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MMA/K-1 DVD Trades

Does anyone want to trade


MMA Events
K-1 Events

I can post my full list here if anyone is interested. I can give references about my reliabilty in trading with people all over the world. Thanks for your interest
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Here is my list for anyone interested

Pride FC
Pride FC 01
Pride FC 02
Pride FC 03
Pride FC 04
Pride FC 05
Pride FC 06
Pride FC 07
Pride FC 08
Pride FC Grand Prix 2000 Opening Round
Pride FC Grand Prix 2000 Finals
Pride FC 09: New Blood
Pride FC 10: Return of the Warriors
Pride FC 11: Battle of the Rising Sun
Pride FC 12: Cold Fury
Pride FC 13: Collision Course
Pride FC 14: Clash of the Titans
Pride FC 15: Raging Rumble
Pride FC 16: Beast From The East
Pride FC 17: Championship Chaos
Pride FC 18: Cold Fury II
Pride FC 19: Bad Blood + Ringside Collector's Extras
Pride FC 20: Armed and Ready
Shockwave 2002
Critical Countdown 2005
Final Conflict 2005
Final Conflict Absolute 2006
Pride FC 33: The Second Coming
Pride FC 34: Kamikaze
Shockwave 2003
Shockwave 2004
Shockwave 2005
Shockwave 2006
The Real Deal
Pride FC: Greatest Knockouts Volume 1
Pride FC: Greatest Knockouts Volume 2
Pride FC: Greatest Knockouts Volume 3
Pride FC: Fighting Decade
Pride FC: Hardcore Submissions Volume 1
Pride FC: KO Special 2005

K-1 & HERO'S
K-1 HERO'S 1
K-1 HERO'S 2
K-1 HERO'S 3
K-1 HERO'S: Seoul Hero's
K-1 HERO'S 4
K-1 HERO'S 5
K-1 HERO'S 6
K-1 HERO'S 7
K-1 HERO'S 8
K-1 HERO'S Middle Weight Tournament 2007 Opening Round
K-1 Premium Dynamite 2003
K-1 Premium Dynamite 2004
K-1 Premium Dynamite 2005
K-1 Premium Dynamite 2005 (Korean Broadcast)
K-1 Premium Dynamite 2006 (USA Broadcast)
K-1 Premium Dynamite 2006
K-1 Premium Dynamite USA 2007
K-1 Presents Romanex

Countdown to UFC 74
UFC 74: Respect
Countdown to UFC 75
UFC 75: Champion vs Champion
Inside The UFC Episodes 1-13
UFC All Access-Andrei Arlovski
UFC All Access-Chuck Lidell
UFC All Access-Georges St. Pierre
UFC All Access-Matt Hughes
UFC All Access-Quinton "Rampage" Jackson
UFC All Access-Randy Couture
UFC All Access-Renato "Babalu" Sobral
UFC All Access-Rich Franklin
UFC All Access-Sean Sherk
UFC All Access-Tito Ortiz
UFC Ultimate Ken Shamrock
UFC Ultimate Tank Abbott
UFC Ultimate Knockouts Vol 1
UFC Ultimate Knockouts Vol 2
UFC Ultimate Knockouts Vol 3
UFC Ultimate Knockouts Vol 4
UFC Ultimate Submissions

Other Promotions
Art of War III (Individual Matches)
Cage Rage: Ultimate Knockouts
Inoki Bom-Ba-Ye 2001
Inoki Bom-Ba-Ye 2002
Inoki Bom-Ba-Ye 2003
World Extreme Cagefighting 05.09.2007

K-1 10th Anniversary Set
K-1 Battle At Belliago 3
K-1 Battle At Belliago 4
K-1 Best Bouts & Greatest Knockouts
K-1 Seoul Grand Prix 2004
K-1 Seoul Grand Prix 2005
K-1 World GP Final Elimination 2004
K-1 World GP Finals 2003
K-1 World GP Finals 2004
K-1 World GP in Saitama 2004
K-1 World Grand Prix 2007 in Yokohama
K-1 World Grand Prix 2007 in Hawaii
K-1 World Grand Prix 2007 in Amsterdam
K-1 World Grand Prix 2007 in Hong Kong
K-1 World Grand Prix 2007 in Las Vegas
K-1 FN Presents KHAN in Seoul (Individual Fights Only)
K-1 FN Presents KHAN 2007 22.7.07
K-1 Young Japan GP 2007
K-1 BS 2007 Peter Aerts Tribute

