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K-1 Grand Prix K-1 is a combat sport that combines stand up techniques from Muay Thai, Karate, Savate, San shou, Kickboxing and traditional Boxing to determine the single best stand-up fighter in the world (the "1").

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Team Tate
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*Spoiler* Glory 5 Results


Via: MMAMania

Heavyweight: Tyrone Spong vs. Remy Bonjasky
Round one: Spong lands a good leg kick early, blocks a head kick. Remy aggressive with his kicks, most bouncing off Spong's arms. Teep to the face by Spong. Nice kick exchange, Spong rips to the body with punches. Both men land low kicks. Remy lands a body kick, Spong catches it. More low kick exchanges, Another great body shot by Spong. Both land leg kicks. Head kick blocked by Spong. Remy lands a low kick, eats two punches to the body and blocks a head kick. Kick exchange. Good round, 10-9 Spong.

Round two: Spong walking Remy down, blocks two high kicks. Remy attacking the leg and body with kicks, almost gets swept down and eats an inside low kick. Both men trading knees and kicks. Spng with a straight to the body, Remy lands a knee in the clinch after getting backed into the corner. GIANT right hand from Spong blasts Remy through the ropes, this fight is over. Vicious, vicious punch from the "King of the Ring."

Final result: Spong def. Bonjasky by KO

65 kg: Liam Harrison vs. Mosab Amrani
Round one: Harrison catches a head kick, lands a low kick. Body kick from Harrison, then some more low kicks. Amrani with a body punch. Glancing uppercut by Amrani and now he's forcing Harrison back. HUGE left hook to the body folds Harrison in half and he's not getting up. It's over; what a nasty punch.

Final result: Amrani def. Harrison by KO

70 kg: Albert Kraus vs. Warren Stevelmans
Round one: Kraus with a left to the body. Inside low kick from Stevelmans, right-left body punches from Kraus. Solid low kick from Stevelmans, more good body shots from Kraus. Again. Stevelmans with a left downstairs and a low kick. Kraus just avoids one straight left, eats one after that. Good left straight downstairs at the end of a combo by Stevelmans gets Kraus' attention. Solid low kick from Kraus, Stevelman answers in kind. Solid left by the South African. Great combo by Kraus, two hooks to the body followed by an uppercut. Warren leg kick, Kraus leg kick in kind. Very, very close round; 10-9 Stevelmans, but I wouldn't argue either way.

Round two: Stevelmans slips after throwing a high kick. Good right hook by Stevelmans, Kraus digs to the body. Stevelmans low kick and left upstairs. Another good leg kick. Great combination by Stevelmans, punctuated by a leg kick. Kraus connects in close. Leg kick. Solid left hook to the body by Kraus; Stevelmans with a right to the body, Krause answers. Kraus no pursuing and lands some big punches upstairs. Stevelmans caught with a right during a body kick. Kraus rips more to the body. More and a leg kick. Kraus just marching after him and lands another right hand downstairs and an uppercut; Stevelmans throwing in response, but getting outworked badly. Nice one-two-leg kick by Stevelmans to end the round, but Kraus's round, clearly.

Round three: Nice body kick by Kraus, Stevelmans lands a piar of heavy straight lefts. Solid body punches from Kraus. Kraus connects with a knee up the middle, Stevelmans low kick strays low. More body work from Kraus. Stevelmans answers with an uppercut and leg kick. Kraus roughing Stevelmans up against the rope with short punches. Stevelmans with a handful of leg kicks. Kraus continues digging to the body and head; not huge shots, but lots of them. Kraus continues landing those short blows. Stevelmans unable to establish his own combinations. Kraus keeps on landing until the bell; 10-9 Kraus.

