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K-1 Grand Prix K-1 is a combat sport that combines stand up techniques from Muay Thai, Karate, Savate, San shou, Kickboxing and traditional Boxing to determine the single best stand-up fighter in the world (the "1").

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Originally Posted by Steph05050 View Post
a live stream u can try http://pages.tvunetworks.com/channels/#
and go to sports and find mmatv.....its best if u download the player

or try
and search for it....(he may not show it)

or what i use is

download the player login as anonymous...click live channels....than mmatv

NOTE if u try this now the mmatv channel may not appear until an mma event is about to start.....i have found out of all these for sopcast to work best and stream smoothly....good luck
thanks a lot Steph


Edit: ughh you're too good, have to spread it around first


top 3 MMA:
Big Nog
Marcus Davis

top 3 K-1
Errol Zimmerman
Buakaw Por Pramuk
Jerome Le Banner

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Just decided that one of my finals is just an essay and if Aerts win this, I will some how some way reference Peter Aerts in it.
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If I were you, I would just write entirely about Aerts
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Some more fighter interviews.

"I'm going to knock out Badr Hari" -- Peter Aerts

-- How are you feeling Peter?

I feel very good, I'm relaxed and ready. I feel confident.

-- What's your strategy for the tournament?

The first fight is the most important, so I look to the first fight then I go from there. And, in the first fight I'm going to knock out Badr Hari!

-- Any guess on who you might fight in the second bout?

I donít know, maybe I'll knock out Errol Zimmerman? (laughs) It's going to be exciting on my side!

"I'm going to knock out Peter Aerts!" -- Badr Hari

-- You represent the new generation of K-1 fighters.

Yes, K-1 fans have been waiting a long time for a change, and I'm the change. I feel very good, I trained very hard and I feel very sharp, 100% fit and 100% focused.

-- How are you approaching Saturday?

My mind is focused on Peter Aerts, he will be the first step in the changing of the guard.

-- Aerts said he's confident he'll beat you.

I don't give a shit what Peter says, I'm going to knock him out!

-- We heard you are being honored by your native Morocco next year?

Yes, the King of Morocco is going to give me an award for what I do, it's an honor and also a motivation to bring the World GP Belt with me.

"Fighting is my life" -- Errol Zimmerman

-- You look relaxed, Errol.

I'm always relaxed, I'm never tense before a fight because fighting is my life, and nobody is going to beat me at my game.

-- Did you do any special training for the tournament?

I have never trained so hard in my whole life as I have for this, but I did not focus on any one thing, I did everything -- especially hard sparring.

-- How much do you know about your opponent?

I saw Teixeira fight Musashi, and my trainer has studied him. I'm confident but I don't underestimate him.

-- Are you confident of going on to win the championship?

I am always confident, and Saturday I am going to knock everyone out, I trust in my own power.

"I'm a big star in Turkey" -- Gokhan Saki

-- This is your first K-1 World GP.

Yes and I feel really good for Saturday, I'm ready to fight.

-- Tell us about your training.

After beating Ray Sefo [in September], I took about two weeks off. Since then I've been training twice a day, six days a week. Mostly weightlifting, jogging and sparring.

-- Your first opponent, Karaev, says he's too fast for you.

Yes, he's fast but before he gets to me I am going to knock him out. I also have a few things I can do fast, and that's good enough.

-- If you win in your first fight, whom do you think you'll meet next?

Of LeBanner and Remy [Bonjasky], I am ready to fight either one. But I think it will be Remy, I think he'll beat LeBanner.

-- You are from Turkey, is K-1 known there?

K-1 is big news in Turkey, and now I'm a big star there. I know Turkish fans are happy to have me here, it's the first time there has been a Turk in the final eight.

"KO!" -- Jerome LeBanner

-- You're wearing a Che Guevara t-shirt?

Because it's war.

-- Have you done any special training to prepare for the tournament?

Training for speed, power and endurance.

-- What kind of fight do you want to make with Bonjasky?


-- Which of your weapons do you think will knock him out?

If I knew the future that well, I would play the lottery.

-- Whom would you want to fight in the semifinals?

I don't give a shit, anyone!

