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shatterproof 10-19-2009 08:40 PM

Halloween Ideas / Costumes
Alright, here's the deal folks... Halloween is rolling around once again. Time to bust out some clever, funny, offensive, or all of the above ideas.

I like to keep it edgy, having gone as John Walker Lindd after the Afghanistan invasion, 'An Iraqi Wedding Attendee' shortly after the bombing of that wedding in '05, Punk Rock and coked out Jesus, and a few other choice outfits...

Last year i was going to be a Greyhound bus passenger (that dude was beheaded like a week before Halloween) but i decided i am older and it is time to tone down the offensiveness perhaps... so i instead went as my facebook page:

which went over well... this year though, this year i am a little short on ideas. So here are the ideas i've had:

- The late Billy Mayes (already grew in my full beard incase i do this one... could go around all night shouting 'I'M BILLY MAYES!')

- Stormtrooper on casual friday (Wear a helmet, and a Hawaiian shirt)

- Could still do the bus passenger / killer

- The Grapist (but i couldn't find a place to rent me a grape costume and not really into making one)

so, what are you plans? ideas? funny things your friends went as? the norms suck... creative ideas only ;)

ZZtigerZZ81 10-19-2009 09:50 PM

You could go as Michael Jackson...jsut scoop up some kid on the way.

Michael Phelps...get a bong and 8 gold medals

You could be the balloon boy

You could go as eliot spitzer and your wife could be your hooker

You could go as hairy feminist...seeing as you have the beard

John McCain and Sarah Palin with the wife

Get a crappy Reno Police Officer outfit and go as Lt Dangle

Or you could go as The Jesus from the Big Lebowski...get a pony tail and a purple leisure suit and you are gold...not at all out of your element.

shatterproof 10-20-2009 12:32 AM

dang, some good stuff in there. I was originally going to do a MJ gag but figured there would be a million MJ costumes already, kittle kid tied to my crotch or not.

I like the Phelps idea especially. My girl is going to be a pirate wench so that cuts out the couples costume but man, woulda been awesome to be Todd Palin, haha. Could walk around like i run the place, threatening to fire police, until my wife shows up and i step back into the background. ;)

balloon boy, shit that's brilliant. just tie a bunch of shiny silver baloons to a hat and BAM... international news coverage.

Negative1 10-20-2009 12:40 AM

That is the best costume I've ever seen.

swpthleg 10-20-2009 12:48 AM

I'm not clear on if you need couples costume ideas or one for just you.

You should make yourself up all old like , get a smoking jacket, and get the wife to wear a Holly/Kendra type of outfit, and get a couple other women to come along, so you can go as Hef and the girls next door.

shatterproof 10-20-2009 01:02 AM

haha, if only i hadn't released my harem for Canadian Thanksgiving. Foiled me again canadian holiday calendar!

But nah, just for me. She is all set with her wench costume. It's going to look great in pieces on the floor in the morning. ;)

thanks -1, feel free to borrow it. a few layers of posterboard, chopsticks/rulers (to make it rigid), a tiedown to hold it around my neck and some sharpies are all it took. best part is... no annoying costumes or masks. just wear your own digs and take it off when you want.

swpthleg 10-20-2009 01:12 AM

Ask WouldLUv2FightU about his cannabis leaf costume, it was a thing of beauty.

eric2004bc 10-20-2009 10:37 AM


Originally Posted by swpthleg (Post 1021929)
Ask WouldLUv2FightU about his cannabis leaf costume, it was a thing of beauty.

that was a pretty sweet costume

SimplyNate 10-20-2009 10:53 AM

Go as this thread.

joshua7789 10-20-2009 11:03 AM

I got a way old suit from the goodwill store, going as a dead lounge singer.

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