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expandingmaan 01-24-2011 12:57 PM

Help with ground n pound (novice)
hi there. i have done kick boxing for many years and have started muay thai. just recently i have begun training again, and i want to train in mma. as many mma gyms i have trained at only teach bjj with no ground n pound.

as im a poor student and cant always make classes, i was going to ask does any body know of any ground n pound drills which i can practice in my garden (i have a boxing bag)
and a general question, do your mma gyms teach ground n pound ? or is it something you pick up on ?

thanks !

oh, and i forgot to say, im new to this forum ! i was looking at some threads and the people here on this forum seem really nice.

appreciate your replies !
once again, thanks

G_Land 01-24-2011 01:05 PM

Welcome to the forum!

GnP drills are usually best with 2 ppl. But what you can do is 15 to 30 second int. switching between the different mounts...(full, side, north south) set a clock and go at it 3-3 min rounds or 5-5 min rounds. Like I said its better with another person there keeping you off balance. Ala bucking rolling or pulling you off the bag. its a lot different throwing a punch when right when you throw it the guy bucks

BearInTheClinch 01-27-2011 12:27 PM

If they are not teaching Strikes as part of the Ground game they are not an MMA school no matter what they write on thier logo's man.

How sure are you they don't do any GnP? Cus if you went in and saw a class you may have seen a newbie class and they usually want you to get a basic concept of the ground before you add strikes. But if the people running the place told you they don't do strikes on the ground, it's not an MMA place.

you can call a place MMA if you teach Striking and Grappling I guess but GnP is such a big part of it if you arn't learning it you are not really training for MMA.

As far as training a bit in your Garden sure there is some stuff you can do but honestly like with any training when you are new at something you really need to have someone watching what you are doing and making sure you are doing the stuff right instead of just winging it on your own. If you can't find anyplace that does any true MMA around you you may have to settle for a place you have looked at that dosn't teach GnP but at least you will get some Ground work under your belt.

This sucks I had a great edit to put in here and it took me so long to post that it logged me out : o (

maybe I'll put some of it back later but for now I'll just put in that holding the position is more important then trying to land a really big shot, small shots add up quick especially on GnP

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