Various Promotions
SNKA "Magnum 7"
AJKF Maximum 7.2004
King's Birthday 2003
K.O.M.A. Grand Prix 2005

60 Minutes - MMA: A New Kind of Fight
Andy Hug Sprits Forever
Day of the Zen
Discovery Channel Presents: Xtreme Martial Arts
Genki Sudo vs Kid Yamamoto Documentary
Gracie Jiu-Jitsu in Action
Human Weapon 01-Muay Thai
Human Weapon 02-Escrima
Human Weapon 03-Karate
Human Weapon 04-Savate
Human Weapon 05-Judo
Human Weapon 06-Pankration
Human Weapon 07-Krav Maga
Jerome Le Banner Training
Life in the Cage
Mark Kerr-Smashing Machine (Low Quality VMW)
Masato Documentary
Masato: Wolf Revolution
Mighty Mo Documentary
Minotauro Documentary (Low Quality VMW)
National Geographic Presents: Kick Fighters
National Geographic-Fight Science
Pride to the Top: Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira
Pride to the Top: Fedor Emelianenko
Pride to the Top: Sergei Kharitonov
Rites of Passage: Ron Waterman
Renzo Gracie: Fight Day
Team Miletich
The Badboy vs The Iceman (Low Quality VMW)
The Reason of Mirko: Crocop Story
Tito Ortiz vs The Lion's Den (Low Quality VMW)
Ultimate Fighter: Randy Couture
Ultimate Iceman Chuck Liddell
Ultimate Warriors-Cage Fighting
Ultimate Warriors-Double Dutch
Ultimate Warriors-Kickboxing (Low Quality VMW)
Ultimate Warriors-Pride FC
Ultimate Warriors-Street Fighting
Ultimate Warriors-The Fighters of Japan
Ultimate Warriors-The Gracies
Ultimate Warriors-Unlicensed Fighting
Ultimate Warriors-Weapons
Ultimate Warriors-Women Fighters
Wanderlei Silva Documentary
Warrior Nation Episodes 1-4

Antonio Rodrigo Nougeira Career Set
Fedor Emelianenko Career Set
Mark Hunt Career Set
Mauricio "Shogun" Hua Career Set
Mirko Crocop Career Set
Quinton Jackson Carrer Set
Wanderlei Silva Career Set

Tapout Episodes 1-8

Bas Rutten-Big DVD's of Combat
Bas Rutten - Superior Free Fight Techniques
Bas Rutten's Lethal Street Fighting
Duke Roufus-Muay Thai & Kickboxing Instructional Vol 1
Duke Roufus-Muay Thai & Kickboxing Instructional Vol 2
Duke Roufus-Muay Thai & Kickboxing Instructional Vol 3
Duke Roufus-Muay Thai & Kickboxing Instructional Vol 6
Duke Roufus-Muay Thai & Kickboxing Instructional Vol 7
Ernesto Hoost Instructional (Low Quality)
Fairtex Muay Thai Vol 1 - Stance, Movement, & Wraps
Fairtex Muay Thai Vol 2-Body Kicks
Fairtex Muay Thai Vol 3-Leg Kicks
Fairtex Muay Thai Vol 5 - Straight Knees
Fairtex Muay Thai Vol 8 - Concepts on Training
Georges St. Pierre MMA Instructional
Karo Parisyan Judo For MMA
Kazushi Sakuraba Instructional
Khru Yodthong Senanan
Ki-young Jeon (Korean Judo Master) Instructional
Kyokushin Karate Instructional (Andy Hug) Volume 1
Kyokushin Karate Instructional (Andy Hug) Volume 2
Kyokushin Karate: IchiGeki Jodan Mawashi Geri
Kyokushin Karate: Self-Defense Techniques
LLoyd Irwin-The Grappling Gameplan (Book/CD + DVD)
Lloyd Irwin-The Practical Grappler
Mirko Crocop Training DVD
Muay Thai-Kick Boxing with Jerome Le Banner
Peter Aerts KickBoxing Vol 1
Peter Aerts KickBoxing Vol 2
Peter Aerts KickBoxing Vol 3
Peter Aerts KickBoxing Vol 4
Peter Aerts KickBoxing Vol 5
Rumina Sato Instructional
Tae Kwon Do-Breakthrough to Blackbelt & Beyond
Vitor Belfort-Ultimate Boxing Techniques

