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Originally Posted by Rachmunas View Post
My fiance bought me the Matt Hughes book for $1.00. He really is what this thread states him to be!

1. He hates when people approached him for autographs and him and his brother are hot heads that looks for fights. They also judge people before meeting them and hate them from that point on.
I love this forum

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That was both hilarious and enfuriating at the same time. I like the way the guy fights (When he's not getting KTFO) but c'mon man. Most of that stuff is plain disturbing.
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Originally Posted by oldfan View Post
Care to explain why my comment would make you react with this?

I was saying we have all heard Hughes speak for years and we don't need a summary of his book to form an opinion on him.

mad props: Toxic
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in before...

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What a bunch of Hughes haters! I have not read the book but it's clear that everyone has a different interpretation. And, to all the people who claim he is a do you know for sure? Have you met him and got to know him as a person? Probably not! Say what you want about him but he is still a good fighter. He didn't join UFC because he wanted people to dig into his personality and try and figure out if he is an a**hole or not. He joined because fighting is what he loves and he wrote a book so you can read about the journey. Keep those 2 things separate. Learn to appreciate what he's done for the sport instead of bashing him for making some mistakes in life.
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Originally Posted by Ari View Post
Guys look after women? That comment in itself is degrading. We don't live in a primitive hunter-gatherer society where women pick berries and pop out babies, we live in a progressive, much less gender stratified society where women no longer submit to men and hold equal status. I'm not a 'feminist' but I'm pretty damn independent and I sure don't need a guy to "look after me". I love my husband to death, and I know he loves me just as mch as I do. However, I don't expect or want him to "look after me" all the time, and I don't do the same to him either. Part of being an individual is being independent, if a woman can't be independent and look after herself...Well then she's basically a notch below a human being.

The ideas of chivalry, gender stratification, and the "manhood" puzzle are not longer relevant.

I don't condone anybody hitting anyone (unless as I said it's a sanctioned fight or self defense), but if a girl acts like a guy, she should deserve, and be ready to be treated like one.
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Originally Posted by oldfan View Post
why say that now? Is it because you feel bad for stirring up a bunch of idiots to hate someone they don't know with a "synopsis" written for laughs by a famous attention whore?

"Taken from another forum", a review of your "synopsis".

Listen, I posted it up as this is an MMA FORUM AND IS HENCE OF INTEREST TO EVERYONE HERE. I don't think Matt's a good dude, you do, whatever. Don't try and pawn this off as 'my' synopsis. Cheers.

Sjung för gamla Djurgår'n

Lock the gates, make them watch...
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In the interests of impartiality ...

49 independent amazon short reviews on ''Made in America: The Most Dominant Champion in UFC History''(Matt Hughes' book).

i just copy pasted the first page of them but theres some good ones there as well if you follow the link.

Average Customer Review
3.6 out of 5 stars (49 customer reviews)
Share your thoughts with other customers

Search Customer Reviews

#''I think this book is worth the money I spent on it;but I was hoping he'd say his bad attitude was fake to sell tickets.He truly is a jerk and if you read this book;he'll tell you all about it!
Published on June 13, 2008 by Robert J. Irvin''

#''1.0 out of 5 stars Country simple. But not in a wholesome way.
Wow. I thought I was stunned by level of drivel in this book but I'm even more stunned to find that 17 people gave this book 5 stars. I would love for them to tell me which parts made them laugh out loud.
Over and over in the reviews, the book is praised for its brutal honesty. Sure, it would be great if Jeffery Dahmer were candid about the tickles and...

#''Wow. I thought I was stunned by level of drivel in this book but I'm even more stunned to find that 17 people gave this book 5 stars. I would love for them to tell me which parts made them laugh out loud.
Over and over in the reviews, the book is praised for its brutal honesty. Sure, it would be great if Jeffery Dahmer were candid about the tickles and delights of dismembering people and shagging them after he had killed them, but I'm not sure it makes his actions any more palatable. In fact, if 'ol Jeffrey, who also became a born again christian, were to tell us how he had learned and changed as result of his new found christian ways (or just with a little introspection), we may even be able to find *him* acceptable.
Matt, on the hand, tells us about how he's nasty to people and then leaves it at that. Throughout the book, his little anecdotes have no connection to each other and almost never lead up a realisation or a bigger point. It's almost like sitting next to someone on the bus who incessantly gives you a commentary like "That shop is open. That tree is green. That man looks angry."
And often he almost brags about some of the occasions when he was less than kind to others and feels fully justified and content with his actions.
Saying that, I don't have to like the protagonist of a book to enjoy reading it. But I think if I were to tap Matt, and I don't mean with an armbar or choke but rather like you'd tap a tree for sap, I'd probably discover the essence of boring. Though sadly, boring is not in great demand and so my discovery wouldn't help me recover the cost of this book.
Anyway, I don't doubt this guy's work ethic (and it's paid off too as he is a pretty damn good fighter) but it's possible that he did little besides train and fight because nothing much else seems to have happened in his life. Though he's happy to include loads of conversations of the "could you pass the salt?" ilk so that he could at least rob us of whatever more exciting time we could have had if we weren't reading the book.
Ah, the simple life.
It's sweet that everyone sees him as a simple country boy and family man. I mean just when the guy is about to get jiggy with a hot girl, this is what he writes:
I sat down on the bed, and she sat on top of me.
"So what's your favourite colour?" I asked her.
"Green," She said.
"Mine too."
Uhm. What is he...five? I haven't heard that kind of chat since I was in kindergarten. Well, at least he's being nice and lovely there. Imagine most of the book with that level of excitement but smeared with a good dollop of nastiness and arrogance.
If you are a fan of Matt Hughes, you'd be better off spending a couple of hours re-watching all his fights than you would the few hours you'd never get back if you read this book. ''

