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Dirk Stal 12-07-2008 05:57 AM

Golden Glory fighters Errol Zimmerman and Gokhan Saki shine at K-1 WGP debut December
K-1 GP 2008 Final Golden Glory Fighters Errol Zimmerman and Gokhan Saki shine at the finals!

December 6th 2008 Yokohama Arena Tokyo Japan

Errol the “Bonecrusher” Zimmerman had to qualify in Hungary this year to enter to K-1 Gp in Amsterdam Holland, were he won the Gp and fought a great fight with Bjorn Breggy and fought the finals with a broken foot and captured a place at the final 16 in Korea. In Korea he knocked down Glaube Fiestosa twice to win his fight for a well deserved place at the final 8, it’s a long way to the top!

Gokhan Saki knocked out Paul Slowinsky in round 1 at the Amsterdam Arena GP and then went as a reserve fighter to Hawaii, team mate Chalid die Faust had a visa problem and Saki took his place as a tournament fighter. He surprised everybody by winning all three fights by KO and qualified himself at the last 16 in Korea!
Gokhan Saki was still a little injured entering the K-1 Gp in Korea (after his leg kicking performance in hawai) final 16, but through an extra round he defeated Ray Sefo to get a spot with the best 8 fighters of the world for December 6th at the Yokohama Arena in Tokyo Japan.

The first opponent from Errol Zimmerman is the strong upcoming Brazilian Karate Champion and K-1 Gp Asia winner Ewerton Teixeira.

Zimmerman amused the Japanese fans when he was entering the arena with the bone crusher song and outfit, dressed as a skeleton, the youngest K-1 fighter (22 years old) entered the arena as he was walking in a park! With no signs of fair or any sign of being nervous, Errol started round 1.
What should have been an easy fight became a war as Teixeira prepared well for the fight, The Brazilian fighter landed some punches by himself and Errol was warned. In round two and three we can see Errol unleashing some vicious kicks when finally the hard hitting Zimmerman catches Teixeira with a combo straight right and uppercut combination and Teixeira has to take an 8 count like his team mate Glaube did in Korea.
This 8 count is enough for Zimmerman to qualify for the half finals but certainly not without damage, the young generation is present and the Brazilian came to fight and showed he is a great new young talented fighter as well (age 26) and also a nfighter for the futureto watch out for!

Next fight is Gokhan “The Rebel” Saki (age 25) against K-1 GP Taiwan winner Ruslan Karaev.(age 25)

Saki has a 19 fight winning streak and seems unstoppable. Can Saki Make Ruslan number 20 on his winning streak?
Ruslan Karaev showed his trade mark beginning the fight with a vicious attack, but Saki evaded all punches, kept his defence and counter’s with some vicious leg kicks and hooks.
In round two we see again Karaev attacking but Saki scoring the better hits, two high kicks from Saki almost knocks down the Russian fighter and it is a great action packed fight. In round three Saki lands a fast back fist and knocks down Karaev, now Saki continues his vicious leg licking attacks followed with high kicks and punch combination and he has Karaev wobbling! Karaev tries to fight back and it is a great fight. Saki wins the fight by decision and enters the half finals.

Two GG fighter by the last 3 of the best fighters in the world at age 22 and 25!!

Badr Hari rocks Peter Aerts in round 1 and 2 and the fight is stopped at the end of the second round by the ref, winner Badr Hari
Remy Bonjasky fights Jerhome Le Banner and wins the fight by TKO in round three by a kick to the left arm of Le Banner!

Next fight to get into the finals is Errol Zimmerman against Badr Hari
This must have been one of the best fights ever in K-1!
Errol Zimmerman is pressing the fight and Badr replying each attack with a counter attack. Every punch can cause a KO from these two warriors and the atmosphere is electric. The corner of Errol wants him to score with the right leg kicks as peter Aerts landed some heavy leg kicks in the first encounter with Badr. But the right leg of Errol was damaged in his previous fight with Teixera, so it was difficult for Errol to use his right leg. The fight became a total all out war when Errol caught Badr with a left hook right punch combination sending Badr Hari down. Badr Hari is took the 8 count surprisingly well, a horse would have not stand up from that punch but Badr did. Then instead of just fighting to reach the end of the round and become finalist Zimmerman goes for the kill and gets caught by a right straight from badr and receives an 8 count himself 2 seconds before the round is over. The Japanese Yokohama arena is cooking the commentators go wild, what a fight.
In round three Badr is the better fighter scoring with good jabs and we can see some fatique by Zimmerman, Badr finally hits Errol with a good straight right and wins the fight by KO in round three.
Great fight by both fighters and Errol has nothing to be ashamed of, he came to fight and made the fight, with a little bit more K-1 fights he has everything it takes to become a K-1 champion!

Gokhan Saki faces Remy Bonjasky in the second half final of the night.

Gokhan Saki started the 1st round very well by outscoring Remy Bonjasky with vicious inside low kicks and punch combo’s. Saki is to fast for Remy who can not really get a grip on the fighting style of Saki.
In round two Saki gets unlucky when he tries to evade a knee from Bonjsaky and is half of balance when a kick from Bonjasky hits the injured rib of Saki (one month earlier in training) and lands half on his back.
Saki can not get any air and Remy is declared winner by TKO.
It’s bad luck for Saki who also proves that he is ready to fight with anybody!

Finals Badr Hari vs Remy Bonjasky

This was the best tournament in K-1 history with a night of great fights!
Badr Hari showed the whole year with his aggressive fighting style to KO all of his opponents.
The way to the finals of this tournament was a lot easier for Remy Bonjasky then Badr Hari, who first had low kicks from peter Aerts and then a vicious hard right punch from Errol Zimmerman knocking him down in round two in the half finals.
The anticlimax comes when Remy Bonjasky, knocks down Hari and again Hari takes the 8 count and comes back with a aggressive attack himself.
Remy end’s up on the ground and Badr can not control himself anymore and starts punching on the ground to finish Remy with a foot stomp.
Now, maybe Hari became to emotional or he was still rocked from those two knock downs and just did not wanted to get finished by Remy Bonjaksy in the finals? We will never know?
Bonsjasky could have made himself the most loved k-1 fighter of all time to get up and continue the fight and finish Bad Boy Hari. But even while he was hit with the illegal foot stomp of Hari, people going to question if he was acting. Its funny it always happens to the same fighters like the knee from Stefan Leko!
How ever, even if Remy would show the sprit of wanting to continue the fight, K-1 should have stopped that fight and the ref should have given the red card on the spot!
The result is Hari getting disqualified, Remy becoming a champion by not continuing the fight, leaving fans, Tv stations, K-1 organisation and the live audience with the biggest anticlimax ever!
For Dutch TV Badr showed no remorse, by saying in an interview: that he was a “man” with emotions and said that Remy was gay no to continue the fight.
Funny is that on several MMA forums we could read how Badr Hari challenged Alistair Overeem (few months ago) after Alistiar’s fight with Mirko Crop Cop in Dreams, Hari took the microphone and told all MMA fans that he thought MMA was gay and a bunch of huggers and that K-1 was the real sport, well I guess things have changed in the last few months for Badr Hari, if FEG does not suspend Hari, it would be nice to see Alistair vs Badr Hari (who apparently seems to have changed his opinion over MMA fighting) at the Dymanite show this year.

A great tournament with great performance from young Golden Glory stars Gokhan Saki and Errol Zimmerman!
Congratulations to both young GG fighters who showed the fans great fights in 2008 !!!

Story: Bas Boon Foto’s FEG and bas boon

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Wise 12-07-2008 03:05 PM

Gohkan is the man.

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