Dreamchasers: Muay Thai Documentary
Muay Thai Highlights all the way from Thailand!
Muay Thai Lumpinee Bangkok
Muay Thai Mathias THAILAND
Muay Thai: A Fighting Chance
Muay Thai-Headache 6
Rammon Dekker: The Man Behind Knockouts

Contact me if you are interested
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I need the Kazushi Sakuraba Instructional. I have other videos what do you need?
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hi read ur thread i av all the ufc main events 01-103 in divx format some boxing classics in divx & dvd.
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I`m looking for Inoki Bom-Ba-Ye 2000 for DVD. Does anyone know where I can find this event?
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hey im interested in trading and have a fairly decent list
hit me up
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mail me at & ill give u info to get Kazushi Sakuraba Instructional.
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Hey guys, i too am looking for trades. Check out my list here:
If anyone would want to do a trade with me email me here
I have lots of positive feedback from other trade forums which i'll tell you about in email.

Oh i mainly need Pride/K-1 shockwave 2002, Final Conflict 2003, and others.

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Pride FC Complete Set All 68 Events FINAL.

1 100 Greatest Fights
2 Fight Night Collection
3 Main Event 1/108
4 The Best Of UFC 08/09
5 The Ultimate Fighter Season 1/10
6 UFC Knockouts 1/6


1 Antonio Nogueira Vol.1-3
2 Keisi DLP
3 Knockout Secrets 2009
4 Ryan Hall - How to Master the Triangle Choke
5 Deep Half Gaurd D1.Title3
6 Dirty Fighting Secrets of Judo
7 Elastic Steel for Kicking
8 Ryan Hall 50_50
9 Steve Maxwell - Grappler Strength And Conditioning - Vol.1
10 Systema - Dynamic Joint Breaks
11 UnderPressure
12 Vut Kamnark - Muay Thai Boxing - Vol 4

Career sets
1 Anderson Silva
2 Antonio Rodrigo Minotaro Nogueira Complete Career39fights
3 Demian Maia [10-0] Career (7 Fights)
4 Forrest Griffin Pack
5 Georges St. Pierre Complete Career (21 Fights)
6 Lyoto The Dragon Machida
7 Matt Hughes
8 Mauricio Shogun Rua
9 Royce Gracie
10 Vitor ''The Phenom'' Belfort

Biographies & Documentaries
1 How Bruce Lee changed the world History Channel
2 Bruce lee Rare Clips
3 bruce lee's jkd
4 Sun Tzus The Art Of War, National Geographic
5 Fight Masters - Mixed Martial, Arts,National.Geographic
6 Myths & Logic Of Shaolin KunFu, National Geographic.
7 Renzo Gracie Legacy
8 Fedor - The Baddest Man On The Planet
9 Fighter - Randy Couture
10 Fistful of Dollars CNBC Originals-Ultimate Fighting (2009)
11 Kickfighters, National Geographic
12 Rampage Unchained Uncut and Uncensored

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I have a big list of k-1, pride, instructionals. i also do mma events and mail them the weekend they air. superior quality.
email me if interested. also, i have this list in MS word doc format thats easier to read and find stuff.


