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If guns would be allowed in my country, I would be shot by immigrants within the next week.

I have never seen a real gun, but I felt it on my head when somebody beat me down with it


Nichts reimt sich auf Uschi!
Nothing rhymes on Uschi!

Wer ist hier noch Deutscher ausser mir?
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Like previously stated, try different brands of ammo if you keep getting jams. Although 1 failure like you had isn't rare. Put about 300 rounds through and you'll really find out if it's the guns fault, then start carrying it.

Most mag fed guns will have a jam once in awhile, alot of the time the brass (shell casing) will have a tiny flaw causing the jam, straight out of the box, not the guns fault at all.

Btw, criminals get guns no matter what, so why should innocent civilians who pass a background check not be able to defend themselves?

here's my baby that I carry
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The Forum Drunk
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this is what i want

its for those times when you dont need to kill someone as much as paint the wall behind them and put i rather large hole in it as well

If a law is unjust, a man is not only right to disobey it, he is obligated to do so. ~ Thomas Jefferson

Sig by D.P.

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Well, I've just gotten home and I'm gonna try to explain how guns are seen/used in Europe - or at least in Denmark where I live

Growing up we all play cops and robbers, soldiers and bad guys, what ever (At least the boys do).
During the days I grew up I never, NEVER saw a gun, never heard of anyone having a gun and that's about it... I think that when I saw my first gun in the flesh (metal?) I was 19 or 20 years of age...
You can have a gun and you can carry it, but of course it requires a license like I think it does almost everywhere... These licenses though are only available for people who use guns in their line of work (Soldiers, policemen etc.) So in everyday life, guns are unheard of and illegal to boot... Policemen don't carry heat while off-duty, because there's no need to...

Gang-activities and illegal firearms are slighty on the rise but not a big deal, very few instances of people using guns in gang-related incidents. Here it generally goes "You won't find trouble unless you're looking for it."

The whole "USA is drowning in guns" thing is from my point of view, sadly true... But, people like the members of this forum wouldn't have to buy guns in order to feel safe if there wasn't a problem in the first place, so I don't blame you guys... If I knew that I could be confronted by a guy with a gun while on my way home I would do everything in my power to feel safe as well... Luckily we don't have that here...
If two people have an issue they can't solve with their words they go outside and throw fists, that's it... I've been in several fights, where afterwards the loser buys the winner a beer and we all laugh about it...

The way I look at it, we also have violence here... Our violence is just less violent than yours :P

When someone gets shot here, no matter where in the country it gets several pages in the paper, that's how rare it is

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Well bud unfortionatly that's not the way it works in our society. First of all we are talking about thugs on the street that just attack for the money and fun in some cases not bar violence. Also in our society what happens in our society is 2 guys get in a fight one guy starts to lose then that guys buddies join in and gang up on the other guy and instead of the guys buing eachother a drink they continue to beat up the loser and then walk away and leave him there badly injured.

"The fat man flies at midnight"

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Cool to see gun talk at the lounge. I guess I'm just used to guns at this point, but I really don't see how people view them as weapons. They are tools, they don't become weapons until someone uses them for that purpose. A pencil can become a deadly weapon when wielded properly (actually seen it first hand). It all comes down to how that person intends to use the tool. And if you lived in the area I live in you'd be crazy not to arm yourself with something, all the gangster wanna be's make it dangerous to go out at anytime of day.
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post #27 of 208 (permalink) Old 09-06-2010, 05:53 PM
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I got mine for the, "I'd rather have it and not need it, than need it and not have it." To me its about survival, and knowing you can protect yourself and your family. I'd want one wherever I lived, since more and more people don't fight fair, no matter the country.
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Originally Posted by box View Post
I got mine for the, "I'd rather have it and not need it, than need it and not have it." To me its about survival, and knowing you can protect yourself and your family. I'd want one wherever I lived, since more and more people don't fight fair, no matter the country.
I totally feel you there. With the economy in the crapper where I live the amount of B&E cases has almost tripled, throw in that the ridiculous amounts of violent assaults, and a serial/killer stabber last month. It was beyond time to go and get a pistol. I'll be damned before I end up pleading for my life as some scumbag takes what has taken me years to buy.
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I'm in no way judging you guys for carrying weapons, I was just trying to explain why it's such a strange topic to me because I was asked to

If you guys knew that the worst that could happen to you was a fistfight then you wouldn't carry guns either...

So to sum up, I would most likely do the same in your situation... Luckily I have grown up in a place where those things are unknown and not nescessary, and that's what makes this topic interesting and odd to me

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The Reverend
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Originally Posted by KnockinUout View Post
So I just bought my first gun a week ago. It is a glock 23 .40 cal, Felt the best in my hands and seemed good size to carry when I get my CCW. I went to the range for the first time today, It was great. But I have a few questions. First is after recovering my rounds I saw that about half were clean inside the shell and the other half looked like the inside of a chimney. Is this because the gun is brand new and the clean rounds were the first ones fired and after a few they just got dirty from use? Also after my third mag I had my last round go crooked and jam, popped right out no problem and the gun was fine after that. That jam should be normal for a semi-auto pistol right? Over all it got some stress off of my shoulders. Any advice would be great. I did pretty well at half way down the range, any farther was a miss for me. I used winchester 180gr ammo. Any suggestions on better ammo or what not to use? I think I saw a 100 round box at wal-mart for either 30 or $40. I paid $30 for 50 rounds at gander mountain so wal-mart seems to have a good deal, It was either winchester or remington. Lets hear the gun talk.
eeewwww a Glock?

yeah the jamming could be the ammo..... hopefully thats all it is, also if the gun is brand new... as with all things metal they kinda gotta rub and break in a lil to eachother, so just make sure ya keep it clean and oiled. ad for ammo, Glock and others say to only use FMJ, cuz standard lead ball leaves deposits in the barrel abd if not properly cleaned can lead to fouling in the barrel and that is no good. as for ammo, get a box of some real good defensive rounds and keep thos for just when your carrying and such. for at the range, get the cheapest you can buy, walmart usually has some cheap ammo, and again for the range use, cuz if a few are duds who cares.... but if your in need of using your firearm... its better to have the more reliable ones then.

and now time for.........

GUN PR0N!!!!!

SIG P229 .40S&W my first hand gun, love it!!! SIG's are some of the best guns you can buy. super reliable and very accurate. many of the government agencies use SIG.

Beretta PX4 Storm 9mm, my most recent purchase and loving this gun, feels like it was made for my hand! just such a joy to shoot, the barrel rotates as slide comes back to eject shell and cuts down on the recoil... so much fun!

Taurus Judge with the 3" chamber. Oh do i love this big nasty bastard! Hand Cannon for sure! fires .45 Long Colt OR .410ga shotgun shells! there is nothing like pulling the trigger on this bad boy, seeing the biggest flash ever from a fire arm blasting off it and just feeling the power of the round and the recoil..... oh man the power.... if you ever have a chance to fire one of these, do yourself the favor and DO IT! be careful tho my brother in law dislocated his elbow with this bad boy lol.

and just to give you some scale on the .45LC.......

left to right 9mm Luger, .40 S&W, .45 Long Colt and .410ga shotgun

not pictured but ima try to later on is my Norinco SKS 7.62x39 assault rifle that i have a scope on and my 4 other shotguns i use for hunting.

Made by DP

R.I.P. Evan Tanner, you will be missed....


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