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K-1 Grand Prix K-1 is a combat sport that combines stand up techniques from Muay Thai, Karate, Savate, San shou, Kickboxing and traditional Boxing to determine the single best stand-up fighter in the world (the "1").

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Offical WVR: Sengoku -- Play By Play

100 million Japanese people and only one person is doing live play by play, and since theres no video feed, I'll try my best and translate:

Show starts, lots of glits and glamour, really resembles PRIDE's openning ceremony. There's some talk and they say that there will be 3, five minute rounds.

Fabricio Monteiro vs Nick Thompson

Round 1

Both fighters come out striking, but Monteiro goes for a take down but Thompson sprawls and Monteiro ends up in Guard. Thompson now begins to do some GnP. Monteiro goes for a kneebar but no dice. They wrestle some more and get back to their feet.

Monteiro goes for another takedown but Thompson hooks in a guillotine. Monteiro escapes and gets side control. Nothing happens and they get back up (I'm assuming Thompson scrambled). Both fighters begin clinching, with Nick working some dirty boxing. Monteiro gets a takedown and get's mount. But bell sounds and round is over.

10/9 Monteiro (in my books)

Round 2

Fighters come out. Nick keeps distance with jab and works some leg kicks. Monteiro shoots and gets the take down. Monteiro is now in Nick's guard. Goes for side control but gets half guard. Pitbull now transitions into mount. Nick's looking a bit tired. Nick tries to buck but Monteiro holds position.

For some reason they stand and Thompson gets a take down. Monteiro quickly goes for a knee bar then an ankle lock. But Nick escapes. Monteiro tries again but Nick gets up and begins hitting Pittbull with some soft shots, he looks pretty tired as blood is dripping from his nose. Monteiro is also bleeding from his mouth. Round finishes.

10/9 Monteiro

Round 3

fighters come out and Nick throws some big punches. Monteiro goes for the takedown but Thompson sprawls. They clinch and Nick takes Monteiro down. Nick starts raining down some heavy GnP, Monteiro's bloody. Monteiro is in buttscoot position and they restart standing. Monteiro throws a leg kick and shoots, but Thompson sprawls and goes for a standing Kimura (they called it Sakuraba position armlock lol). Monteiro escapes and gets the take down, he gets side control. There is now 1 minute left and Monteiro begins landing heavy strikes to Nick's body. Times up fight over.

10/9 Nick

Judges rule the fight Unanimous Decision for Nick Thompson.

Monteiro is super pissed. Tsyuyoshi Kosaka is in the booth and he guesses that the Judges put alot significance of striking, thus the win for Thompson.

Ryo Kawamura vs Antonio Braga Neto

One of the announcers apparantly says Ryan Gracie's ghost is looking down on Neto. Sad stuff.

Round 1

Fighters come out, Neto shoots quick by Ryo sprawls. Fighters clinch and Neto goes for the TD again. Neto gets TD and ends up in mount. Neto starts raining down short punches, not very powerful but still pretty damaging. Ryo turns, Neto gets his bck and goes for a RNC. Neto sinks in the hooks, Ryo turns and Neto gets mount again. Neto holds Ryo for 4 minutes straight. A minute to go in the first round and Ryo finally escapes. Ryo gets to his feet and hits Neto with 2-3 good punches. Neto shoots for TD again. Ryo goes for Kimura. (lol sakuraba position armlock). Times up.

10/8 Neto

Round 2

Fighters come out again and Neto shoots and get's takedown and mount. Neto now gets Ryo's back. Neto goes for an armbar but Ryo escapes and gets to his feet. Ryo begins to outbox Neto. They clinch and you guessed it, another Sakuraba position by Ryo.

1 minute to go, Ryo begins to pound Neto (with something). Some nasty shots as Neto's nose is now bloody. Ding goes the bell though.

10/9 Ryo

Sanea Kikuta is in the booth and he says round 3 is gonna be the decider.