Grand Prix 2000 [4 dvds] [retail]
Grand Prix 2003 [3 dvds] [retail]
Grand Prix 2004 [3 dvds] [retail]
Grand Prix 2005 [3 dvds] [retail]
Grand Prix 2006 [3 dvds] [ppv]

Shockwave 2002 [Retail - JAP]
Shockwave 2002 [PPV - ENG]
Shockwave 2003 [2 dvds] [retail]
Shockwave 2004 [2 dvds] [retail]
Shockwave 2005 [ppv]
Shockwave 2006 [ppv]

Hardcore Knockouts Vol. 1 [retail]
Hardcore Knockouts Vol. 2 [ppv]
Hardcore Knockouts Vol. 3 [ppv]

Hardcore Submissions Vol. 1 [ppv]

Pride FC #1 [retail]
Pride FC #5 [retail]
Pride FC #11 [retail]
Pride FC #19 [retail]
Pride FC #21 [retail]

Pride 28: High Octane [ppv]
Pride 29: Fists of Fire [ppv]
Pride 30: Fully Loaded [ppv]
Pride 31: Unbreakable [ppv]
Pride 32: The Real Deal [ppv]
Pride 33: The Second Coming [ppv]
Pride 34: Kamikaze [retail]
Pride Decade [Final Pride under Japanese Management]

Pride Bushido 1-10 [All are ppv]
Pride Bushido Grand Prix [10-13] [3 dvds] [ppv]

Events 49 - present [ppv]
Ufc Prelims 1 [2006 - July 2007]
Ufc Prelims 2 [Ufc 73-76 Ufn 11]
Ufc Prelims 3 [Various Fights]
Ufc Prelims 4 [Various Fights]
Ufc Prelims 5 [Various Fights]
Ultimate fight Night 14 Silva vs irvin [July 2008]
Ultimate Knockouts 3 [retail]
Ultimate Knockouts 5 [retail]
Ultimate Ultimate Knockouts [2007] [retail]
UFC Fight For The Troops + Prelims [dec 08]
Ultimate Fighter Finale Sanchez vs Stevenson June 09

