only been watching for six to eight months. I am more of a boxing man myself however my interest is growing and as such I have joined here. I will be attending my first event on Sat 4 August when I go to the Braehead Arena, Glasgow to see Cage Wars. Then I shall hopefully be attending UFC 75 in London.

My other interest is football known to many as soccer and I love a good friendly bit of banter.

Fellow members, I smell like smoke, because I have been through fire and I will emerge as a winner. Normal people never let their dreams get farther than their front door because they are afraid of failure. I have never been afraid of failure and I have never failed.

Champions aren't made on forums. Champions are made from something they have deep inside them: A desire, a dream, a vision. They have to have quality, they have to be a little faster, they have to have the skill and the will. But the will must be stronger than the skill.

It is a pleasure to meet you all, do not take my views so seriously and I am sure we will all get along great. Just a friendly intro and don't take the comments as a suggesting that I am big headed. I merely enjoy life and love good quotes.

I drink a little harder, stay a little longer, party 'til dawn, and keep going strong.

Tyler Durden

UFCFAN33 06-07-2007 12:31 PM

Great Intro Tyler! You picked the right forum! Have a great time and if you have any questions please ask a mod!

BJJ Boy 06-07-2007 04:24 PM

Hey welcome,

I saw the movie in you're avatar. Its pretty good.

-Lukas- 06-07-2007 04:48 PM

Nice intro man, glad to have you on board

Warning: If you are reading this then this warning is for you. Every word you read of this useless fine print is another second off your life. Don't you have other things to do? Is your life so empty that you honestly can't think of a better way to spend these moments? Or are you so impressed with authority that you give respect and credence to all that claim it? Do you read everything you're supposed to read? Do you think every thing you're supposed to think? Buy what you're told to want? Get out of your apartment. Meet a member of the opposite sex. Stop the excessive shopping and masturbation. Quit your job. Start a fight. Prove you're alive. If you don't claim your humanity you will become a statistic. You have been warned

Awesome movie

T.B. 06-07-2007 05:41 PM


Glad you joined up here bud.

Glasgow eh? You should see if you live near-by a user here named kaiser1041. PM him and see what's good. But, you need to understand...he's already, and I quote him - "Glasgow's Finest." :thumb01:

Tyler Durden 06-08-2007 11:24 AM

He may be Glasgows Finest, i'm just outside of there so I get away with it. I'm Scotlands finest. :thumbsup: Anyway I shall need to get in touch and see whats what.

Fang 06-13-2007 01:28 AM

Welcome to the forum, better late than never. Great name by the way, I'm a HUGE fight club fan.

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