Round 3

Fighters come out striking. Ryo looks game. Neto goes for TD and gets it. Neto has side control. Neto now goes for a kimura, but Ryo reverses and gets on top. Ryo does some GnP but Neto is good at neutrilizing it. Ryo begins to knee Neto somewhere. Ryo has side control and doesn't do anything for a few minutes. Finally they get up and Ryo lands another good punch. But Neto goes for the TD and they clinch (Sakuraba style, w.e that means). Ryo goes for another kimura. Ryo now lets go and starts hitting Neto, with his hands I suppose. Ding goes the bell and thats the fight.

Ryo get's a Unanimous decision.

Again, the judges favoured strikes to ground game. Translator doesn't like this system he says.

Evangelista "Cyborg" Santos vs Makoto Takimoto

Apparantly Cyborg's entrance is cool, and terrible. Probably came out to Madonna.

Round 1

Cyborg comes out with some big leg kick/punch combos. Cyborg now tries to go for a clinch, then I have no idea what the translator says, his Engrish sucks. Now I think Cyborg continues to work the leg kicks and drops Takimoto with a leg kick. Cyborg is now in Takimoto's guard. Takimoto goes for an armbar from guard.

Takimoto tries to call for a timeout cause he's hurt or something. 3 minutes pass......So they get back and start grappling, Cyborg is again in his guard. Some GnP action.

Cyborg suddenly rolls back for an Achilles Hold and what do you know, Takimoto TAPS!!

Evangelista Santos by Achilles Hold

haha who would have guessed Cyborg would tap Takimoto.

Kazuyuki Fujita vs Peter Graham

Fujita comes out to some Inoki-Bom Baye orchestra song that goes, "oohonoo fighter!". Iunno, i guess its the song he's rocked all his career.

Round 1

Fujita bullrushes like he always does and goes for the TD. Graham stuffs it twice but the third time Fujita gets the TD. Fujita is lookin good as he goes straight to side mount. Now we some Sean Sherk-esque action as he gets into NorthSouth position. Bang, Fujita slaps on an Anaconda choke and Graham taps. Crazy shit.

Kazuyuki Fujita by Anaconda/Northsouth Choke

Now we see Josh Barnett warming up in the locker room with Matt Hume. Nice.

Kazuo Misaki vs Siyar Bahadurzada

Misaki talks about how his fight with Akiyama was ruled a NC. He says hes not mad at the decision, all he cares about is that he beat Akiyama. Gono is guest commentating on this one. Fight is billed as PRIDE champ vs Shooto Champ. Whats up with GRABAKA runnin the show? Anywho, Misaki has a big entrance.

Round 1.

Apparantly someone fainted or something or there was a silent start? Horrible Engrish. But Misaki hits Siyar with a good punch. But Siyar answers back with one of his own. Misaki gets clinch and slaps a sweet Judo throw and gets Siyar down. Misaki is now in sidecontrol. He's working for a kimura and gets catchpoint???

Half way through the round and Misaki goes for an armbar but it fails, so he begins elbowin his body from half guard. Siyar now reverses Misaki and is in his guard. However Misaki is active from bottom with soft strikes. Ding goes the bell.

10/8 Misaki

Round 2

Misaki comes out and does his signiture faint and both begin to really bang it out. Gono says that Misaki needs to chill. Siyar now shoots for a TD but Misaki does a Judo reverse. Siyar again tries to take him down but Misaki slaps on a mean guillotine and Siyar taps.

Kazuo Misaki by Guillotine Choke.

TK is all over Misaki's nuts, Gono says it aint no thang, he loves the guillotine.

Now theres a 15 minute intermission, so let's all go to the lobby.

WHOA BIG TINGS!!! Roger Gracie and Kevin Randleman are announced for WVR's next event!!!!!!

Ok Folks, the moment every has been waiting for. Mr Takanori Gomi makes his long awaited Debut!!!!