Final result: Kraus def. Stevelmans by decision

70 kg: Jordan Watson vs. Steve Moxon
Round one: They're aggressive right off the bat. Good low kick by Moxon at the end of a punching combo. Watson catches a kick and trips him down. Clinch. Moxon lands to the body before they clinch. Low kick from Watson. Body kick. Watson with a pair of heavy knees to the body, eats an overhand right from Moxon and a glancing left hook. Good body kick from Watson and another pair of great knees to the body. Moxon jams a left to the body, Watson ties him up and puts two more knees in the guts before shoving him over. GLORY's official stream cuts out with thirty seconds left, but it doesn't seem like anything important happened at the end. 10-9 Watson.

Round two: Nice flurry by Moxon to start the round. Great teep by Watson puts his man off-balance. Big overhand right by Moxon prompts a clinch. Watson bounces some kicks off his opponent's arms before they clinch. Knee by Watson, clinch. Flying knee doesn't connect, uppercut does and so does a body kick. Good leg kick and body kick. Moxon unable to get a rhythm going. Good series of short knees in the clinch by the Englishman. Moxon lans a glancing right hand before getting tripped down once again. Body shot by the Aussie fighter. Another right and a series of right and left overhands that prompt Watson to ask for more. There's the bell, 10-9 Watson again.

Round three: Moxon swinging hard early. Right hand tags Watson, who clinches him up. Watson witha pair of solid body kicks. Moxon getting tied up as he wades in with punches. Both flurry, neither connects. Slapping blows up close from Moxon and Watson again just ties him up. Body kick by the Englishman answered by a left hook. Moxon overhand right, clinch. Teep by Watson, another clinch. Step-in knee. Moxon slams a left hook to the body before getting clinched again. Bell, 10-9 Moxon on activity.

Final result: Watson def. Moxon by decision

85 kg: Eddie Walker vs. Stephen Wakeling
Round one: Low kick and jab by Wakeling to start. Another good low kick and another as Walker approaches. Two stiff jabs by Wakeling and two more low kicks. Another stiff jab. Walker lands a right to the body, Wakeling pops him with a jab. Another big low kick and another and another. Wakeling is abusing that leg and lands a knee to the body as well. Right hand from Walker, Wakeling ties him up in the plum and lands a knee. Another Thai knee and another. Wakeling with another knee and right hand. Huge low kick finally drops Walker and he takes a count. He's back up and Wakeling manages one more kick before the end of the round, 10-8 same.

Round two: Walker comes out southpaw, Wakeling starts busting up the right leg. Wakeling sneaks in and lands a low kick to Walker's rear (left) leg and get another knockdown. Wakeling smashing the hell out of that leg; Walker back to southpaw and eats a knee. Wakeling now beating up the other leg. Monster leg kick puts Walker down for good and it's over. That was savage.

Final result: Wakeling def. Walker by KO

95 kg: Stephane Susperregui vs. Danyo Ilunga
Round one: Stephane lands a solid one-two as Ilunga approaches.Right hand over the top by Ilunga. Solid low kick by Stephane and a solid body kick. Both men land right hands. Ilunga gets him to the corner, lands a glancing right. Stephane responds in kind. Ilunga lands a knee to the body. Nice low kick-right hand from Danyo. Body kick and left from Stephane, Ilunga lands a one-two in response. Ilunga forcing his man back, Stephane lands a knee to the body that backs him off. Right hand from Ilunga stumbles Stephane; "Ippo" answers but starts eating heavy shots from Ilunga. He's lucid at the bell, but it was Danyo's round. 10-9.

Round two: Ilunga forces Susperregui back with punches and lands a truly monstrous step-in knee as Susperregui's back hits the rope. Stephane goes down in a heap with a broken nose; he makes it to the feet, but the ref calls it off. Stephane's nose is a faucet; that hurt to watch.

Final result: Ilunga def. Susperregui by TKO

95 kg: Dustin Jacoby vs. Michael Duut
Round one: Duut looks way bigger than Jacoby. JAcoby pumping his jab, eats a low kick from Duut. Duut with a one-two and just messes a knee. Good right from Duut. Solid body blow from the American. Stiff jab by Jacoby snaps Duut's head back and Jacoby rips two big hooks to the body. Duut counters the second one with a right hand and scores a knockdown. Jacoby back to his feet, they start trading and Duut drops him with a heavy left hook. Duut pours it on after Jacoby gets up again and completely scrambles his brain with a left hand. Three knockdowns, it's over.