"Saturday we'll see who's best" Remy Bonjasky

-- How are you feeling before the tournament?

I feel great, my condition is good, we trained real hard for this.

-- What is your strategy for Saturday?

My first fight is against LeBanner, and he's a strong veteran and an experienced fighter so it will be tough. But if I win against him, it will be easier in the second or the third fight.

-- Last time you fought LeBanner, in Holland, there was a disputed result and he won on appeal.

I was disappointed about that, I think to make a protest as LeBanner did was strange. For me if you lose the fight you have to take it as a loss, not try to change the decision. What happened in Amsterdam was during a bad period for me, but now I feel stronger than ever, and Saturday we'll see who's best!

-- Will you be going for a KO?

Yes of course because the last time the jury made the decision, so it would be better to knock him out so nobody can change the decision later!

-- Whom do you think you may meet in the semis or final?

I think Saki will be in my second fight and I would hope to see Peter [Aerts] in the final.

-- Why Aerts?

Well I lost to Peter in the tournament last year, so it would be great to have my revenge against him this time.

Ruslan Karaev chatted only briefly with reporters, predicting that he "absolutely will not lose." Asked if that meant three KOs, Karaev laughed and replied. "Maybe two."

Ewerton Teixeira went directly from his photo session to the training room.

In the card's reserve fights:

Paul Slowinski said he was prepared for opponent Melvin Manhoef. "He's an explosive fighter, strong and not so tall, so that can make it difficult. I'll have to use distance, stay outside and use my reach."

"Yeah I'm like a midget," replied Manhoef. "But I train with Badr Hari, who's taller than Slowinski. I don't care, Paul is a good fighter but if he tries to keep his distance I will just fight into his range, I will go and get him, no problem."

Ray Sefo said he was ready to take on big Hong-Man Choi. "I feel good and I'm confident. Nothing is easy but my team and I have been working hard, Jan [Nortje] has been my main sparring partner and he's pretty big. I'm not going in looking for a KO though, I want to do what I do best, which is be aggressive and win the fight, and then maybe we get into the tournament."

Choi also said he was also ready. "Usually I train in Japan, but this time I stayed in Korea and trained harder, changing my sparring partners and changing all aspects of my fighting style. I'm ready for Sefo, he's a good fighter, he's fast and has a good right, but he's going down."
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"I'm a big star in Turkey" -- Gokhan Saki

Man, I'm actually REALLY pumped for Errol, I hope he WHOMPS Ewerton
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Predictions for the Finals? I got:

Badr hari vs Peter Aerts
Ewerton Teixeira vs Errol Zimmerman
Ruslan Karaev vs Gokhan Saki
Remy Bonjasky vs Jerome LeBanner

Semi Finals:
Peter Aerts vs Ewertone Teixeira
Remy Bonjasky vs Gokhan Saki

Remy Bonjasky vs Peter Aerts

Of course I'm biased toward Aerts.
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Karaev/Saki is the hardest fight for me to pick.

Saki is probably better overall but he has had some injuries.

Karaev can knock Saki out, He has stopped everyone he has fought this year.

Karaev also likes to get punched in the face. The guy has pretty horrid defense.

I guess I will take Saki but I don't know.
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From HDnet

The largest martial arts event in the world - FiELDS K-1 WGP 2008 Final taking place at the Yokohama Arena in Tokyo Japan - will be broadcast live on HDNet to MMA fans in North America.

Joining the broadcast team of Michael "The Voice" Schiavello, four time K-1 WGP Champion Ernesto Hoost and FEG USA's Mike Kogan will be none other than Kevin "Kimbo Slice" Ferguson. Kimbo was invited by FEG and HDNet to be a guest commentator for K-1's US début.
Maybe they really are gonna feed him to Hari in March.

Good to see Schiavello and Hoost doing the commentating, no Kenny Rice.
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Hoost is commentating? That'll be cool! 1 more day guys!!

*_*_*_*_*_UFC FANTASY TEAM*_*_*_*_*
Wanderlei Silva
Evan Tanner
Kenny Florian
Alan Belcher
Alessio Sakara
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Holy shit, Hoost is commentating? SICCCKKK
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