K-1 - Most k-1's are in Japanese. All are Pay-Per-View, unless stated
World Max's are lightweights. Heros is Mixed weight classes, and mostly MMA
K-1 10th Aniversary [6 dvds] [retail]
K-1 Best 1993 – 20003 [Retail]
Dynamite 2003
Beast 2003
K-1 Romanex [rare] [2004] [retail]
Dynamite [dec 31st] [ppv]
World Grand Prix Finals [December 4th] [ppv]
Hero's [March]
Battle at the Belagio [April]
World Grand Prix Hawaii [July 29th]
Dynamite [Dec 31st]
Dynamite 2006 [Dec 31st]
*World Max*
Japan Tournament Finals [Feb]
World Tournament Finals [June]
Champion's Challenge [Sept]
May 2006
Tournament Quarter-Finals [August 6th]
Finals [September 9th]
*Grand Prix's* -- Grand Prix's happen all year round - not just at the end of the year.
All Grand prix's are open weight class
World Grand Prix in Las vegas [aka: Mayhem at the Mirage 2] [April 29th] [english]
World Grand Prix in Las vegas 2 [August]
World Grand Prix in Seoul [June]
Revenge 2006 [July]
World Grand Prix in Osaka [Final Elimination] [September]
World Grand Prix in Tokyo [Finals] [December]
World Max [Feb]
Heros [March]
Heros [July] [Middle Weight Championship Tournament Opening]
Heros [Sept] [Middle Weight Championship Tournament Finals]
World Max [April]
World Max 2007 Finals [Oct]
World Grand Prix in Hawaii [April]
Dynamite USA [June] [eng]
Kahn [July 2007]
Wgp Hong Kong [Aug 2007]
Wgp Las Vegas [July2007]
Heros Korea [Oct 2007]
World GP Final16 Seoul [September]
World Grand Prix Finals [December] [English]
Dybanite 2007 [eng]
K-1 GP 1993-2000
K-1 Max [Feb]
K-1 World Max Final 16 [may]
K-1 World Max Final 8 [july]
K-1 Amsterdam- april 2008
K-1 WGP 2008 in Yokohama [may]
K-1 WGP 2008 in Fukuoka [July]
K-1 WGP Taipei july08
K-1 WGP Final 16
K-1 World Max Finals 2008
K-1 WGP Finals 2008 --ENGLISH—
Dynamite 2008 [New year’s eve 2008]
All new K-1s [2009 on are in english]
World Max 1 [Feb]
World Max 2 [april]
World Max 3 [July]
World Max 4 (Finals) [Oct]
K-1 World Grand Prix 2009 1 Yokohama [March]
K-1 World Grand Prix 2009 2 Seoul [Sept]
K-1 World Grand Prix 2009 3 Finals Yokohama [Dec]
K-1 Dynamite 2009 [dual-layer dvd 15.00$]
Cage Rage (British MMA)
10 - present [21 on is from 2007]
Miscellaneous Events
2007 No Gi World Championships 2 dvd set [retail]
Abu Dhabi World Pro Cup USA Trails [3 dvd set retail]
ADCC - Womens [2005]
Adrenaline MMA 1 -present
Affliction: Banned! Fedor/Silvia july 2008
Affliction: Day of Reckoning Fedor/Arlovski - Jan 2009
Art of War 3 [Sept 2007]
B.J. Penn: My Gym
Bachellor Bas Gone Wild
Bodog Fight: Clash of the Nations [2007] [Fedor Emeilanenko vs Matt Lindland]
Bodog Fight: USA vs Russia [2007]
Bushido Europe: Rotterdam Rumble [2006]
Cage Fury Fighting Championships 5
Colloseum 2000 [Retail]
Deep X [Submission Fights] [Sept 2007]
Deep: 28th Impact [Feb 2007]
Deep: 29th Impact [April 2007]
Deep: 30th Impact [April 2007]
Deep: 31th Impact [Aug 2007]
Dream 1 Lightweight GP 1st round
Dream 2 Middleweight GP 1st round
Dream 3 Lightweight GP 2nd round
Dream 4 Middleweight GP 2nd round
Dream 5 Lightweight GP Finals
Dream 6 Middleweight GP Finals
Dream 7 Feather Weight GP round 1
Dream 8 Welter Weight GP round 1
Dream 9 Feather Weight GP round 2
Dream 10 Welter Weight GP round 3 FINAL
Dream 11 Feather Weight GP round 3 FINAL
