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TheDreadnought 04-11-2013 12:34 PM

Fighters wanted to join Paul 'Semtex' Daley's Training Camp
Hey guys. Most of you will have heard of Paul 'Semtex' Daley, the famous knockout artist from Nottingham, England. I know a few of you don't like him for throwing at Koscheck or whatever, and that's fine. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion and I wonít begrudge you of that. But Iíd appreciate it if you kept that opinion to yourself instead of flaming the thread with any negativity you might have towards him lol.

However, for those of you who train (or want to) in martial arts, then we are currently recruiting fighters to train at Spirit Dojo based in Nottingham England. Annual membership is just £25pm which includes over 40 classes a month. Tri monthly is £30 and month by month (which I would recommend just in case you get injured or move cities) is just £35.

Objectively speaking, Paul's a great guy and the best coach I've ever had. He's sharpened my striking up tremendously in a short space of time and indirectly helped me out a lot in a real difficult time of my life. Gave me something real positive to focus on at a time when I was close to going completely off the rails and I count him as a friend as well as a mentor. I'm nothing special, but I can trade with most other amateur fighters confidently, which I sure couldn't do a few short months ago. (I've always hit hard, but I'd hopelessly gas and would just basically be a wheezing bumbling punchbag after one round. That sure isnít the case now.) If he can do that for me in such a short space of time, imagine what he could do for those of you who are already good fighters to begin with!

We've got a solid roster of talented young up and comers and the atmosphere is awesome. I've met some real good lads here and even though we bang each other up in sparring, there's literally no animosity and every session you feel like you've learned something new. Some gyms you go to and it's just a bunch of egotistical brutes looking to 'get one up' on anyone they can. But that is far from the case at Spirit and every day you feel like not only you have improved, but that you have helped others to as well. A blessed feeling for sure.

I know there's some real good fighters on Sherdog and if anyone is seriously interested in doing a mini training camp, then I will put you in touch with Paul and it can be arranged. Last week we had a bunch of pro's come for a mini training holiday from down south for a few days. They slept in the Dojo and helped Paul prepare for his upcoming fight in Dubai, as well as joining in the sparring with us. All of them said they had a fantastic time and greatly benefited from trading knowledge with a fighter like Semtex.

If you guys could check out and like our public FB page, link of which is below, then it would be greatly appreciated. If you're interested, then you can message me either on here or on the FB page and I will get back to you asap.

And also, if this is in the wrong place on the forum then I greatly apologize! I haven't been a member here very long so forgive me lol.

Cheers guys, and I hope to see you at the Dojo soon 


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