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MLS 12-14-2008 10:33 PM

K-1 Fighter Profile: Alexey Ignashov

Nickname: The Red Scorpion
Nationality: Belarus
Date of birth: January 18, 1978
Place of birth: Minsk, Belarus
Fighting out of: Auckland, New Zealand
Height: 6 ft 5 in
Weight: 258 lb
Style: Muay Thai
Years active: 11 (1997-present)

Kickboxing Record:

Total: 89
Wins: 75
By knockout: 39
Losses: 14

MMA Record:

Total: 3
Wins: 1
By knockout: 1
Losses: 1
No contests: 1

Fighter Bio:

Alexey "The Red Scorpion" Ignashov is a Super Heavyweight Belarusian kickboxer and K-1 Superstar. He is a four time Muay Thai World champion, K-1 World GP 2003 in Paris and K-1 World GP 2001 in Nagoya tournament champion, currently living in Auckland, New Zealand and training at Balmoral Lee Gar Gym under Lollo Heimuli.

He is best known for his knee strikes, notably used to score knockout wins over Nicholas Pettas and Carter Williams. Ignashov is considered by his fans to be one of the most talented and technically sound heavyweight kickboxers in the world. He is the only man to KO Semmy Schilt in kickboxing.

However, he is also considered by many frustratingly inconsistent, occasionally appearing lackluster or inactive in the ring, such as in his K-1 Final quarterfinal match against Peter Aerts in 2003. He suffered a knee injury in a fight against Bjorn Bregy in 2005. Since then, his performance has diminished.

Ignashov was trained in a Muay Thai background with the Chinuk gym in Belarus, but has also branched out and trained in locales such as New Zealand and Japan.

Titles Held:

2003 K-1 World Grand Prix in Paris Champion
2001 K-1 World GP Nagoya Champion
2000 K-1 Belarus Grand Prix in Minsk Champion
2000 I.S.K.A. World Heavyweight Champion
2000 W.M.C. World Heavyweight Champion
1999 W.M.C. World Heavyweight Champion
1999 I.S.K.A. World Heavyweight Champion
1998 W.P.K.L. European Champion
1997 European Amateur Muay Thai Heavyweight Champion

ZeroPRIDE 12-16-2008 03:03 PM

if only he could return to his old self. Hopefully he can get a look at the 09 GP.

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