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M_D 10-04-2010 05:04 AM

Any Chiropractors or people that know allot about bones on the forum
At first I thought it was a muscle problem, me being a massage therapist my mind always leans towards that first and also I have been having super sharp pains that last about 30 minutes that I thought were muscle spasms (one layed me out right where i stood and I could not get up or barely move for about 15 min

well anyways On to the main problem I am having all week it has felt like I have had a pain in my upper back right between my shoulder blades, it was manageable for the first few days and I thought it would just pass but yesterday and especially today it has gotten allot worse. it now feels like I have a charleyhorse times ten between my shoulder blades and everytime I move it gets worse, even if I just move enough to hit the next key while typing this it is causing so much pain that my eyes are watering

I just dont know what to do I dont have insurance so going to the doctor is out of the question, i am downing over the counter pain meds like they are candy but they dont help at all, the pain is so bad i cant even think about sleeping,

anyone got any thoughts or suggestions?

xeberus 10-04-2010 04:33 PM

okay first and foremost do not take more than 1600mg of any over the counter pain meds in 24 hours. it can damage your kidneys and liver. (2100 is the absolute maximum without doing damage)

If I were you I'd do one of two things.

1. Have someone take you to one of the free medical services around you. I went ahead and found some free clinics near lansing mich:


2. I'd hit up the streets for pain meds. Not a good choice, but if you aren't sleeping and you're miserable..

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