Dream 12: Cage of the Rising Sun [held in a cage]
Elite XC: Destiny [Feb 2007]
Elite XC: Lawler vs Smith 2 july 2008
Elite XC: Primetime [June 2008]
Elite XC: Renegade [Nov 2007]
Elite XC: Return of the King [June 2008]
Elite XC: Shamrock vs Baroni [July 2007]
Elite XC: Street Certified [feb 2008]
Elite XC: Uprising [Sept 2007]
EliteXC: Heat [Oct 2008]
Fatal Femmes Fighting [retail]
Fedor Documentary + extras [Baddest Man on the Planet]
Fighter: a Documentary [Retail]
HDNet Fight: Reckless Abandon
Hook n Shoot Revolution 3 [Female MMA] [Retail]
Hook N' Shoot: Revolution [Female MMA] [2 dvds] [retail]
HOOKnSHOOT 2007 GRAND PRIX [Female GP] Retail
Icon: Trigg vs Mayhem [Dec 2006]
IconSport: Opposites Attract [October 2005]
IFC: Eve of Destruction [April 2005]
IFL Grand Prix 2007
INOKI BOM-BA-YE 2002 [december 31st] [rare] retail]
WEC McCullough vs Crunkilton 08-2007
M-1 Breakthrough (Fedor vs Gegard Mousasi exhibition)
MFC: Mixed Fighting Championship USA vs. Japan [2005]
Mirko Crocop Double Documentary
Mirko Crocop Training Dvd
MMA Fighters Entrance music [full dvd - mp3's]
Pan Am Jiu-Jitsu Championship 2007 [2 Dvds] [Retail]
Pan Am Jiu-Jitsu Championship 2009 [3 Dvds] [Retail]
Pan Am NO GI Jiu-Jitsu Championship 2007 [1 dvd] [ retail]
Pan jiu-Jitsu 2008 [3 Dvd] [retail]
Pancrase Rising Tour [Feb 2007]
Potent: The Movie [Mma Documentary] [Retail]
Rampage Unchained
RioHeros 1-4 [Retail] [1 Dvd]
Roy Jones Jr's March Badness [Hybrid boxing MMA event]
Rumble on the Rock [2004]
Rumble on the Rock 8
Sakuraba/Takada - Works
Sengoku 1-6 [Jap]
Sengoku 7 to present [English]
Sengoku 2009 [New Years Day 2009]
Shooto Gig North 1 [Sept 2007]
Shooto: Back to our Roots [Feb 2007]
Shooto: Back to our Roots 5 [July 2007]
Shooto: Shooting Disco 2 [Aug 2007]
ShoXC: Challenger Series #1 [July 2007]
ShoXC: Challenger Series #2 [Aug 2007]
ShoXC: Challenger Series #3 [Oct 2007]
ShoXC: Challenger Series #4 [jan 2008]
ShoXC: Challenger Series #5 [march 2008]
SmackGirl [June 2006]
Smackgirl Best of 2006
SmackGirl: Hold your Own [Sept 2006]
SmackGirl: Legend of Submission Girls [Nov 2006]
Strikeforce 2: Revenge [June 2006]
Strikeforce: Destruction [Nov08]
Strikeforce 3: Tank vs Buentello [Oct 2006]
Strikeforce Shamrock vs LE [march 2008]
Strikeforce/Elite XC: Shamrock vs Baroni [June 2007]
Strikeforce: Melendez vs Thomson [june 2008]
Strikeforce: Playboy Mansion [Sept 2007]
StrikeForce: Shamrock vs Gracie [March 2006]
Strikeforce: Shamrock vs Le
Strikeforce: Tournament Series [Nov 2007]
Strikeforce: Playboy mansion 2
Strikeforce: Payback!
StrikeForce: Shamrock vs Diaz [April 2009]
StrikeForce: Lawler vs Shields june 6th 2009
StrikeForce: Carano vs. Cyborg [August 14th 2009]
StrikeForce: Fedor vs Rogers [Nov 2009]
Strikeforce Evolution [dec 09]
Strikeforce Miami [jan 2010]
Superbrawl 41 [Oct 2005]
The Noble Art of Muay Thai
TKO 31: Young Guns
Wanderlei Silva - Fighting for Pride [Pride FC Fights]
Wec 34 Faber vs Pluver
Wec: Condit vs Larson [July 2007]
Wec 36 Faber vs Brown [Nov 2008]
WFA: King of the Streets [Bas Rutten Fights - July 2006]
Who’s Still Standing? [Retail]
World Jiu-Jitsu Championships 2007 [retail] [2 disc]
Yamma Pit Fighting 1 [april 2008]
Yarennoka 2007 [eng] [Pride Fc like event]
Ultimate Chaos 2009: Lashley vs Sapp
Renzo Gracie: Legacy