Final result: Duut def. Jacoby by KO

Heavyweight: Daniel Sam vs. Singh Jaideep
Round one:Two very large gentleman in the ring. Both patient in the early going. Thudding low kick by Sam. Another at the end of a punching combo. Singh with one downstairs of his own and a reaching right to the body. Another good low kick from Sam. Jaideep stalking forward and prodding with the jab. Low kick from Singh, Overhand right from Sam in return. Jaideep eats a counter right uppercut-left hook I didn't even scene and all of his limbs stop listening to him at once; impressively, he stays standing and just takes an eight count. Sam throwing heavy leather trying to capitalize, but nothing landing. Sam almost faceplants after missing a right hand. 10-8 Sam to end the round.

Round two: Singh spun around by a low kick after some short punches. Good jabs and uppercut from Jaideep. Jaideep with a low kick and a teep. Sam's output has dropped bigtime and he eats some body shots. Sam lands a glancing left hook. Jaideep with a pair of solid knees after backing Sam up with body shots. More body shots from Jaideep. Sam getting stuch with his back against the ropes as Jaideep bounces punches off his body and guard. HUGE left-right from Sam, Jaideep shrugs if off and slams a couple knees home in the clinch. Thumping uppercut by Sam at the bell, but undoubtedly Singh's round, 10-9.

Round three: Sam more aggressive to start the round, lands a stiff jab and a knee to the body. Front kick to the body from Singh, another stinging low kick from Sam. BIG right hand from Sam has Jaideep dancing again and he takes an eight-count. Sam pursuing with heavy punches, Jaideep doing a good job staying out of further trouble so far. Jaideep looks out of it and he's not really firing back. Still, he's blocking most of the shots coming in. Jaideep gets the plum now and lands some solid knees. Sam backs him into the corner and they clinch. Sam ends the round bombing and he's going to win the decision. 10-8 Sam.

Final result: Sam def. Singh by decision

67 kg: Reece McAllister vs. Tim Thomas
Round one: Thomas aggressive with his punches to start. Thomas with a low kick, McAllister pushes Thomas back with a solid teep, Thomas gets off the ropes, Good right by Thomas through McAllister's guard. Shin-to-shin contact on TNT's next few low kicks. McAllister moving forward now, gets caught with a low and then a body kick. Thomas to the body with legs and hands, teep from Reece. Great combination by McAllister, left to the body and a low kick. Another good left downstairs. McAllister came on in the end, but still Thomas's round.

Round two: McAllister very aggressive early, pushing Thomas back. Good exchange, Thomas focusing fire with his right body kick. Reece just misses with a flying knee. McAllister connecting with most of what he's throwing now, especially the low kicks. Good overhand right, More leg kicks, Thomas lands his best right of the night in response. Reece with a glancing left hook, then a teep. Body kick from Thomas and another. Left hook-leg kick from McAllister, both land. McAllister is catching most of Thomas's kicks at this point. BIG right hand by McAllister to end the round. 10-9 Reece.

Round three: Thomas brawling now and having his most success so far. Good right hands land flush on McAllister. Knee from McAllister goes low just as things were heating up, but Thomas elects to continue almost instantly. Leg kick exchange. Ripping right hand and knee downstairs from McAllister. Another low kick from Reece. McAllister lands a combo, Thomas catches him with a right at the end of it. Solid body kick by Thomas and a good right hand. McAllister teep. Solid right hand. Great teep puts Thomas on his ass. Kick exchange. HUGE right hand from Thomas, but McAllister tanks it and knees him in the head. Reece lands a right of his own. Very close round, 10-9 Thomas. Good fight.

