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AJClark 07-28-2012 05:50 PM

In This Situation What Would You Do (If Anything)
Okay, so I've reached an impasse in my life, and everything seems to have come to a stand still. Nothing exciting seems to happen any more but most of all I hate my job. It's boring as hell, and the hours are painful. However, it is a job (and for that I'm thankful)and most importantly all it requires is an internet connection.

Now, if I do fail at finding a good job with decent career prospects I'm joining the Navy at the beginning of next year (it's not a rash decision, I've thought about it for years). I'm 24 now and action needs to be taken otherwise in 10 years I'll probably be where I am today (which is nowhere).

I feel this an apt time to mention that I'm drinking life juice (beer) which is where these thought are coming from. Nay, these thoughts have been here for a long time, the juice gives me the need to voice them, haha.

So, I ask you this. Given that my job only requires an internet connection to secure me a full time wage, what would you do with it? I want something exciting in my life, and I have about half a year to have some adventures.
With a passport and a laptop in hand where would you go? I'm talking going somewhere, staying in a cheap motel/hotel, working/drinking (and hopefully getting laid, foreign country style) and seeing some cool shit and maybe training at various gyms!

Where would you go? What would you do? And most of all, is it even possible to do something like that?

No, I have given this no reasonable amount of thought.

xeberus 07-28-2012 06:19 PM

Well, that depends on what you want to do. Have you ever been to europe? There are some cool things to do abroad (<-double entendre), one thing I'd like to do would be to go back to germany. I heard there is a car rental place that rents out fast cars for a reasonable price for the day to drive on the autobahn.

Are you in decent shape? You could backpack around europe, see a lot of things and have a chance with a lot of different women from different cultural backgrounds :thumb02:

You could just simply make a list of 100 or so things that you want to do before you die. Then spend the next however long knocking them out one by one. Have you ever: went sky diving, slept with a red head, attended a ufc event, maybe brew your own beer?

good luck man :thumbsup:

AJClark 07-28-2012 06:29 PM

Europe yes, that would probably be my first port of call but I really wanna see America and Canada.

I was more thinking is it viable to pack a bag of uber essentials, and just f*ck off for a good few months while still working full time/just living in different countries.

Like I said, all I need is an internet connection, so would a rational mind deem this possible.

I'd probably end up with between 1000-1200 a month to do this (I wouldn't work as many hours as I do right now).

Where are these magical places where you can live like a king for f*ck all? :thumb01: Where the beer is cheap and the girls flow with the inhibition of youth. (I feel it right to throw in the word moist at this point)

Voiceless 07-29-2012 09:56 AM

If you really want to get new ideas to change your life, I'd say that you should save some money and then cut your job and go on traveling for 6 six months to a year around the world. If you take your job with you, you will see nice places, but you won won't get new ideas as you don't have to do other stuff job-wise. You can find jobs everywhere you go which will make you enough money to live there, and if you really don't find a job, you can simply go to the next place. With English being your native language it's usually quite easy to make money as an English teacher.

I'd suggest to go to South-East Asia to clear your head from your regular working and every day habits. It's still very cheap there in most places (you can live there for 5-10 a day). You can travel around there, getting Visa directly at the borders of each country.

Then after two months, if you're interested in the USA and Canada, you can spend a month or so there.

Then finally back to Europe. You can travel around as a tourist to see some really nice places (there are too many to list them here), but for getting new ideas to change your life, Berlin is the place to go. After the fall of the Wall, it has become THE melting pot between East and West. It's full of artist, creative people, little start up business ventures etc.

AJClark 07-29-2012 11:09 AM

Thanks man, great post.

Two questions, how much , in your estimation would you save to do that?

Also teaching English? I have A levels in English literature and English language (as well as a little bit of Uni learning) but wouldn't you need some fancy certificate to do that?

Voiceless 07-29-2012 11:59 AM


Originally Posted by AJClark (Post 1609179)
Thanks man, great post.

Two questions, how much , in your estimation would you save to do that?

If you want to make it a bit challenging, you only need the money for a one way ticket and make the rest of the money there. I'd suggest take an additional 500 (or a plane ticket without specific date) to not completely jump into cold water and have some security for the start. But the less money you take with you, the more you are forced to deal with the new situation and be creative to make money there. You probably won't make the same jobs when you come back to the UK, but you will have new ideas on how to approach job searching which will massively help you finding something that is different from your old job.

If you are too scared of the unknown, you can take a couple of grand, but as I've said, the less you take, the more you will benefit in your search for a new job/way of living after you come back.


Also teaching English? I have A levels in English literature and English language (as well as a little bit of Uni learning) but wouldn't you need some fancy certificate to do that?
In Europe, a certificate would make it easier, as in most countries they already learn English at school, but you can probably still make a buck or two as a conversion partner for adults. After high school most people don't have many possibilities to speak English, but want to refine their speaking skills.

In South East Asia, I've met quite some people who weren't even native English speakers, but made their money for their time there as English teachers.

armbarmax 08-17-2012 03:41 PM

Australia is dope i'd go back

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