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Manx 04-03-2008 04:08 PM

Saku Interview:Still Clowning Around About MW GP Participation
The official DREAM website posted an interview with Sakuraba...

- DREAM announced that your participation in the middleweight GP officially. How's the right leg?
My right leg? It's healed. I don't think I can fight in the tournament because my left leg is now injured.

- Your fight was announced in the conference though?
I came here to open the door for Funaki's interview, and somehow my fight was announced.

- Your opponent is Andrews Nakahara from Kyokushin Kaikan in Brazil.
I heard he was a champion of Kyokushin. I suppose submissions by Karate fighters are painful.

- In his profile, he knows Brazilian kicks.
I throw Brazilian punches trained in Chute Boxe Academy.

- Have you fought a Karate professional?
Never. As usual, I cannot expect what he does and that makes me nervous. All I can do is to watch his Karate video. I don't want to get his kicks. Well, I haven't decided if I fight or not yet anyway!

- Tell me why you don't like the tournament?
I want to concentrate on my upcoming fight and put everything into the fight. I don't want to worry about the next. I also have a problem with my legs.

- Are you talking about your NEW injury on your left leg???
Yes. Look, swollen, right?

- A bit though.
Look, one more time from the side! You know what, I have been telling not to fight in the tournament since I spoke in the ring in DREAM 1.

- Yeah right, your injury was switched from the right to the left though.
My left was in a serious condition. I doubt if I'm ready for the tournament.

- Now you represent "Laughter 7". Do you feel anything different?
Not at all. I'm not 100% sure if I fight yet. I always don't get excited when my fight is announced. I'm finally stimulated on the very day of my fight.

- If you fight in DREAM 2, it was long time since you fought in Saitama Super Arena. Do you like fighting in Saitama?
Yes, Saitama! I'm not excited yet, however, I like there. It' right across the highway exit. That's what I like about the most. I felt awesome driving the highway which had no traffic every time. I got off and arrived in a second. I have had a miserable fight before. I was exhausted that day because of the traffic.

- Really?
That traffic congestion made me super tired. I ran into the opening right after arriving in the parking.

- I hope no traffic on April 29.
What day is April 29?

- It's a National holiday.
Is it the fist day of long national holidays? It's dangerous. I guess I should take a train if I can get seated. I cannot fight if someone kicks my leg in a train!

- I hope the traffic is not bad. Any message to your fans?
Thank you to your support. I will probably fight.

JT42 04-03-2008 07:28 PM

Simply awesome

SuzukS 04-09-2008 06:10 AM

While I don't see Sakuraba winning the MW GP with fighters such as Kang, Akiyama and Jacare participating, it'll be good for the GP if he does fight. WAR Gracie Hunter!!

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