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JTP_350z 06-02-2010 12:20 PM

New guy from Raleigh, NC !!
Hey everyone...

As the title states, I'm a newb to MMA located in Raleigh, North Carolina. I'm 19 years old and recently finished my freshman year in college. I have been a fan of MMA/UFC for about two years now. I planned on attending a local MMA Academy here in Raleigh back in 2008, but unfortunate events changed those plans. I started linebacker for my school's Varsity football team, and tore my ACL & meniscus the 3rd game of my senior season (October 2008). This ended my football (also basketball & baseball) career as I knew it. It also ended my plans for starting MMA after the football season was over.

Now it is June 2010, and I am ready and VERY eager to start. I have several questions I would like to ask before I contact a local academy.

1. Are there any members on this forum who have also suffered knee injuries similar to mine that still participate in MMA?
2. Where should I start? - Any suggestions on training and things I should know (ANYTHING helps!)
3. Should I even bother starting MMA after having my previous knee injuries?

Thanks a lot for taking the time to read my post and helping me out!!

HitOrGetHit 06-02-2010 05:56 PM

Hey! Welcome to the forum! I am sure that their are people here that have suffered from similar injuries. Professional MMA fighters have come back from this type of injury as well. Patrick Cote actually just fought for the first time recently since tearing his ACL.

Things to know are simple at first. Just work hard and have fun. Stay dedicated to your training. Have an open mind and most of all, do not be afraid to ask questions. It will only set you back if you don't fully understand what is being taught to you.

I think you should pursue it even after your knee injury. Just try hard not to injure it again. You need to know your limit and if you are hurting your knee, just take it easy for a bit.

Good luck! Remember, have fun and train hard! :thumbsup:

coldsteel 06-03-2010 12:21 PM

"tore my ACL & meniscus "

Been there done that 2008 i tore mine last Nov i had everything fixed. i had a bone tendon bone with a pettal graft don.e im 6 months out form when the work was done. I just started in to MMA myself i do have about 10yr werstling background. i let my training patners know and coach know. The only problem i have is the kneeling for a prolonged time i can feel it but other then that no major problems just take is slow ask questions and those guys are all there for the same reason u are and that is to train and help make everyone better they will take care of ya

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