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MLS 03-08-2009 11:53 PM

Amsterdam Fight Club


4 Men World Title Heavyweight Tournament +95kg
1. Anderson Silva ''Braddock'', Brazil +95kg Pancration/Chakuriki
2. Benjey Zimmerman, Curacao +95kg Golden Glory/Royers
3. Thomas Hron, Czech +95kg Gladiator Promotion Team
4. Brian Douwes, Holland +95 kg TopTeam Beverwijk

World Title Fight 76kg Full Muay Thai
Aussi (Marrocan) vs Wehaj King (#1 76kg from Thailand)

(A) Amir Zeyada (Egypt) vs Jamie de Vries (Holland) 76,5kg 5x3
(A) Mosab Amrani (Maroccan) vs Hassan Ait Bassou (Marrocan) 63,5kg 5x3
(A) Hesdy Gerges (Egypt) vs Ricardo van den Bos (Holland) 95kg 5x3
(A) Alexander Kreuger (Holland) vs Yassin Lahmidi (Maroccan) 70kg 5x3
(A) Tarik Charkaoui (Marrocan) vs Rodney Glunder (Surinam) 88kg 5x3
(A) Francois Lubbers (Holland) vs Bilal Riffi (Marrocan) 76kg 3x3
(A) Mootje Kamal (Marrocan) vs Munil Adriano (Brazil) 5x3

This is actually a really good card with a bunch of the younger HW's who could become the next generation of K-1 fighters.

Also I believe Tarik Charkaoui is Hari's cousin.

plazzman 03-08-2009 11:59 PM

Oh shit, Anderson Silva is fighting :O

It's crazy to see how many Morrocans/North Africans by way of Holland are doing kickboxing these days.

Who you got for the tourny?

MLS 03-09-2009 12:22 AM

I'm thinking Hron and Silva will be in the final and even though Silva has been on a roll as of late that Hron will take it like he did the first time they fought by UD. But Silva is really good so he could pull it out but I think Hron right now is just a little better

Looking forward to Gerges fight as well because he has been working out and sparring with Aerts.

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