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plazzman 01-14-2008 07:55 PM

How would Mirko fair back in K-1?
Right, so I initially posted this in the Blog section but since no one goes there anymore I thought I'd post it as a thread since its pretty debatable.


The man many have hailed as the most frightening striker in all of MMA hasn't been so frightening recently, in fact, I haven't shivered in my boots in a while.

Mirko Crocop was touted as devastating and incredible in his striking when he first made the transition to MMA. His opponents just didn't know what to do with him. He had a perfect sprawl, incredibly fast reaction, good TDD and a left leg that many never saw coming, before it was too late. Right Leg Hospital, Left Leg Cemetary was indeed correct at one point.

For a long time he had perfected the art of blind-siding his opponents with his high kicks or left straights and sending them to the mat, but soon many began to study his style and work their way around his phenomenal striking abilities. They began working their take-downs better, keeping him grounded and circling their way around his left kicks. And then to top it off, he made his way into the Octagon, where now opponents would no longer be trapped by the ring corner and circle and back pedal their way around him.

He is also now in an environment where a couple of takedowns and scored points can win you the round, or even the fight.

With this, one wonders, with such a prolific yet dwindling MMA career, would it be wise to move back to K-1?

Now before you call Mirko a coward for giving up after 2 losses, let's look at it like this, sure he's only lost twice so far, but how long can his game plan of stalking and looking for the LHK take him? He has surely lost his fire and doesnt look motivated enough to really grab the HW division by the balls like he could have a year ago. Fighters are getting smarter and smarter and they will surely be watching all of his fights and learning to take advantage of Mirko's weaknesses, so before its too late, and before he loses any more, should he take his trade somewhere where its much easier to apply? This isn't about Mirko dipping as soon as the going got tough, it's just about him making the right career choices.

When Mirko was in K-1 (96-22) he compiled a 16-5 record with 10 KO's. He was right behind Aerts as the man with the most devastating high kick. Also, back when Mirko fought in K-1, the competition was MUCH tougher than today, with the likes of Hoost, Le Banner, Aerts, Bonjasky, Hug, and Hunt to name a few.

But when you look at today's K-1, its a whole different scene. You have an aging Aerts, Le Banner and Bonjasky, and uninterested champ in Schilt, and many relatively new comers in Feitosa, Arrab, Hari, and Choi. Look at the most recent World GP, it was no where near the caliber of those 5-8 years ago.

K-1's talent pool isn't as deep as it once was when Mirko fought, so IMO I don;t think it would be too hard for him to win a couple at the moment.

So when you think about it, wouldn't it just be better for Mirko to go back to what he was really best in? Wouldn't it be better for him to just avoid that whole ground-game business and stick to striking?

Now I'm not 100% sure of how things will turn out, but I for one really enjoyed watching Mirko kick fools heads off and I would really like to see him express his striking abilities some more before he retires, which I believe will be soon if he loses again. And also believe that we won't get to see much more of his striking as the cage makes it difficult, and also because of the amount of high-caliber fighters who would be more than willing to take him down. Mirko has lost his passion for MMA, can he get his love back for K-1 like once before, or should he just pack his bags and retire altogether?

But yeah, Id really like to see Mirko back in it, with the old fire back in him and ready to put dudes to sleep, and I think K-1 would be his best medium.


MLS 01-14-2008 08:06 PM

I think he would do fine. Due to him being back in a ring and being able to get back to stalking his opponents. As we all know this is his strength and he would be able to use this once again. He also would be back in a ring instead of the cage. This helps in his stalking ability, by being able to corner his oponent and strike.

SuzukS 01-15-2008 08:40 AM

Mirko's style is much more fitting to a ring than an octagon. That and the less threatening fighters in todays K-1 make me believe Mirko would fair better in K-1 than the UFC at this point.

BrFighter07 01-15-2008 02:47 PM

i think mirko would be great in k1 but i want to see him in the ufc still he should just change up his techniques and gameplans and he can still be a threat

plazzman 01-15-2008 02:56 PM

I just think at this point in his career, it would just be nice to see him excell at what he does best, and that's strike. So K-1 would just be a good boost for him.

MLS 01-15-2008 05:01 PM


Originally Posted by plazzman (Post 439036)
I just think at this point in his career, it would just be nice to see him excell at what he does best, and that's strike. So K-1 would just be a good boost for him.

As do I, unfortunately. I just hate that right now we are getting a Mirko that is a shadow of his former self. And then you have all the "casual fans" that dump on him and say he is overhyped and sucks. When they have never seen a fight of his when he was in pride. So I would like to see him come back and go on a tear, just to shut those people up. But from what we have seen K-1 is the better place for him right now.

leew11k 01-18-2008 09:19 AM

i agree but i really want mirko to show ufc why he is 1 of the best fighters in mma i still have faith in him.

SlaveTrade 02-13-2008 01:08 PM

Personally, I think Randy Couture would do worse in a Ring than Mirko in a Cage.

It really sucks to see Mirko go like this because I truly believe he has the potential to turn this around and make his way to the belt.

bbjd7 02-13-2008 01:55 PM

Randy has shown he is terrible in the ring. And while I disagree that Randy would do worse than Mirko they are both pretty damn bad.

Sydon666 02-14-2008 03:02 AM

I was under the impression he was just gonna do mma for dreams in japan. Now all of the sudden he is just going back to k-1? I thought they were making him the face of the new hw division in dreams, back in the RING.

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