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Your drugs of choice and how you react to them

Pretty straight forward thread, and I'm extremely interested to see how different random people from all around the world get affected by their drugs, considering almost everyone has different experiences and reactions.

My list:
  • Marijuana

    - Small doses AKA a "buzz" (few hits off a bowl or joint):
    Slight body buzz and head change; lifts my spirits; induces a small appetite; dulls any pains I may have at the time

    - Moderate doses AKA being "high" (full bowl, most of a joint, 3 good rips off bong):
    Moderate body buzz; slightly heavier head change; lifts my spirits even more; induces a moderate appetite; dulls and pains I may have at the time; slight fatigue; slight lack of ambition; intense craving for cigarette

    - Large doses AKA being "ripped" (two bowls, a full fatty, killing a whole bong full..sometimes two bongs, splitting a fatass blunt or vaporizer between a couple friends, or smoking some hash):
    Intense head and body buzz; huge appetite; nevousness; sweaty palms; muscle spasms/twitches; paranoia; lack of ambition; heavy sleepiness, intense cravings for multiple cigarettes

  • Alcohol

    - Small doses AKA a "buzz" or "lossening up" (1-3 beers or 2 shots of the only liquor I like, spiced rum):
    Loosening up and becoming more social and happy; slight cigarette cravings

    - Moderate doses AKA being "drunk" (4-8 beers or 4-5 shots of spiced rum) :
    Way loosened up; very happy; horny; intense cigarette cravings, hunger starts to build; start craving weed and drinking games

    - Heavy doses AKA being "wasted" or "trashed" (9-15 beers, or 6-8 shots of spiced rum, or a mixture of both):
    Waaaaay loosened up; very social; horny; intense cig and weed craving; intense hunger; more drinking games; then spins; and passing out; rarely getting sick.

  • Xanax

    - Low doses (1-1.5 'peaches', 1 'football', or half a 'bar/ladder'):
    Happy; relaxed; motivated; slight appetite; time passing fast; cigarette cravings; slight forgetfulness; not giving too much of a phuck

    -Moderate doses (2-3 'peaches', 1.5-2 'footballs', or 1 full 'bar/ladder'):
    Very happy; very relaxed; not as motivated as before; slight appetite; time passing fast; more cig cravings; more forgetfulness, good amount of sleepiness, not giving even more of a phuck

    - High doses (4-6 'peaches', 2-4 'footballs', or 2 full 'bars/ladders'):
    Very happy and relaxed; no motivation; slight appetite; time just FLIES by; intense cigarette cravings; intense forgetfulness; intense sleepiness; not giving a phuck 100% about anything; pass out in deep wonderful sleep

  • Vicodin/Percosets

    - Low doses (500mg vicodin, or 1 weakass perc):
    Relaxed yet motivated; slight appetite; slight cig cravings; good body buzz; happiness; itchy nose and other random itches

    - Moderate doses (750-1000mg vicodin, or a 2 percs):
    Very relaxed; not as motivated, slight appetite and cig cravings; great body buzz; happiness; heavier nose and random itches; sleepiness

    - High doses (1500-2000 mg vicodin):
    Intensely relaxed; complete lack of motivation; moderate appetite and cig cravings; slight dizziness; happiness; intense nose and random itches; out like a light for several hours


So I'm curious to hear yours. You can either copy and paste my little outline and just edit your symptoms and dosages or just not be as detailed as me. Either way I don't mind.
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Pot: What you said WL2FU, except I stop after stage 1 b/c then I start to eat like a pregnant chick, and you know how they can eat.

Xanax: I went from taking 4 footballs a day to taking 1 controlled release purple thingy. Essentially makes it so I don't shake, and can think straight, and sit still, and crazy stuff like that.

Alcohol: I go from being social and chatty to seeking chaos, mostly in the form of molesting L&M, or running from place to place in the establishment or my house.

That's all I've indulged in in years, except for 3 experiences with marching powder that did not thrill me TBH.

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Weed: I smoke massive amounts and all I get is stage 2 of all of that. I feel no pain at all, and I don't get fatigued either unless I hit the bong.

Alcohol: Makes me want to smoke weed, I always get a buzz but not much of one. It just doesn't "Hit" me like weed does.

Shrooms: I've done these once or twice. I thought the grass was scrunching up to write me a message, I saw clouds moving towards and away from me, I couldn't play video games to save my life, time flew by then came to almost stand still in the middle of it, rocks began to shake violently whenever I looked at them, couldn't really hold a conversation except for with my friend who was also on shroom. We walked 1 block away from our dorms and got LOST! SUPER LOST! Had fun.

Acid: Shrooms but way more intense. I got lost in my dorm building at one point, I started banging on a door wondering why my key didn't work and I didn't even know was on the second floor when my room was on the third. Best experience of my life.

CRACK: I did a little bit of crack and I- Nah I'm kidding.

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I'm going to call 911 and report you guys.

Anyway, I don't take much drugs, except alcohol, and one or two instances with weed that I can't even remember properly. I guess I'm a *****, because after 5-6 beer bottles, I am passed out.

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Weed....hasn't smoked in months, get drug tested. A much more mellow ****ed up than alcohol, I used to smoke around 2 or 3 grams a day, just can't afford it/handle it anymore. One day I smoked, got incredibly paranoid, haven't smoked since.

Alcohol....MY BABY! Only issue is I have no sorta gauge to tell when to stop drinking. When I drink, I go all out, it's either drunk as shit, blacked out or nothing at all. It would be great if I could has one or two drinks and be okay, but that's not how I work.

Painkillers....uh, yeah, kinda went to rehab for these, not really that interested in talking about them.

Acid....******* AMAZING! NY or at least where I'm from in NY doesn't have good acid normally. I wants naow though! NAOW!!

Coke.....makes me anxious, I did it for a couple of months, neverrrr gave me that "amazing" feeling.

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MDMA get messy and stay awake and happy for a few days at a festival befriending and empathising with my fellow man

Alcohol im irish living in Ireland nuf said

Mushrooms my fav madness and free nothing beats it.
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I used to get extreme cases of anxiety when i would smoke weed. I used to start concentrating on things like my breathing or heartbeat and would get all paranoid that i was dying. Fortunatly, I got passed that and now it calms me down like xanex without making me lose my inhibitions. I think my problem with weed used to be that I tried some weed that had something else in it (didnt do it on purpose, assholes) and it was a crazy experience, so that kinda soured me on it for awhile. Any one else ever had a not so good time with weed?
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-1 hit of medium grade, I get relaxed and my ability to do complex tasks is diminished.
-2 hits, noticeable head rush, ADD similar effects, slight feeling of happiness a dulling of negative feelings.
-3-5 hits, ****ed up, will pay large amounts of money for food, cigarettes, beer/mountain dew and strong desire to have sex.

3-6 drinks, relaxed having a good time, increase in energy, confidence is elevated and a feeling of euphoria.
6-9 drinks, more relaxed, almost drunk, bloodshot eyes, feeling great, ability to decide what should be said and what is on the borderline is blurred.
9-12 drinks, very drunk, still able to speak without slurring and pass field sobriety tests, ability to resist cigarettes and fast food are completely non-existent.
12-15 getting sick becomes a reality, ability to exercise reasonable judgment in social situations greatly diminished, very horny, feeling of great confidence and euphoria.

numb, energy like a fountain, increased confidence and awareness, rush like your driving a fast car or having sex, appetite non existent, twitching, euphoria.

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