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bOgNeR17 09-06-2011 07:44 AM

MMA Beginner
I have been to MMA classes on and off for the last 4/5 months. I have learned some basic brazilian jiu jitsu such as arm bars from mount and guard holding side control etc. I have also learned a lot of stand up techniques round houses and other combos. Also a few conditioning classes. I am 63kg last time I weighed myself at the gym. The only equipment I have at the minute is a set of bad breed hand of war 12oz boxing gloves and a set of dumbells as that is all i can afford as of yet. I want to take the sport more serious. Does anyone have any advice on diet plans and home training routines that I could do with what I have and I am going to try and get to the MMA gym 3 - 4 sessions a week also. All advice welcome and I will take it all on bored thanks :thumbsup:

mfer 10-06-2011 09:36 AM

the truth is you could work strength and conditioning with no equipment as you could in a million dollar facility.

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