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dudeabides 10-03-2010 11:50 PM

K-1 WGP 2010 Final 8

The matchups for the HW Final on Dec. 11th from Yokohama are...


Mighty Mo vs Peter Aerts
Semmy Schilt vs Kyotaro
Gokhan Saki vs Daniel Ghita
Alistair Overeem vs Tyrone Spong

The Mo/Aerts winner faces the Schilt/Kyotaro winner
The Saki/Ghita winner faces the Overeem/Spong winner


The MAX Finals are on November 8th:


Mike Zambidis vs Yuichiro Nagashima
Albert Kraus vs Giorgio Petrosyan
Gago Drago vs Muhammed Khamal
Michal Glogowski vs Yoshihiro Sato

The Zambidis/Nahashima winner fights the Kraus/Petrosyan winner
The Drago/Khamal winner fights the Glogowski/Sato winner

Schilt vs Overeem and Petrosyan vs Sato in the two championship finals anybody else think?

HKL says this about the matchups:


Some big matches in here, with some new match ups that we have not seen before. Peter Aerts taking on Mighty Mo seems to almost ensure Aerts moves on to the next round, but Mo packs a heavy punch and could be a spoiler. Kyotaro is a crafty and careful fighter, but will he be able to get on the inside and take it to Semmy Schilt? Kyotaro has always been a counter-strikers, and Semmy Schilt rarely makes a mistake. Gokhan Saki taking on Daniel Ghita is the most compelling match of the lot, a total toss-up. Tyrone Spong has a giant task in front of him as he'll step into his first K-1 World Grand Prix against the Demolition Man Alistair Overeem. There is nothing but solid, competitive matches on the MAX side, with Zambo taking on Nagashima being a competitive bout, with Zambidis having a good shot of taking Nagashima down, but Nagashima has been on fire this year. Albert Kraus and Giorgio Petrosyan is just mind blowing. Drago and Mootje Khamal is a fight that Drago will need to take very seriously and the type of fight that will motivate him. Then the young Glogowski takes on Sato, who will not only challenge him, but potentially give him the biggest challenge in his career.

Both events have shaped up to be absolutely epic so far.

osmium 10-04-2010 04:35 AM

My Sato prediction is looking pretty good right now. That is a favorable draw for him. Khamal and Drago are going to beat the **** out of eachother that should be an easy final 4 win for Sato.

I hate the HW bracket. Insuring Aerts and Mo aren't both knocked out in the first round and giving Semmy the 3 weakest fighters on his side of the bracket is some garbage. He got a free pass to the finals last year too with JLB throwing in the towel on the way to the arena and Remy injuring his leg in his first fight. The other side of the bracket is pretty tough if Overeem has to beat Spong and Ghita his legs will probably be gone in the finals unless he can score two quick KOs.

dudeabides 10-04-2010 04:45 AM

I watched the draw on their live stream feed, both Spong and Overeem had the open slot next to Schilt to choose from when it was their turn, and they both went to the far side away from him. Overeem faked him out with it, though.

limba 10-04-2010 07:30 AM

I hate the draw for the HW's.
Mo-Aerts is crappy! I don't want my comment to be considered a lack of respect, especially towards Aerts, a legend of this sport, but this fight just doesn't sound right. I could be wrong, maybe it will turn out to be a great fight. (think not!)
Schilt-Kyotaro is even crappier.
Schilt always seems to be favoured by the draw, like Osmium said. He will KO Kyotaro and fight Aerts. I will be rooting for Aerts, and maybe he can beat Schilt again, like in 2008. ingers crossed.
Overeem-Spong - The Reem has just too much power for Spong to handle. Honestly i can't see how Spong could win this. 3 years ago he was fighting at 180-185 and he bulked up pretty nicely. But The Reem will KO him, maybe in the first round.
Ghita-Saki - on paper this is the closest fight to call. Both looked impressive in The Final 16. Saki will look to avenge his teammate's loss. He has better hands, although Ghita beat Zimmerman via punches. Ghita has the best leg kicks in K1 atm imo. He is the "new lumberjack".
If he doesn't over commit with his striking and keeps Saki at distance with his legs, he will take this. He is one of countryman, so i'll be rooting for him NO DOUBT! I hope h goes all the way and wins this! He has a chance.

Regarding K1-Max, i see Sato in the Final with Petrosyan, but ALbert Krauss may cause Petrosyan some problems if he's 100% fit.
And BTW: Where are Buakaw and Souwer?! Are they taking a break from K1 Max?!
I've seen Souwer has started MMA?!!:confused02: Sub win against Hinata.

Rastaman 10-04-2010 02:00 PM

My prediction:
Overeem over Spong
Ghita over Gokhan (out on a limb w/ this one)
Schilt over Kyotara
Aerts over Mo

Rauno 10-04-2010 02:10 PM

Overeem-Semmy in the finals then. Aweosome!

limba 10-04-2010 07:04 PM


Originally Posted by Rastaman (Post 1277962)
My prediction:
Overeem over Spong
Ghita over Gokhan (out on a limb w/ this one)
Schilt over Kyotara
Aerts over Mo

Normal predictions! :)

BobbyCooper 10-04-2010 07:11 PM

I truly believe Overeem can take it this year :thumbsup:


limba 10-04-2010 07:12 PM


Originally Posted by dudeabides (Post 1277751)
Schilt vs Overeem and Petrosyan vs Sato in the two championship finals anybody else think?

Hope Ghita derails Overeem after he beats Saki! Then he upsets Schilt :thumb02::)
If not..i believe Overeem will beat Schilt!

PS: do you know the reason Souwer and Buakaw missed the Final 16 Qualifying?!

Icemanforever 10-05-2010 12:09 AM


Originally Posted by limba (Post 1278109)
PS: do you know the reason Souwer and Buakaw missed the Final 16 Qualifying?!

Souwer had an injury or personal problems and BPP is competing in a new division there making (63kg)

As for the draw, I can't see it being anything other than Schilt/Overeem in the finals....personally I'm happy the legend Aerts got a winnable fight!

As for the K1 MAX I don't see anyone this yr beating Petrosyan....dude is just another class right now.

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