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krazy918 05-02-2006 03:26 PM

Hey there.
Just signed up. I'm from the boonies, a small town in the middle of nowhere, Canada? Always been a huge fan of the fight game, into UFC since it began. Just subscribed to sattelite tv for the first time about six months back, and now we get that Fight Network so I'm in heaven! Also buy pretty much every pay per view that comes up...UFC, Pride, K-1, and all the low level ones up here in Canada as well. Always wanted a chance to have the odd INTELLIGENT discussion about this stuff, most people I talk to here don't know much about it...which is alright I guess, but I laugh at some people who think they know mma but really have no clue.
Anyhow, I do also train, and am interested in things from a more personal level as well as just as a fan, so I'm looking forward to taking part in this site. Seems like a good idea to exchange opinions and info and whatever, so we'll talk to you all again I'm sure...take er easy. P.S...can you believe this s@#$, it's May 2 and it is SNOWING up here!!! What up with THAT? -Krazy918

steve 05-05-2006 01:05 AM

What's up man
Welcome to the site I just got on it a couple days ago. TUF 3 are you watching it? What is up with Tito Ortize--He is surprising me with his attitde and his training. I never liked the guy until now. I am gaining a little more respect for the guy now. I have always liked Shamrock but never Tito. Tito is definetly demonstrating the benefit of cardio training--His team is kicking ass-

krazy918 05-05-2006 03:19 PM

reply to steve
Actually, I've only caught two episodes of UF3, and I agree with you 100%. I never used to like Tito at all, but I'm kinda impressed now. Guess a lot of his act is just act, cause he seems to be a much better person than he usually comes off as in interviews or whatever. And I can't figure out Shamrock's approach, unless it's just to find out which guys can motivate themselves and overome what seems to be poor coaching, huh? Everyone has different styles, but i woulda guessed Shamrock to be a real good motivator, not so laid back. Of course I've only seen a little, and maybe he was just playing some kinda mind games? But ya, Tito seems to be a fairly decent coach, and not nearly as much of a dickhead as I thought he was.

floridagirl 05-21-2006 01:31 AM

Hi welcome to the site I'm new myself .I can't believe it's hard to find good company where you live Canada has some good fighters and I'm sure they have alot of hometown supprot.I agree Tito has seemed to be a good motivator and I kind of feel bad for Ken although I think things are going to change for him real soon unless someone gets hurt first.

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