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I had the wierdest experience in Barcelona a week ago. I was out with some friends I had made at the hostel I was staying at, and as they had ventured ahead of me to buy drugs from some Pakistani guy I was walking back a good distance by myself, late at night mind you. Three guys walked up to me trying to sell me hash (which is very common in Barca) so I just said no gracias no gracias and kept trying to walk. Then they started trying to talk to me in English asking me where I was from and started to crowd me against a wall. Immediately my hand went into my pocket to hold onto my wallet. They started telling me they were from Brazil, and I was like okay great, I´m going to meet up with my friends. At this point my friends were out of view. Then one of the guys starts trying to grab my arm in my pocket and it felt like he was trying to slowly put a submission on my arm... so I started to laugh at them and said all juijitsui, you´re from Brazil. They started to laugh, and the guy was putting his leg in between my legs to try to throw me to the ground but I stood firm and kept saying I know juijitsu.. I know what you´re doing and they kept laughing, but the guy kept trying and then tried to take my hand out of my pocket. I just acted unaffected and kept laughing at them... eventually they backed away and pointed a finger at me as to say, you know what´s up and laughed and walked away backwards with their eyes on me laughing and pointed at me.

needless to say, it was nice having some background in martial arts to realize what was up and how to defend it somewhat... however, even though I have trained in several martial arts for several years, I was quite drunk and could have easily had my ass beat and robbed in a Spanish alley way...

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Playing it calm was probably the best thing. If you'd got into a fight they might have taken it personally, 2 on 1, you don't know what they have etc.
On the other hand Rob Emerson would never back down. Just saying ;P
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Originally Posted by Fedornumber1! View Post
Ok so Ive been training mma for a while and Im confident if i get in a street fight id do very well and have for that matter

But today I was driving home from a resturant and these 2 guys were in a car and they backed out of there driveway and i honked because they were about to hit they start following me and keep honking so i roll down my window and they start talking shit syain there gonna whip my since it was 2 against one i just told them to calm down and it wasnt worth it..Im not gonna fight 2 guys at once...i know I coulda kicked there asses but it was 2 on one and i felt helpless..i wanna bring somone with me and go back there and kick there asses but idk if its worth it

i just feel really bad because i couldnt do anything...did i do the right thing by not trying to fight them? I live in texas and everryone pretty much carries a gun..but i feel really bad and almost like a ***** but it was 2 on one

So did i do the right thing or should i feel bad
Yes you should feel very bad, if i were you i would have pulled over and ran towards their vehicle. its always a good idea to prove to random strangers just how tough you are.

P.S i hope you had on your tapout shirt.
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Originally Posted by name goes here View Post
Playing it calm was probably the best thing. If you'd got into a fight they might have taken it personally, 2 on 1, you don't know what they have etc.
On the other hand Rob Emerson would never back down. Just saying ;P
Of course Rob Emerson never backs down. He is godlike in his power.

You all did the right thing. You never know what crazy people will do. If someone started walking towards my vehicle in a threatening manner after an altercation, then I am reaching for my gun. Just in case.
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Unless you are highly skilled (or have no problem fighting dirty), chances are you would have got your ass kicked so it was a good decision.
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Originally Posted by Rated View Post
Unless you are highly skilled (or have no problem fighting dirty), chances are you would have got your ass kicked so it was a good decision.
I like the way you think; everybody underestimates the kick in the groin.

About a year ago my buddy got jumped by 2 guys and the first the he did was boot one of them as hard as he could in the balls and that guy was out, then it was just one guy he had to deal with, he kicked his ass then he was all set.

"Everybody underestimates the kick in the groin." - Bas Rutten
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You did right. It's possible you could've kicked their ass but that's assuming a fair fight. You throw in a kick, a punch, all of a sudden they have a knife or a gun. What then? Be proud of your self control.

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Originally Posted by TheNegation View Post
Hate to lay a dose of reality on you, but no, you couldn't have kicked their asses, not unless they had no fighting skill and you were a good amount bigger. They would have kicked your ass.

Stop saying "Oh I knew I could have kicked their ass." You obviously know you couldn't have, hence why you felt so helpless and wouldn't risk it. There was two of them, and without some serious imbalance in strenght and skill and a bit of luck on your side, you'd have got your head kicked around.

You have taken a few MMA classes. You aren't suddenly a fighting god. Assuming you could beat up two other guys of around your age who for all you know could have trained even more than you is retarded.

You did the smart thing. You also did the ***** thing. Sometimes they happen eo be the same thing, in fact quite often. Deal with it and stop making excuses.
Well they were both in there mid 20's and Im an 18 year old kid...I didnt mean i could kick both of there asses at the same time Im saying if it was just one of them i could of and i would have been confident but there were 2 of them so of course I wasnt going to win...Im not stupid man

I havee no problem fighting dirty but 2 on 1 isnt fair fight and they could of had a gun
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