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MLS 12-04-2008 12:05 AM

Beast of the East 1/24/2009


8-man tournament

Florin Vintila
William Diender
Khalid Bourdif
Dave v/d Ploeg
Sucs Barnabas
Alviar Lima
Arjan Vatnikai
Jose Reis


Albert Kraus vs Warren Stevelmans
Nieky Holzken vs Tarik El Idrissi
Faldir Chahbari vs Da Silva
Tyrone Spong vs Samir Bennazouz
Soumia vs Linda Ooms
Aziz Jahjah vs Goran Radonic


Dion Staring vs Robert Jocz
Dave Dalgliesh vs Martin Zewada
Tredowski vs Vincent Latoel
Adi Stoiti vs Ali Mazidi
Vitor Vienna vs T.B.A.
Hans Stringer vs T.B.A.
Marloes Coenen vs T.B.A.

Got to love how active Spong is.

plazzman 12-04-2008 12:13 AM

Aw hellz yeah, get to see my boy Kraus fight another solid dude in Stevelmans.

Plus, Spong should ruin some dudes day, and hopefully head down to next years GP.

MLS 12-04-2008 12:45 AM

Yeah I'm not familiar with the guy Spong is fighting at all. All I know is that Spong is #1 at Cruiserweight for the WBC and Bennazouz is #10.

Kraus/Stevelmans is a good fight.

Nieky Holzken should just roll through Tarik El Idrissi.

MLS 01-04-2009 11:05 PM

Couple weeks out but I'll throw my predictions out there

Tournament winner - William Diender or Lima not sure yet


Albert Kraus vs Warren Stevelmans - Kraus by UD
Nieky Holzken vs Tarik El Idrissi - Holzken by KO
Faldir Chahbari vs Da Silva - Chahbari by UD
Tyrone Spong vs Samir Bennazouz - Spong by TKO
Soumia vs Linda Ooms - Soumia by TKO
Aziz Jahjah vs Goran Radonic - Jahjah by UD

plazzman 01-05-2009 03:00 AM

Holzken's on a hot streak right now, how do you think he'd fair in the MAX GP?

Wouldn't mind seeing him face Kraus, dude's good at neutrilizing his opponents.

MLS 01-05-2009 03:20 AM

I don't know, Buakaw made him look bad when they fought and Souwer beat him in a performance that Souwer wasn't happy with but Holzken held his own and did pretty good and made it a close fight. He could probably pick up some wins but I don't see him getting past guys like Buakaw, Andy, Artur, Masato, Sato at least right now but he is getting better and would make fights interesting.

It would be funny if he fought Kraus because Holzken got Ko'ed by Lima who trains with Kraus.

MLS 01-10-2009 10:51 PM

Interview with Florin Vintila one of the fighters in the tournament.


KL: Hi Florin, how are you doing lately?
FV: Good man, busy as always, fighting, traveling with my fighters, promoting and of course playing with my baby.

KL: How is your baby doing and how old is she now?
FV: She will be 1 year in December and she’s already boxing with her mother, haha.

KL: Ok, sounds great, what is her name?
FV: Briana Alexandra Vintila

KL: Was it difficult to find a name and why did you choose Briana Alexandra, any particular reason?
FV: Briana is kind of different and Alexandra from my grandfather who died in the same week that she was born.

KL: How is it for you to be a father now?
FV: Is the best thing what can happen man ,i mean, i am a busy guy but every time i can i spend time with her. Is also a new motivation for fighting and working harder.

KL: So, you would say that becoming a father did change you as a person and also as a fighter?
FV: Yes of course man, is a extra motivation for all, and of course you get little distract from parties and nightlife just to be with the baby so that’ s better in all aspects,hehe.

KL: What are you been up to since your fight with Gregor Tredowksi at Beast of The East May 2008 show?
FV: You know is a fight, i would do it again anytime as i was a novice in MMA and he the monster ,and i still knocked hem down, and now that my ground skill better i want that fight again.But i fought twice in Swizerland first e very bad decision so loose and second fight i win 3-0.

KL: You where pretty good in the fight with Tredowski when you got an injury popping up? What was the injury like?
FV: It i s a normal luxation on the shoulder, nothing very bad but still enough not to be good in the MMA clinch, but the main thing was the lack of experience in MMA. Bring him again and i really think the result will be different.