Final result: McAllister def. Thomas by decision

70 kg: Johann Fauveau vs. Constantin Pasniciuc
Round one: Good low kick by Constantin, Fauveau slams home some punches and low kicks. Sneaky left straight connect for Fauveau. Thudding low kick hits Constantin in the groin, but he's ready for action. Constantin with a right to the body, Fauveau answers in hind. Nice low kick by Constantin. Fauveau with one of his own. Nice straight in the midst of a combo by Constantin, Fauveau with a left hook to the body and leg kick. Great inside low kick by Fauveau. Fauvau blocking most of Constantin's blows, landing low kicks and straights through the guard. Hard flurry scores for Constantin. Fauveau with a left to the body, eats a grazing head kick. Constantin very aggressive at the end of the round, but Fauveau did enough work early for me to give it to him 10-9.

Round two: Fauveau targeting the body and legs with his kicks. Constantin connects with a counter flurry to the body and head after eating a body kick. Fauveau to the body. Constantin with a low kick, eats a pair of southpaw jabs. Fauveau lands a body kick, Constantin doesn't quite time the counter. Constantin swinging hard, but nothing landing clean amidst Fauveu's leg and body kicks. He just picking Constanin apart, now a body punch to low kick. Constantin lands one to the body. Nice front kick to the face by Pasniciuc, can't land anything else before the end. 10-9 Fauveau.

Round three: Both men extremely aggressive to start, Pasniciuc eats a monster groin shot during a flurry. He's back and they're swinging again. Constantin landing heavy hooks upstairs while Fauveau lands body kicks. Things slow down after about a minute and Fauveau establishes his combination striking again. Constantin with a three-punch combo, Fauveau is unfazed. Solid body shot from Fauveau. Stiff jabs now. Body kick-straight, right to the body and low left hand. They keep going regardless. Teep this time. Constantin is aggressive, but just can't quite seem to find Fauveau. Somersault kick from the Romanian falls short, Fauveau's crane kick likewise fails to connect. 10-9 Fauveau in another great fight.

Final result: Fallo def. Pasniciuc by decision

79 kg: Nicola Gallo vs. Jhonata Oliveira
Round one: Oliveira aggressive early, pops Gallo with a hard straight. They exchange briefly. Another big right hand from Oliveira puts Gallo to his knees. Gallo is back up after the count. Oliveira continues the onslaught after Gallo rises and is just hammering him. Gallo down again. He's trying to tie Jhonata up but keeps getting tagged. Gallo is briefly stumbled, but Oliveira slips trying to land the knee from the plum. Gallo hurt again, but wading forward with blows of his own. Oliveira slows down as the round ends, 10-7 same.

Round two: Gallo looks lucid, lands some short punches and leg kicks before tying up. Good leg kick and knee to the body from Nicola. Oliveira is completely gassed and gets tripped by a low kick. Gallo just walloping Oliveira with inside low kicks. He's offering no resistance; they clinch Nicola pouring on the kicks and kneeing the body every time Oliveira ties him up. Gallo slams a knee into Oliveira's crotch, prompting a brief reprieve. Gallo keeps up the kicks, but Oliveira finally starts throwing again. More kicks and knees from Gallo. 10-9 or 10-8 Gallo.

Round three: Oliveira is dead on his feet. More good knees to the body from Gallo. Leg kicks, knee downstairs. Oliveira lands a leg kick of his own while getting hammered, but stumbles and eats more blows from Gallo. Good right hand after a pair of lefts downstairs. Gallo knees Jhonata low again just as he was building up steam. Body kicks and low kicks chewing up Oliveira after they restart. Another knee to the body. Gallo continues pouring it on, ut can't land the one big one to put Oliveira down. He ends the round as he started, 10-9 or 10-8 Gallo.

Final result: Oliveira def. Gallo by decision
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Damn it Remy

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The finish to the Main Event.
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Spong is nasty!
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Spong is the best striker in the LHW division (MMA) that is until The Spider comes up. I'm pretty sure Spong will run into difficulties against grapplers, but against any pure strikers he just reigns down terror. His striking is very crisp and technical with dynamite!

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I would love to see a rematch between Spong and Carnage. I dont know why that hasnt really been talked about.
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Looks like Remy's best days are behind him.

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