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ironeagle 02-24-2011 02:58 AM

Split Second Survival Complete Set
Split Second Survival Complete Set


Split Second Survival series is a program for anyone seeking an effective way to become a survivor in the most vicious street assaults, whether you have no self defense skills, or are in a highly trained self defense program. SSS will open your eyes to the reality of the street.

First Strike DVD

First Strike is a unique street survival concept that is devastatingly effective. It is unique in that it strips away everything that is superfluous, which leaves a program that is based on speed, simplicity and decisive results.
As with First Cut and First Shot, the First Strike DVD is tempered around one core principle, EVERYTHING MUST BE ACCOMPLISHED IN ONE SECOND OR LESS! It is the vicious application of this principle that leads the development of all techniques used in the SSS series. Many techniques that were otherwise viable were rejected out-of-hand because they did not meet the one-second rule.
First Strike has no martial arts in the program, not because these techniques can't be effective but because they cannot be worked in the SSS one-second mantra. First Strike employs no kicks, joint locks, pressure points, or punching.
First Strike will not allow you to focus on one attacker, but makes you aware of multiple attackers and weapons. As in all the SSS series First Strike gives you the mindset and corresponding techniques that let you use your attacker as a shield, and their weapons against each other.
To a person trained in the martial arts it may be uncomfortable to rely on something new, but before long First Strike will be a primary tool for actual street survival. For the person with no training or survival skills, welcome to a world where you no longer have to be a victim and where survival is in your hands, the world of Split Second Survival.

First Cut DVD

FIRST CUT is two hours of the most effective knife survival techniques dealing with moving and stable blades that you will ever experience!
The reason SSS is so effective when it comes to defense against the blade is the concept of NEVER focusing on the knife, coupled with the thought of the victim always becoming an attacker. There are two types of assaults when dealing with the blade. First there is a stable blade attack, such as having a knife against the throat, or in the back, in such a way that an attacker has control over his victim. This is a situation that will most likely happen during a violent assault that involves robbery, ****, or abduction. It is the type of assault you will most likely have to contend with!
The second is a moving knife, where an assailant is trying to stab, slash, and cut a victim in any way possible. This is less likely to happen in the street, for people do not usually walk around stabbing or slashing people.

First Cut will dispel many of the knife survival techniques that are commonly taught today, showing how focusing on the weapon, and committing both hands can prove to be a deadly mistake...
Split Second Survival will absolutely change the way you think about knife survival. It will introduce you to concepts you have not seen before since the focus is never on the knife as it is in most self defense systems that try to use disarming techniques such as joint manipulations, pressure points, locks or throws. They do not realize that it is almost impossible for these methods to be effective against powerful multiple attackers. The systems that attempt this type of strike with the mindset that you can block or catch a blade while attempting sweeps, punches and throws, have not given consideration to the realism of the street. It is as simple as that. I do not mean to sound disrespectful to any martial art or system that is out there, just watch this knife series as this series dispel the myths that are on the streets.
I am honored and excited to bring the Split Second Survival knife series FIRST CUT to the public. The concepts and techniques will change the way knife defense will be taught now and in the future.

First Shot DVD

FIRST SHOT is the most intensive, realistic and effective program that you will ever experience.
As in the other series, there are no joint locks, take downs, punches, or throws, and it intends to dispel the myths and misconceptions so many instructors teach. The reason they are not taught is the same reason as hand-to-hand and knife, these techniques are not effective. Joint locks, take downs, punches and throws require intensive training and have only a slight possibility of working successfully in a realistic situation.
When dealing with firearms your life is on the line. ONE MISTAKE AND YOU ARE DEAD!
First Shot teaches defense against pistols and rifles, single and double handgrips, and multiple weapons. I am absolutely certain that the quality, the realism, and the effectiveness of this program will change the way you think about firearm self-defense.

Live Fire DVD

“I have trained with the F.B.I., State Troopers, city police, airport security, undercover agents, the military, and many other different groups and agencies; yet none have considered or understood the reality of a weapon discharging in a disarm attempt.
I do not know if the public is ready for a DVD like this…” Larry Wick
The Staff at SSS had to make the decision whether or not to release the newest addition to the SSS series, First Shot Live Fire. It was not a decision that everyone agreed with. This DVD took over 5 months to shoot. We shot over four hours of film, we have used over thirty minutes to show some of the basic reality of what happens to the body when you attempt many of the self-defense techniques that are taught by most agencies.
First Shot Live Fire is NOT a teaching DVD in regards to gun disarms, it is a video dispelling the effectiveness of techniques that instructors teach as being viable.

This DVD will offend many in the gun world because the thought of pointing a loaded weapon at a man’s head COMPLETELY blows the rules of gun safety away. We know and understand this violation, as I am the one that took the risks with the professionals in our staff. (For those that purchase this DVD I do not want to hear or read about the lack of concern for gun safety on some forum. If you think you may be offended, don’t buy the DVD.)
This DVD was made for one reason, for your safety and survival when it comes to gun disarms. I am not here to tell you what techniques are the best or correct, we will let the DVD speak for itself.
However, I can personally state that most of what I see and have experienced in the techniques that are taught will likely get you hurt, or even worse, killed. Most instructors do not account for or grasp the damage that occurs from the concussion caused by the sound, burns and flash from the powder and muzzle blast, damage from the cartridge ejection, or sharpness of the slide and sight mechanisms. These factors cause your techniques to be ineffective when they are not part of your training.

Remember, this DVD was made for your SAFETY, so study it, and relate it to the training you are doing now. Then, ask yourself and your instructor, what happens to me if this weapon goes off? Can I survive the ramifications of this weapon going off as seen on the SSS Live Fire DVD? That’s all I ask.
I have been honored that as the years pass, I see more and more reality based instructors beginning to use the SSS concepts.
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