Takanori Gomi vs Duane Ludwig

Gomi comes out with a brand spankin new entrance song, frankly I liked his old one but I have yet to hear this one. Motha F*Ckin wow, Genki Sudo is seen in the audience. I think theyre good friends. Hopefully Genki reconciders his acting after this and comes out of retirement.

Round 1

Gomi comes out aggressive. Ludwig has fast movements and avoids shots. Ludwig gets the first hit. Gomi now puts on the pressure and starts hammering Ludwig. Ludwig is already bloodied up. Gomi now switches stance and BOOOOM, F*ckin drops Ludwig with a BIG shot. Ludwig's down and he's all bloody but gets up, theres way too much blood, I think his nose is broken and the Doc calls it.And just like that GOMI IS BACK!!!!

Takanori Gomi via TKO

They show a replay and Gomi drops Ludwig with a big left.

THE FIREBALL KID IS BACK LADIES AND GENTLEMEN (and plazzman is fully arroused)

Josh Barnett vs Hedhiko Yoshida

So the translator now says even though he's Japanese, he's still rootin for Barnett. He says "Yeh Catch wrestling vs Judo, the dynasty continue for 100 year"

Josh comes out to his usual Hakuto No Ken theme song (some anime I presume) and the translator creams his pants. We get some history lesson on Catch Wrestling/Judo and the passing of Carl Gotch.

Now Yoshida comes out and he gets to keep his Gi. Awesome.

Round 1

Josh comes out with a jab. But Yoshida counters with a hook then Josh gets a suplex and is in side control. Josh smiles and hits Yoshida. Yoshida gets guard. Josh tries to pass. Yoshida scrambles and gets up. They begin to wrestle again. Yoshida tries a osotogari (jude move) but fails. Now Yoshida tries a Sakuraba position armlock (kimura, standing I presume) Yoshida is persistent with the kimura. Now Josh is in guard and goes for an achilles hold. Ding. Times up. so fast.

10/9 Barnett

Round 2

Fight starts and Josh comes out and unleashes a body kick a couple of body kicks on Yoshida. Now they clinch in the corner. Now they break and Barnett goes for another achilles hold/leglock combo, it looks tight but Yoshida escapes. Now Yoshida seems to be having glove problems which leads to a Time Out. Anywho, Josh then tries to go for another suplex but fails. He get's mount I think and begins GnP. No he gets side control and starts raining knees to the body. Barnett goes for an armbar, Yoshida tries to escape and the bell goes. End of round 2

Josh looked strong, but didn't seem to do too much damage. Yoshida seems to be verrry tired.

10/8 Barnett

Round 3

Josh comes out with a 1-2 combo and lands a leg kick. Now they clinch. Josh now has Yoshida in back mount/ nelson position. He begins hitting Yoshida from that position. Josh now goes for a ankle lock. Yoshida holds on for deal life but is forced to tap!

Josh Barnett via Ankle Lock

Thats all folks I gotta sleep. Good night!!
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A million thanks, plazzman!!!
I can't believe that this was practically impossible to see without Skyperfect...I thought this was the 21st century!

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thanks alot plazz you are a good man much love bro and good to hear the fireball kid can still whoop somebodys ass
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lol i forgot all about this card damn food poisoning:'(
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Damn, I want to see the Gomi fight and Barnett with a suplex? I can't believe I missed this event.
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Fujita with an Anacondo choke, Barnett suplexing Yoshida and Cyborg with an ankle lock? This card sounds like it was kind of epic.

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^ agreed. Props to anybody with links to this.

From the sound of it, Yoshida did 10 times better than what most people expected.
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I'm pissed, I had MMA-tv set up as well as a few illegal torrents, and event. I guess Dailymotion will be getting hit up hard later today by all the MMA fans.

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Thank goodness Gomi won. I wouldn't have stood with Bang, but he did and he won, so good for him. I'd like to see that fight.

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Originally Posted by Damone View Post
Thank goodness Gomi won. I wouldn't have stood with Bang, but he did and he won, so good for him. I'd like to see that fight.
here you go sir
credits: pridefan123
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