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SBOkla 05-05-2006 04:28 PM

Hi i am new and would like to learn
I am known as Sbokla. I am a black belt in TKD. I do this for fun and health reason. I have several friends that want to get into mix martial arts fighting. I am looking to learn what are some of the good ways to brake into this type of fighting? What have others learned that will help us make good choices, as we come into this world of fighting? Are there special do and doníts I should know? :dunno: Thanks so much for your time and advice. Sbokla

SBOkla 05-14-2006 01:20 PM

Wow i cant be that bad, that 20 people read my post and not one reply. Is it that know one has any ideas for me on how to mrpment a figherty? Thanks Sharon

sl1ck 05-15-2006 03:05 PM

IMO, marketing is important. Market your fighters properly on the net, it helps. But at the end of the day the product needs to speak for itself in the ring!

If you cant hang with the big boys, doesnt matter how many sites youre on or where youre promoting, this isnt the WWE.

Be active, get a site with some details on yourself and or other fighters, meet people, goto events and get involved in the community.

Thats my take, the internet is not really a free easy way, you still need to work at it.

The Don 05-27-2006 11:15 AM

that poll should have other options on it, in my opinion the best way yo get a fighter known it to first get him good, get an impressive record or at least one that makes people take notice. all the hype inthe world is useless if the guy gets knocked out in the first 10 seconds of the first round it only means more people will be laughing at him.

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