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ZeroPRIDE 02-24-2010 12:36 PM

* * *FFL Season 2 Draft Thread* * *
OK guys sign up is over and its time for the draft. There are 4 rounds and once a fighter is chosen he or she cannot be picked.

8hrs is the maxium time allowed to make a pick. If you have not selected in 8hrs you will be skipped. Feel free to send me and dudeabides lists of fighters in ranked order to avoid from being skipped and to help speed things along. If you are skipped the pick cannot be made up until the end of the draft. If you are skipped twice you will be removed from the FFL.

OK lets get this thang rolling. As like the VIP one i expect the first round to take the longest.Hopefully this isnt so.

Alright draft smart and draft fast:thumb02:

Round 1

1. Syxx Paq Anderson Silva
2. Servatose Georges St. Pierre
3. Onthebrink2 Skipped
4. Sideways222 Chael Sonnen
5. Life B eZ BJ Penn
6. Hawndo Skipped
7. Thelegend Fedor Emelianenko
8. Tyson2011 Frank Mir
9. IanOLeary skipped
10. Guam68 Gegard Mousasi
11. Toroian Jon Jones
12. UFCFAN18 Josh Koscheck
13. Indestructible3 Lyoto Machida
14. Nathan.Keith Skipped
15. Phiya Brock Lesnar
16. Alizio Cain Velasquez
17. Atilak Shogun Rua
18. Dario03 Jose Aldo
19. TheGuRu skipped
20. UFCFAN89 Brian Bowles
21. Hellboy Thiago Alves
22. Dakota? Urijah Faber

Round 2

23. Dakota? Miguel Torres
24. Hellboy Kenny Florian
25. UFCFAN89 Ben Henderson
26. TheGuRu Forrest Griffin
27. Dario03 Junior Dos Santos
28. Atilah Shinya Aoki
29. Alizio Gilbert "El Nino" Melendez
30. Phiya George Sotiropoulos
31. Nathan.Keith skipped again
32. Indestructible3 Jake Shields
33. UFCFAN18 Skipped
34. Toroian skipped
35. Guam68 Dan Henderson
36. IanOLeary Removed
37. Tyson2011 Mike Brown
38. Thelegend Quinton jackson
39. Hawndo Antonio Rogerio Nogueira
40. Life B eZ Nick Diaz
41. Sideways222 skipped
42. Onthebrink2 Removed
43. Servatose Jim Miller
44. Syxx Paq Rashad Evans

Round 3

45. Syxx Paq Shane Carwin
46. Servatose Phil Davis
47. Onthebrink2 Removed
48. Sideways222 King Mo Lawal
49. Life B eZ Jon Fitch
50. Hawndo Frankie Edgar
51. Thelegend Mamed Khalidov
52. Tyson2011 Damien Maia
53. IanOLeary Removed
54. Guam68 Paul Daley
55. Toroian James Toney
56. UFCFAN18 Alistair Overeem
57. Indestructible3 Randy Couture
58. Nathan.Keith Removed
59. Phiya Joe Stevenson
60. Alizio Vitor Belfort
61. Atilak Dan Hardy
62. Dario03 Brett Rogers
63. TheGuRu Ben Saunders
64. UFCFAN89 Christiane Santos
65. Hellboy Wanderlei Silva
66. Dakota? Alan Belcher

Round 4

67. Dakota? James Irvin
68. Hellboy Ryan Bader
69. UFCFAN89 Marius Zaromskis
70. TheGuRu Yoshihiro Akiyama
71. Dario03 Dominick Cruz
72. Atilak Bibliano Fernandes
73. Alizio Damacio Page
74. Phiya Joseph Benavides
75. Nathan.Keith Removed
76. Indestructible3 Brandon Vera
77. UFCFAN18 Andrei Arlovski
78. Toroian Ross Pearson
79. Guam68 Bobby Lashley
80. IanOLeary Removed
81. Tyson2011 Aleksander Emelianenko
82. Thelegend Skipped
83. Hawndo Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira
84. Life B eZ Scott Jorgensen
85. Sideways222 Fabricio Werdum
86. Onthebrink2 Removed
87. Servatose Todd Duffee
88. Syxx Paq Matt Hughes

Round 5

89. Hawndo Akihiro Gono
90. TheGuRu Rory MacDonald
91. UFCFAN18 Scott Smith
92. Toroian Amir Sadollah
93. Sideways222 Mike Swick
94. Thelegend Patrick Cote

ZeroPRIDE 02-24-2010 12:37 PM

Syxx Paq is on the clock.

Dakota? 02-24-2010 02:08 PM

Even in fantasy football im last.... lol

ZeroPRIDE 02-24-2010 03:11 PM

last is best. You get choose 2 fighters back to back and chances are there is going to be 2 really good fighters overlooked.

Dakota? 02-24-2010 05:26 PM

Well whenever people want to get in here im ready :)

guam68 02-24-2010 06:19 PM

Round 5 as needed? Does that mean we could possibly get five fighters or is it just for the people who got skipped?

dudeabides 02-24-2010 06:55 PM

Well, like if Syxx Paq doesn't come vote by the deadline 12:37 EST tonight, his pick'll get moved to that round to catch up on fighters. Same for all the drafters. Still 4 for everybody.

ZeroPRIDE 02-24-2010 07:07 PM


I guess syxx paq doesnt check pm's.....he was just on at 5:30....

UFC on VHS 02-24-2010 08:36 PM

So what time do you estimate I would have to make my first pick?

Can I send you a PM Zero with my first pick and ust hope someone doesn't get him? Im always on here anyways though I guess.

ZeroPRIDE 02-24-2010 08:43 PM

10 days if every one take the 12hr limit lmao. i may change that. If your always on i dont see a reason for you to send me a list yet.

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