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pt447 10-18-2006 08:19 PM

Isn't America grand?
Cult leader says he's too obese for execution -

deathrow inmate's execution stayed, becuase he's too fat!!!:dunno:

Bonnar426 10-18-2006 08:59 PM

This has got to be one of the most idotic things I have every heard? They can't kill me because I'm fat? What a crock!:mad:

Boo 10-19-2006 12:03 PM

COLUMBUS, Ohio (AP) -- A federal judge on Tuesday delayed next week's execution of cult leader Jeffrey Lundgren to allow him to join a lawsuit by five other death row inmates challenging the state's use of lethal injection.

In his request to join the lawsuit, Lundgren, 56, said he is at even greater risk of experiencing pain and suffering during the procedure than other inmates because he is overweight and diabetic.


Fine. He doesn't like lethal injection. Lets just chop his head off. It's cheap, quick, don't need a lot of training.....

UFCFAN33 10-19-2006 12:46 PM

Wow what a Gem. Firing squad would take care of him

Nabors12 10-19-2006 04:28 PM

thats a crock of bullshit

Storm442 10-19-2006 04:46 PM

This happened here in Washington years ago:
Mitchell Rupe -too fat to hang


Rupe was sentenced to die, but in 1994, a United States federal judge held that Rupe was too heavy to hang. Rupe was 400 pounds at the time, and the judge was concerned that execution by hanging could cause Rupe to be decapitated, which would constitute cruel and unusual punishment.

DrVanNostrand 10-19-2006 07:50 PM

don king: "only in america!"

Boo 10-19-2006 09:26 PM


Originally Posted by Storm442
This happened here in Washington years ago:
Mitchell Rupe -too fat to hang

and the problem is.....? It's not like he's going to need it.

Storm442 10-19-2006 09:41 PM

You shouldn't be able to gain that much weight (or maintain it) in prision!
Cut his calories, this isn't day camp.

They showed him eating like a whole box of twinkies a day -purchased with the money he made there from working in teh metal shop or something.

pt447 10-19-2006 10:18 PM

yeah, really... how do you stay/get fat in prison?? especially on death row?

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