KL: So, MMA is still something you consider for the future?
FV: Without a doubt man, i train every week 3 times submission and MMA, i still think my standing skills are above many MMA fighters so yes, i want to be back in MMA.

KL: Who is your MMA coach/trainer for MMA?
FV: He’s name is Mauro Chueng, he is a black belt jiu jitsu coming from Brazilian Top Team, and he is really incredible man on the floor. Wrestlling i have an ex Olympic wrestler from Russia and standing up i do in my own gym.

KL: So, now, you concentrate on the big challenge coming up, KlasH Champions Battlefield Final in Holland 24 January?
FV: Yes of course, is a big opportunity being invited to this tournament as i feel reborn, with new method of training, build more muscles, new nutrition...i will bring something good you will see.

KL: Witch flag will you be fighting under, Romanian or Portuguese? As you live in Portugal now for many years?
FV: Yes man i have both nationalities but no doubt my heart is Romanian and i will fight for Roumania even that i love Portugal as much we still can not forget our origins.

KL: Where do you live in Portugal?
FV: I leave in Albufeira, just 5 m walk from the beach.

KL: You have your own team there and promotions, tell me something about that?
FV: I have actually some good fighter,3 european champions and about 20 other fighters. We have about 7 gyms and more then 150 students in our team. We promote shows regularly and we even promoted the second Klash event on Eurosport,here in Albufeira.

KL: Any particular fighter we should watch out for now or in future?
FV: You all know Mariana Zueva ,as she one of the best in the world with only 18 years old but of course we have other new talents like the new European Champion Miguel Varela and Eduardo Pandega (who actually made he’s pro-debut in Klash)

KL: Let's get Back to 24 January ? The 8 names are known. Any particular fighter you want to fight first?
FV: Maybe Szucs Barna as last time i really thought was a bad decision so would be a nice opportunity to make it clear. But i willl fight anyone, that’s what fighting is all about no?

KL: Yes, but tournaments are always special so, the draw could be important?
FV: Of course the draw is important but on that level everyone is tuff so i dont care.
FV: Also i think Diender could be a good fight as he is short and i can move good and score points

KL: Ah, so you would like to have Barnabas or Diender is R1?
FV: Yeah would be the best i think ,also Vatnikai is young but i don t know him so better you eat what you know, right?

KL: Haha, ok.

KL: So, let's go true the fightlist, i give you a name and you give me your idea about what you think about the fighter and what this particular fighter will do in the tournament?
FV: Cool

KL: Dave Van De Ploeg?
FV: I don t know him.

KL: Arian Vatnikai?
FV: I never seen him fight, but i see he beat Reis,Barnaba and Elias so he must be a strong guy. Still i think he don t have so much experience but is a name to take in to consideration.

KL: William Diender?
FV: He is a strong guy, he knocked out Drago but i think or he win by ko or he loose on points. Still a very heavy handed fighter.

KL: Khalid Bourdiff?
FV: Don‘t know but i heard he is strong.

KL: Sucs Barnabas?
FV: He is a typical muay thai fighter, strong knees and kicks but bad boxing.

KL: Jose Reis?
FV: Yes he is one of the most difficult, because of he’ s style.

KL: Alviar Lima?
FV: He is the Machine Man of course, for sure one of the most strongest man in the tournament.

KL: And last but not least Florin "The Romanian Sensation" Vintila?
FV: Hehe i think if i am in a good day i can beat anyone in the world, but aren ‘t all fighters think like that?

KL: So, who are the favourites in the tournament?
FV: I think is difficult to say that, and is depend allot from the first picks, you know styles make the fight.

KL: But?
FV: As a very smart Portuguese football player would say “Prognostics only after the match"

KL: Haha, ok

KL: Any messages for your opponents of 24 January?
FV: Don’ t train so hard, get drunk in New Year, haha.

MLS 01-11-2009 09:09 PM

Damn, I just realized this is on the same day as Affliction and the Margy/Mosely fight. At least this is earlier in the day.

MLS 01-14-2009 01:33 PM

Holzken is out and Bakar Barakat will take his place.

Holzken/Tarik will happen at the next Beast of the East event most likely.

Superpro 01-20-2009 09:39 AM

The show will be awsome!!
The tournemant we see that on, the official tournemant website, Lima is ahead on the poll. So if you have another one as a favorite go and vote. Few days to go...

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