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Eminem 07-12-2006 11:12 PM

What Celebs would you like to see fight
Id pay goooooooood money to see, James Blunt Vs 50 Cent

Kameleon 07-12-2006 11:45 PM

The Game fight 50 Cent would be hardcore.

The Don 07-13-2006 12:56 PM

Screech VS Erkel winner gets PEE WEE Herman

jrod 07-13-2006 01:45 PM

I am still waiting for Rogan and Snipes

jrod 07-13-2006 01:45 PM

I also heard theres another celeb boxing in the making

UFCFAN33 07-13-2006 01:46 PM

hahaha good one don..Id have to say Bill Gates and Donald Trump

Confrontation 07-13-2006 03:35 PM

Flava Flav .vs. Aaron Carter, biggest poser match.

The Don 07-13-2006 03:37 PM

Segal, vs Van dame, THe add Wesley snipes for the winner. Then jet Li.

Kameleon 07-13-2006 07:29 PM

Jean Claude Van Damme vs. Marc Decacus(Crow Series)
Jet Li vs. Jackie Chan
President Bush vs. Kim Jong Ill
Eminem vs. Vanilla Ice

Confrontation 07-13-2006 10:49 PM

Or how about Flava Flav .vs. MC Hammer or
Peter Griffith .vs. Homer Simpson and the co-main event
Bart Simpson .vs. Eric Cartman in a street fight no DQ lol and a tag team match
The Backstreet Boys .vs. Nsync

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