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dogma01 12-17-2009 03:46 PM

The Tornado Roll and Inverted Guard for Sport BJJ
In this DVD, Chuck Anzalone (De la Riva Black Belt), demonstrates offensive and defensive strategies utilizing the tornado roll and inverted guard. This isn’t a DVD that will go into the tedious details of finishing every submission; it focuses on using a specific movement (the tornado roll) and a specific position (inverted guard) to set up various submissions and sweeps. The DVD is laid out in 3 main sections: Drills, the Tornado Roll, and the Inverted Guard.

The Drills section of the DVD explains how to properly perform the tornado roll. Chuck does a great job of breaking the movement down into easy-to-follow steps. He shows various entries into the tornado roll such as from a forward roll, backward roll, and sitting. Chuck goes on to show several drills that will help students get comfortable with the tornado roll.

The Tornado Roll section of the DVD shows different attack options from the guard when you only have one “spider” hook in and also escapes from various positions using the tornado roll. Chuck shows entries for various submissions including the omoplata, armbar, and triangle. I bought this DVD because I was interested in the inverted guard but this section has probably been the most beneficial to me. My open guard has become much more dangerous since I watched this section. I now have the ability to roll into submissions when my guard is being passed! The nice part about executing the tornado roll is that it doesn’t leave you in a vulnerable position should you miss the submission.

In the Inverted Guard section, Chuck shows various submissions and sweeps. He covers the triangle, taking the back, various leglocks, and inverting while in half guard. This section really opened up my options from the inverted guard. Previously, my only option was the triangle from inverted guard (I watched the free Ryan Hall tutorial :)). But after watching all of Chuck’s setups, I was able to develop my own game plan from the inverted guard. Again, it is surprisingly easy to transition to inverted guard while your guard is being passed and become offensive.

As far as overall quality goes, the DVD is solid. Chuck speaks in clear English which is always a plus. The picture quality is good and all moves are shown from various camera angles. I had nothing to complain about here.

Will you get smashed, leg-locked, and have your back taken when attempting these moves? Probably at first but everything has a learning curve. If you want to learn different escapes, sweeps, and submissions that may take your open guard to a much higher level, then this is a great purchase. I can’t count how many times I have spent $50-$100 on a seminar and not remembered a thing afterwards. At least when you buy a quality DVD, you can watch it a hundred times and really break down the movement. This is one of my favorite DVD’s and I recommend it to anyone who enjoys playing open guard. Check out Ryan Hall, Cobrinha, or Daniel Aguilar if you want to see the inverted guard in action!

Run Time 01:30:21

leonidas480 01-21-2010 09:01 AM

Thanks, pal!

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