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Originally Posted by Ape City View Post
Why does anyone need a corrected summary? Clearly Hughes point of view in the book is skewed to make him seem favorable (hardly) and clearly a critic will summarize it differently.

I think we have all seen and heard enough to judge for ourselves.

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Originally Posted by Ari View Post
Guys look after women? That comment in itself is degrading. We don't live in a primitive hunter-gatherer society where women pick berries and pop out babies, we live in a progressive, much less gender stratified society where women no longer submit to men and hold equal status. I'm not a 'feminist' but I'm pretty damn independent and I sure don't need a guy to "look after me". I love my husband to death, and I know he loves me just as mch as I do. However, I don't expect or want him to "look after me" all the time, and I don't do the same to him either. Part of being an individual is being independent, if a woman can't be independent and look after herself...Well then she's basically a notch below a human being.

The ideas of chivalry, gender stratification, and the "manhood" puzzle are not longer relevant.

I don't condone anybody hitting anyone (unless as I said it's a sanctioned fight or self defense), but if a girl acts like a guy, she should deserve, and be ready to be treated like one.
You are in the minority Ari, you right to a degree but overall the reality is men are a physically stronger sex then women, so its unfair to hit them, whether they are of equal intelligence or not.

And you are certainly incorrect about chivalry being no longer relevant. You take a survey of 1000 women and ask them is being chivalrous a quality they like in a man, and I severely doubt you will find 1% saying its not.

Treating a women like a gentlemen gets a man very far on the first date. Then after that when you need to bring out the treat em mean and keep em keen you can dispense with the chivalry
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WAR BJ! The 3rd fight always makes me feel good
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Maybe this topic should just be closed, in short, the synopsis reads:
A lot of people think Matt Hughes is a douchebag.
Some people don't.
On average, most women are smarter then men.
Generally most men are physically stronger then women.
It is not ok to hit a woman.
It is not ok to think a man is being chauvinistic for not hitting a woman.


Sjung för gamla Djurgår'n

Lock the gates, make them watch...
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I will not read the book as I am not really a fan, maybe if I ever get stuck on a long underway/cruise and run out of real literature. The funny thing is that though this furum is by no means great literature, all these Nut Huggers and Haters make some interesting reading.
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Originally Posted by Nefilim777 View Post
Maybe this topic should just be closed, in short, the synopsis reads:
A lot of people think Matt Hughes is a douchebag.
Some people don't.
On average, most women are smarter then men.
Generally most men are physically stronger then women.
It is not ok to hit a woman.
It is not ok to think a man is being chauvinistic for not hitting a woman.

why say that now? Is it because you feel bad for stirring up a bunch of idiots to hate someone they don't know with a "synopsis" written for laughs by a famous attention whore?

"Taken from another forum", a review of your "synopsis".

i read a post about matt hughes's book by karat3. some guy named Sean McCorkle wrote some things about the book that are so untrue. completely misinterpreting the book. i just want to clear the air and i have the book with me to use as reference. and the book was a good read. i finshed it in two days. thats saying alot for a guy that doesnt enjoy reading.

in chapter 1 hes says how the boys were such bad kids, breaking everything and disobeying their parents. they were toddlers when they broke things. what kid doesn't? from what i read it was nothing but kids being kids.

in chapter 2 he says that the brothers hated each other and matt says he was better at everything. in the book matt states about 20 times that mark is his best friend. and he said they grew apart from each other and had different friends. they only had a rivalry in wrestling and wanted to be better than the other. it was the same thing when me and my brothers wrestled. theres nothing wrong with that.

in chapter 3 he says how the beat up thier dad and threatened their mother. if he read the book he would know how their dad was very abusive and when mark could not take it anymore they got into a scuffle and matt tried to break them up. after the fight they yell "see what you've done to our family?! you broke us up!" and they took their mother away with them to get away from their father. i have no idea where he got the idea about throwing their mother out the window.

in chapter 4 he says they multilated and kill pigs. a friend came to help them on the farm for awhile. they cut off the testicles of piglets so they dont mass reproduce like rabbits. its dirty farmwork that has to be done. like cutting off the head of a chicken. he got sick from seeing it and jokingly matt throws a testicle at him. and he did not kill any pigs. thier friend found a dead piglet and matt explained that sometimes the mother rolls on them and kills them and how it happens sometimes.

also he says how a friend who was a wrestler killed himself and matt skipped his funeral to wrestle. in the book matt is deeply hurt when he finds out about his death. and when he and other family talk about it they decide that they should go to the national championship. and thats what he would have wanted. if i killed myself i would not want my friends to miss out on an oppurtunity like that because of my actions. an oppurtunity that will have a deep inpact on their career.

also he talks about how matt and some friends go swimming in a pond/whirlpool. and two of them die and the same night they go out drinking and fighting some more and try to find girls. one of them jumped in and got caught in the current. matt jumps in and TRIES TO SAVE HIM. another comes to help too and matt only survives. thats the end of the night. they dont go out drinking and looking for girls. they dont go out, they fighting part happens way after that event. matt hughes looks back on that night and beleives god saved him. is that so wrong?

does he talk about how matt went to mexico to build homes and schools for orphans?
does he talk about how he treats his girlfriends son like his own and even when they break up he goes to see him every day while shes in school?
does he talk about how matt praises other fighters like BJ penn,sean sherk, and randy? he even goes as far as saying randy was a father figure to him

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Aside from the synopsis, which is absolutely brilliant and hilarious, the funniest thing in this thread is the fact that some douche Hughes fanboys posted excerpts from the book in order to show that the synopsis was not real (really Sherlock?) BUT the real excerpts actually make Hughes look like a massive douche anyway.

The 2nd funniest thing in this thread is people trying to defend this sad excuse for a human being.
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Someone should have told Matt that he needs to read a book before he attempts to write one.

That is some of the worst dialogue- worst attempts at writing I have ever seen. I've seen better writing from kids in elementary school.
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My fiance bought me the Matt Hughes book for $1.00. He really is what this thread states him to be!

1. He hates when people approached him for autographs and him and his brother are hot heads that looks for fights. They also judge people before meeting them and hate them from that point on.
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Originally Posted by Dan0 View Post
I'm gonna watch Penn-Hughes III again.
epic man.........simply epic. this post had me dying, and summed up my feelings after making it through that op.

whether this is sensationalized or not i will find out soon enough, but i damn sure wont be paying for the book to add to hughes payroll. if true, i want to file a complaint and ask that bj and hughes meet again because the stoppage was way too early.

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