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Lucid Dreaming

Was just wondering if anyone on here had Lucid dreamed before. I'm trying to learn how to do it because it sounds awesome. But takes a while to do.

Be interesting to know some other peoples experiences if they have done it.
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The Forum Drunk
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I have from time to time. I always end up banging lots of chicks and killing people I dislike. Probably good I'm not directly in control of my dreams more often >.<.

But I don't know what causes it when it happens, it's just rarely I realize I'm dreaming without at the same time waking up.

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i used to be able to do this every time i had a dream, my trick was getting myself to try hard to read something in my dream and if i concentrated on it i could tell that it did not make sense, usually after that it really is great and becomes almost like the movie what dreams may come

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I have this happen a lot, sometimes i'll even question if i'm dreaming or not, because you're about to do something you shouldn't, ie: bang some girl you normally wouldn't get to.

I wake up a lot of times when I know i'm dreaming, right before I try to do the thing I want to do. Other times it lets me, like flying, I can usually fly whenever i'm aware i'm dreaming, it's sweet.


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When it happens it happens on accident, and it's only partial control. So I'm not sure that it still counts. That is to say, I can control my actions 100% and make 'conscious' decisions (go left or right, stay or run, etc), but I can't do anything particularly extraordinary (like make myself fly or something), and if it's a nightmare (usually is) I can't just make the 'bad thing' disappear.

As for learning how to lucid dream, I normally tell people not to try it because (from what I've heard anyway) that messing with yourself like that so that you can lucid dream, can cause you to start suffering from sleep paralysis. As someone who suffers sleep paralysis 1-2+ a week regularly, I would so much rather have no control over myself in dreams if I would not have to deal with sleep paralysis anymore. But for some people, I guess it's worth the trade off, and it doesn't happen to everyone anyway.

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Most of my dreams are lucid dreams. I don't know why or how it happens but my guess is it has to do with nightmares I had when I was a child. Plus I was sleepwalking a lot so maybe that had some influence. I specifically remember having a certain nightmare over and over again and ALWAYS waking up at the end and I was not in my bed. Most of the time I was still in my room but sometimes I was somewhere else in the house. One time I woke up sitting on our couch the next morning.

So yeah, my sleeping is/was pretty f*cked up. I've been controlling my own dreams since I was 14.

Sometimes though my own dreams try to trick me into thinking I'm already awake. I doesn't happen all that often but I have dreamed of awaking and going through my bathroom routine, eating breakfast etc until I realize I'm actually still dreaming and then I'm back in control.

Edit: Man, this kinda reads like Inception or something...

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That's crazy, I had the same nightmare over and over as a kid. Of something, I couldn't even see it, following me up the stairs and down the hallway to my bedroom in the pitch black, and I couldn't turn the lights on, and i'd wake up as soon as it "grabbed me". Scariest thing in the world for a kid, lol.


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I had a lot of lucid dreaming over the years. I usually get the control of my dreams when someone is chasing me, and that's when I realise I'm dreaming and instead of waking up i just beat up person chasing me and continue to fly and do some other crazy shit
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of Nazareth
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Ive only ever had one lucid dream, and it freaked the hell out of me. I was about 18 and still living at home. I woke up in my bed, and felt the urge to go downstairs to eat something. So... I got up and went to go downstars, but standing at the bottom of the stars was my sister with a terrified look on her face. She said to me "Dont come down here. Go back to bed". Up to this point, as far as I was aware, I was awake. I turned to go back to me bed and I saw myself lying there sleeping. I stood there staring at myself for a while, completely freaked, not knowing what to do. Then I heard a truly horrible hissing noise from downstairs and I instinctively jumped into my bed ( on top of myself ) and woke up drenched in sweat. I was terrified. And I'm somebody who enjoys being scared. Hell, I actually like nightmares! But this was something altogether more sinister. I asked my sister in the morning about it, and she says she was in bed all night. I was like, WTF!

To this day, I wonder what would have happened if I went downstairs. Clearly, not all lucid dreams are fun and games.
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It's Hammer Time!
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Just had another one... well 3 in 1 I guess.

First I was windsurfing across the Caribbean. It was some sort of contest... weird. Either way I won the thing.
Not sure if this was lucid or not because I would have tried to win it anyway.

Then I suddenly had a football (soccer) team made up only of MMA fighters. Aldo was protesting because he wanted to play right midfielder but I already put Soszynski. So Aldo kicked his ass and suddenly Sos went from being a 79 to a 53 (I could see their player strengths like in football manager). Anyway, still not sure if this was lucid.

Now to the fun part... 100% lucid.

I find myself with two of my friends on a parking lot of McDonald's. So we go in there and there's this chick sitting at a table and I try to get her to sleep with me but I fail (at this time I realize it's a nightmare ), so what I do is I restart the whole thing and try again. I fail again so I go back in time again and so on. I tried like 5 times and when I finally get her to take her clothes off I wake up.

I can't get laid in my dreams, what does that tell you?

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