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mortjersey 12-25-2010 11:40 AM

kyle olsen
do the san soo people take credit for his victories. if they do shouldn't they take credit for san soo master larry wikel who trained five san soo fighters who lost at a culver city event in 1975. three were knocked out. if they say that it is such a deadly art or that they can't use it in competition, why are they taking ccred for kyle olsen. larry wikel also talks about some fight that didn't take place between muay thai and san soo. how about larry wikel and the five fighters that he trained and they lost in culver city. also frank hammaker beat thaddeus luster at the 2nd ufc and luster trained at larry wikel's culver city studio. i guess wikel forgot to teach luster any ground techniques. Isn't Bill Lassiter Olsen's instructors instructor. He sends out letters to people if they want to compete and they are from san soo. If the san soo people take credit for Kyle Olsen then they have to take credit for the losses. They can't have it both ways. Wikel has been quoted as saying that the UFC is nothing compared to what was gonna go down between san soo and muay thai. What did happen is that wikels guys got their clocks cleaned in 1975. Thaddeus Luster got annilated by Frank Hammaker. He was a 7th degree in san soo that trained out of Wikel's studio. Wikel's guys got thrashed in 1975. Why does he talk down about the ufc. san soo claims that it works because it was practised on captured japanese prisoners. well of course it would work. the prisoners were not allowed to resist. when the guy is resisting it's a different story. a friend of mine that saw the John Marsh annilhation of the san soo fighter on you tube said that san soo was do do.

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