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kantowrestler 10-09-2012 09:39 PM

K-1 World Grand Prix 2012 in Tokyo Final 16
Date: October 14, 2012
Venue: Ryōgoku Kokugikan
Location: Tokyo, Japan
Broadcast: free this time)
Final 16 bouts
Ben Edwards vs. Raul Cătinaş
Jarrell Miller vs. Rick Roufus
Zabit Samedov vs. Xavier Vigney
Hesdy Gerges vs. Serhiy Lashchenko
Singh Jaideep vs. Ismael Londt
Hiromi Amada vs. Makoto Uehara
Paul Slowinski vs. Cătălin Moroşanu
Mirko Filipović vs. Randy Blake
Zhi-peng Zhou vs. Kotaro Mori
Arnold Oborotov vs. James Wilson
Jafar Ahmadi vs. Benjamin Adegbuyi
Saulo Cavalari vs. Pavel Zhuravlev
Genji Umeno vs. Chanhyung Lee

rul3z 10-09-2012 11:25 PM

guys where is Badr Hari?

footsoldier 10-10-2012 02:49 AM

kantowrestler 10-10-2012 11:12 PM

I thought he was in jail. It's unfortunate cause he actually had potential. However, he also had an attitude and tendency to break rules.

King JLB 10-12-2012 05:47 PM

Anyone know what channels are showing it? Spike is supposed to have a deal with them but i don't see anything coming up...

kantowrestler 10-13-2012 01:36 AM

There's seriously no link on their website or anything like that?

Roki977 10-14-2012 05:20 AM

Genji Umeno vs. Chanhyung Lee

What a fight...

stream is on

Those guy are banging. Two great fights so far..

kantowrestler 10-14-2012 06:05 PM

K-1 is clearly still alive.

Mirage445 10-14-2012 10:12 PM

No Japanese ring girls? what a crock of shit this is.

kantowrestler 10-15-2012 11:05 PM

I guess they couldn't afford it. Remember that K-1 is just coming out of bankruptcy under Fighting and Entertainment Group. The new parents company is trying to build K-1 back up right now.

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