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Dirk Stal 12-12-2010 12:29 PM

Golden Glory Fighter Alistair Overeem writes history - holding MMA & K-1 World title
Golden Glory Fighter Alistair Overeem writes history - holding MMA and K-1 World title

11th 2010 K-1WGP2010 Ariake Colosseum Japan

Team golden glory started the preparation for the K-1 WGP at the Golden Glory Pattaya, Thailand gym. Unfortunately head stand up trainer Cor Hemmers was injured the moment he arrived in Thailand. Luckily for the team Roberto Flamingo came a few days later, so Roberto and Thai trainer Wit and manager Bas were training the Golden Glory heavy weigh fighterís everyday (34 degrees celcius in the heat) under supervision of Cor Hemmers. Saki and Alistair did not train and spar together and Cor Hemmers separated them from sparring and training with each other as they knew the possibility was there that they would fight each other. Fortunately Cor Hemmers recovered just before the team travelled to Japan.
In Japan trainer Martijn de Jong and other coaches and physiotherapist joined the team to make sure that all G.G fighters got the optimal preparation and attention before this important event.

The first fight of the night was Errol Zimmerman fighting Teixera from Brasil.
The first round was pretty even but in the second round it was Teixera putting the pressure and scoring more points and that round went to Teixera.
In round three Errol came back strong and won the round but he simply started his offensive strategy too late and the winner by decision was Erweton Teixera.

Peter Aerts vs Mighty Mo

The second fight of the night and first of the 8 men tournament is Peter Aerts vs Mighty Mo. Peter looked fantastic and is in great shape and that showed in this short fight. Peter won by KO in the first round and that is a great thing to do in a tournament where injuries can play a huge part in your performance for the next fight.
Winner by KO in round 1 Peter Aerts.

Semmy Schilt vs Kyotaro

The Japanese fight Kyotaro is the first Japanese heavyweight fighter who became heavyweight K-1 Champion.
He holds wins over Gokhan Saki, Melvin Manhoef and in his latest victory a ko win over Peter Aerts.
Semmy Schilt did not take this fight light, Schilt prepared again in Golden Glory Romania like last year. Semmy looked great and did what he had to do, cutting corners of running men Kyotaro and landing front and high kicks and some hard left jabs. In three rounds Semmy was never in real danger and won every round (were Kyotaro received two warnings for holding), advancing to the half finals Semmy Schilt. This resulted in another Peter Aerts vs Semmy schilt who have a personal score of 2-2 in K-1.

Gokhan Saki vs Daniel Ghita

It was announced by Saki he would get revenge for Errol who lost by a heavy KO in round two to Ghita in his qualification match for the K-1 WGP in Korea.
Saki has received several times the nickname of the fastest man on the planet, with incredible hand speeds and crazy kicks with lightning speed, he had all the tools to beat the favourite Ghita.
Ghita stand a head taller then Saki but already at the press conference during the stare down between Saki and Ghita ,Saki showed everybody that he was ready to make war.
This was a great fight, Daniel Ghita is a talented fighter with a dangerous middle kick, but it was Saki who came forward with punching and kicking combination. Daniel Ghita mostly tried to counter and did not really push forward as many fans would have expected. Saki was making the fight, attacking with spinning back kicks and high kicks and lightning fast boxing combinations and then Ghita mostly countering with hard middle kicks. It was a surprise for team Golden Glory that after three rounds the fight scored a draw. But Saki is a fighter with a huge fighting heart and just did what he had to do, attack again and now some of the combinations were hitting target and Saki was the fighter with the better stamina.
Great victory from Gokhan Saki and a great performance from Daniel Ghita who became the first Romanian fighter who ever qualified for the last eight in k-1. This tall fighter from Romania with knock out power made the victory from Saki even sweeter. Saki beat the odds and proved to the world, that his nick name fastest man on the planet is justified, you could add huge heart to that as well!

Alistair Overeem vs Tyrone Spong

The expectations from this tournament were that Semmy Schilt would be in the finals against Alistair Overeem. But first Overeem has to fight Tyrone Spong.
Overeem was focussed on an early knock out and it did not bring the result he had hoped for. Spong had many counter attacks and Alistair got an official warning and point deduction in round one for grabbing Spongís head twice.
Then that minute in the corner after round one, trainers Cor Hemmers planed a different strategy and it worked.
Round two it is Alistair who is scoring with boxing techniques followed by low kicks and knees. Alistair is getting a grip on the match. Alistair is the aggressor and wins the round. Round three Alistair becomes more dominant and gives Tyrone an eight count. Not a first easy fight but a deserved win for Golden Glory fighter Alistair Overeem.