Anderson Silva: Boxing for MMA
Antonio Nogueira Jiu-Jitsu/MMA 3 dvd set
Alan Goes: Mission Submission [2 dvds] [retail]
Bas Rutten's Big Dvds of Combat [6 dvds] [retail]
Bas Rutten's Lethal Street Fighting
Dan Severn MMA Seminar
Demian Maia Science of Jiu Jitsu [6 Volumes on 1 dvd]
Demian Maia Science of Jiu Jitsu 2 [3 dvd retail set]
Dean Lister: Real World Submissions [Gi and No Gi] [retail]
Defence in Confined spaces
Duke Roufus muay thai Insttructional 4dvds
Eddie Bravo: Mastering the Rubber Guard [3 dvd] [retail]
Eddie Bravo: The Twister [Retail]
Encyclopedia of kettlebell lifting [Steve Cotter] 5 dvds][retail]
Erik Paulson Neckbreaker [2 dvd] [retail]
Erik Paulson CSW 2008 Camp [3 DVD Set] [Retail]
Fedor Emelianenko MMA Seminar in Slovakia 2007 [retail]
Gokor Chivichyan Leglock Encyclopedia 5 DVD Set [retail]
Gokor Chivichyan Leglock Encyclopedia 1-5 on 1 dvd [compilation]
Frank Shamrock: Advanced Submissions vol 1-4 [retail]
Frank Shamrock -The Ultimate home Workout [retail]
Frank Trigg: Ground and Pound [2 dvds] [retail]
Helio Soneca - No Gi Half Guard
Imanari Masakazu: Grappling Super Teqniques [retail]
Jiu-Jitsu Cookbook [retail]
Josh Barnett - Attacking the Guard [retail]
Josh Barnett's Catch Wrestling [retail]
Karo Parisian: Judo for MMA
Karo Parisian: Judo for MMA [retail][3 dvds]
Kettlebell Basics for Strength Coaches and Personal Trainers [2 dvd] [retail]
Kettlebell Training for Combat Athletes [2 dvd] [retail]
Mario Sperry Secrets of Submission Grappling [Vol 1-6 on 1 dvd]
Malaipet: Muay Thai Clinch [Retail]
Marcello Garcia New Game Jiu-Jitsu [6 dvds in 1]
Marcello Garcia Series 1 [No-Gi Jiu-jitsu] [6 dvds in 1]
Marcio Feitosa Instructional [2 Dvd] [Retail] [Gi & No Gi]
Marcus Vinicius Di Lucia - No Gi grappling [retail] – missing. Check to see if I found it
Sambo MMA Leg Attacks 2 DVD Set by Scott Sonnon [retail]
Pavel Tsatsouline More Russian Kettlebell Challenges [retail]
Pavel Tsatsouline Relax into Stretch [retail]
Pavel Tsatsouline Resilient Advanced Kettlbell drills [retail]
Pavel Tsatsouline From Russia with Tough Love (Kettlebells for Women)[retail]
Pavel Tsatsouline Power to the People! [retail]
Pavel Tsatsouline Super Joints [retail]
Ryan Hall - How to Master the Triangle Choke
Ricardo De La Riva Ultimate Street Fighter [4 DVD Set]
The Rythim of Akido [retail]
Sakuraba: Gim-mick [jap] [retail]
Serra Jiu-Jitsu 1-4 [1 Dvd Slightly Lower Quality]
Serra Jiu-Jitsu 1-4 [Retail] [4 Dvds]
Shinya Aoki: Super Grappling Teqniques [Jap with eng subtitles]
Team Quest Strength & Conditioning DVD
The Secrets of Chute Boxe [Featuring Shogun and Ninja Rua] [6 dvds] [retail]
X-Training with Randy Couture [2 Dvds] [Retail]
Ronaldo "Jacare" BJJ GI Instructional 2 Dvd Set [Retail]
Lyoto Machida - Machida-do Karate for Mixed Martial Arts 4 Dvd set [Retail]
Fade to Black with Brandon Quick [3 dvds on 1]
R.EF.S.: Officiating Refferee Instructional
R.EF.S.: Officiating Judging Instructional

Bas Rutten"s MMA Career - 3 Dvd Set [retail]
Bas Rutten's MMA Career
Best of ADCC [2 Disc] [Retail]
Best of Deep [2 dvds] [retail]
Best of Shooto 2006 Vol 1
Best of Shooto 2007 Vol 1 [retail] [Dvd-9]
Best of Superbrawl
Best of TKO
Besy of Pancrase [2 dvd] [retail]
Brutal Ko's of Muay Thai
Felony Fights Vol. 1 - 4
Genki Sudo Special Dvd [2007][retail]
Genki Sudo: Mma Career
Hook n' Shoot: Greatest Hits
K-1 10th Aniversary [6 dvds] [retail]
Mirko Crocop MMA Career [dvd-9]
Muay Thai Ring Girls (Featuring Gina Carano)
Roy Jones Career Highlights
Rumina Sato: Mma career
Tank Abbot MMA Career [dvd-9]
The Sparring Chronicles [retail]
Wanderlei Silva: The Early Years [retail]
ZST 2 [Retail] [Dvd-9]
ZST 3 : 3rd Aniversary [Retail] [Dvd-9]
ZST Battlefield [Retail] [Dvd-9]

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