Semmy Schilt vs Peter Aerts

The official stand between these two giants is 2-2 but with Semmy Schilt as a favourite to win this tournament, Aerts is the underdog.
Peter Aerts has participated in the K-1 WGP since the beginning of k-1 and Semmy having multiple records of fasted K-1 GP win ever and winning the title four times, where Aerts won three timesÖ. Could Aerts achieve an upset and become winner of a fourth belt? An all out war starts between these two great fighters, the speed of this fight is incredible, Aerts attacking with low kicks and punches and then Semmy replies again with counter punches and dangerous knees to Peterís head.
In round two a straight right is causing a cut in peterís eye and his nose is bleeding heavily. Both rounds were pretty even so it had to happen in round three. It did happen but not in favour of Golden Glory fighter Semmy Schilt. Aerts rushed forward and landing some good punches and low kicks. Two times the fight has to be stopped by a doctor because of Peterís eye injury and bleeding nose. That did not prevent Peter from attacking Schilt and winning the third round.
The upset from the K-1 WGP 2010 is Aerts defeating Semmy Schilt in the half finals and advancing to the finals.

Alistair Overeem vs Gokhan Saki

These two amazingly talented fighters are teammates and both knew this fight would come, it was speculated for weeks before the fight what happens if?
Well it did happen, Alistair had a war with Spong and Saki had a war with Ghita. Tournaments cause injuries, but K-1 fighters are warriors! Golden Glory fighters proved in the past that there are no easy fights especially if G.G fighters would have to fight each other. The team and Saki decided to fight despite he had a possible broken hand and bruised arm. We have seen before Kareav vs Chalid ( ) which resulted in a KO victory in round two for Kareav, Thomy Depret vs Oktay ( ), Robin van Roosmalen vs Max ( ) , all these fights were all out wars and proves that this Golden Glory team just loves fighting. Wednesday, gehaktdag (hardest kick ass training day of the week) in Breda is ten rounds sparring nonstop with the strongest men, this would be no different.
Gokhan Saki stepped into the ring after a four round war with Ghita but showed in the opening fight that he did not wanted to give a present to Alistair. Gokhan throwing a combination with a hard liver shot and later followed by a spinning heel kicked which rocks Alistair. Twenty seconds later it is again Saki delivering a spinning back kick which brings Alistair of balance. Then Alistair delivers a huge left liver kick to Saki where you can hear the impact clearly. Again Alistair kicks to the liver but this time itís blocked by Saki with his arm. But the kicks on his arms with the four round war with Ghita is too much to take any more beating and Saki wants to continue to fight, but simply canít raise his arm anymore. Great fight from these two great Golden Glory fighters, who after this fight just become team members again and gave each other a big hug. Trainer Cor Hemmers and Bas could not be found in the corners at this fight. The fighters would fight it out themselves without coach Cor and Bas.
Cor Hemmers said later that the fight brought back old memories, where his young star fighter Ramon Dekkers fought two fights in one week (one in Paris and one in Amsterdam in the sporthal Zuid) and won his fight against Gilbert Ballantine starting that fight with a broken hand. Gokhan Saki stole the hearts of Japanese fans and fans around the world. He is not only the fastest man on the planet but has also has a big heart and conquered a third place at the K-1WGP for the second time.

Peter Aerts vs Alistair Overeem

Both fighters won their fights in round one and won by decision in their previous bouts.
Commentator Mike Kogan brought the news that Peterís cut (which was on his eye lid) also coach Thom Harinck said Aerts was pissing blood) could the damage Peter received in the war with Semmy Schilt resulted in Peter not be able to continue to fight in the finals? But Peter Aerts is like Gokhan Saki and they are true gladiators. Peter beat Semmy and if Peter would not be able to continue to the finals, then again Semmy Schilt would be in the finals as the K-1 rule state that if the winner can not advance to the finals first the looser is asked to take his place, in this case it would have been Semmy.
In this case it was the team and coach Thom Harinck of Peter Aerts who convinced Aerts to fight one last fight, Aertís own words: I wanted to win against Semmy, but then I simply was done, it was to tough to continue the tournament for me.
But Peter was pumped up one last time and taken care by the best doctors and Aerts has the heart of a lion. So the finals started with Peter Aerts vs Alistair Overeem.
Alistair Overeem beat Peter Aerts before and with a lot of confidence Alistair Overeem starts the fight with Peter Aerts. Overeem brings the fight to Aerts and starts with dangerous punching combinations followed by some vicious knee strikes. Alistair Overeem smells the victory and he does not stop with his attack.
The fight is quickly over with Overeem scoring the KO in round one, like he did so many times this year and the years before.
All respect goes out to Peter Aerts and Gokhan Saki, both fighterís would fight with one leg or arm, they simply are fighting machines - who do not know the words, give up!!
Golden Glory fighter Alistair Overeem writes history by becoming the first fighter to hold an MMA world tile in Strikeforce and K-1. After the Dynamite show, The Reem will be competing in Strikeforce as K-1 is the strongest competition in stand up, Strikeforce is the strongest competition in MMA, with fighters like Fedor, Josh Barnett, Werdrum, Big Foot Silva, Kharitonov, we are going to see some great matchups in Strikeforce 2011, its going to be a great year!

Look out for the new online episode itís going to be unbelievable!

Story by Lindsay Muro

Fotoís © FEG / Golden Glory

Dirk Stal 12-12-2010 12:30 PM

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