#''Matt Hughes is an asset to the UFC, whether you're rooting for him or against him....but his book is just terrible. I wish it was more interesting, because he is very interesting to watch fight, in my opinion. The book has no heart though. It's flat all the way though, and the way events are described are uninspired. Besides his fights, Matt's life is pretty boring. There's nothing wrong with that, but it doesn't make for a good book. Usually when somebody writes a book about themself, it is best if that person has come to some sort of knowledge, or realization about something. Some wisdom that they have lived their life to discover. An understanding. There is none of that in this book. There is one chapter about finding God and becoming a Christian, but the whole book is rittled with back handed compliments and insults to fighters he's faced, or that have said things about him. Seems like a lot of the book is a tool to settle scores publicly with people he dislikes (which is a lot of people). He is unfriendly and really rude to a lot of people. It's quite at odds with his devotion to religion. Unsettling even. I don't need him to be a good guy to watch his fights or even root for him. He is an interesting fighter. This book however was a waste of time. If youre not a complete fanboy, and if you read books often, this is one to pick up at the library. I wish it had been more.''

#''After TUF Season 2 I had summed up Matt Hughes as a bully who whas his own biggest fan. A read through this book confirmed my belief. I was surprised that an editor didn't have him expand on many references to UFC events that many readers wouldn't understand. I consider myself and my husband avid MMA fans and there were even comments we needed to research to understand the context. Knowing that he had become a Christian, I was surprised how he presented previous questionable acts. He still seemed to be proud of some of the things he had done that aren't necessarily "Christ-like" actions. I absolutely understand he was a different person pre-conversion but a little contrition on his part would have made this all a little easier to swallow. Revelation -- whether about self or others -- that moves the story or shows some kind of emotional development is acceptable in my book. However, telling stories (i.e. his great uncle's incontinence)that may be embarassing to others just to tell them screams of immaturity and insensitivity. Matt Hughes still isn't high on my list but I don't regret the read. I just wish I had waited until the library had a copy of it.''

#''If you are looking for a behind the scences look into the UFC or even you want to understand the life of a fighter then do not buy this book. I was a Matt Hughes fan until I read this book. Everyone points out his arrogance as a major flaw, but I never really cared the least bit. After reading this I see just how full of himself he is. Fighting is mentioned more of a side note in this book. It is mainly filled with pointless conversations between he and his brother, tales of his family, and farm, jesus and a little more farm. This book is a complete boring let down.
Help other customers find the most helpful reviews ''

#''First, let's deal with the hype of the book's immodest subtitle. "The Most Champion in UFC History"?? Uh .... well, there is a guy named Randy Couture and his following who may have something it to say about that. When their respective careers have ended, there is little doubt that - as great as Matt Hughes was - Couture's legacy will overshadow that of the dude from Hillsboro.
At his peak, Matt Hughes was a "monster," in the best MMA sense of the word - a one-man wrecking crew who elevated the "ground and pound" to an art form. He was scary strong and could submit opponents with punches, arm-bars or chokes. Choose your poison.
"Made in America", which begins rather abruptly and with little context, is not altogether a flattering portrait. For example, the dude needs some anger management lessons. So his Dad used to come home in a grouchy mood. So Matt and his brother gang up to beat up the old man. Matt's twin brother was 90 minutes late picking him up, so Matt punches him in the face. At his brother's wedding reception, some local boys try to pick up some girls so Hughes and his brother take off to try to beat the #$%$ out of them.
Start to see a familiar pattern here?
Other unflattering aspects to Hughes are self-revealed. For example, Hughes treats Tim Sylvia like dirt when the latter arrives at the Miletich Fighting Systems gym in Bettendorf, IA. Even when Sylvia reaches out to Hughes and tries to mend fences, Hughes blows him off. Later, though, when Hughes is committed to a publicity appearance on the very day his wife is having a C-section, who does he call to bail his butt out? Tim Sylvia!
One chapter briefly covers Hughes' religious conversion to Christianity while on a mission at a Mexican orphanage. Later, in the second fight against Penn, Hughes calls on strength from Christ during the fight and comes back to win (ironically, catching and pounding Penn in a hold known as "the crucifix," a bit of irony that I would not have otherwise noticed).
The autobiography is still going to be an interesting read for MMA fans. Hughes' ascension roughly paralleled the rise of MMA and the UFC from that of a fringe sport to a multi-million dollar mainstream athletic event that is covered by the likes of ESPN and Sports Illustrated. The inside perspectives from the Frank Trigg battles, the Royce Gracie "fight," B.J. Penn 1.0 and 2.0 and the first two fights against George St. Pierre are interesting.
"Made in America" comes out as Hughes - now well into his 30's - is clearly in the twilight of his MMA career. He said as much on the last series of TUF when he mused aloud about having only a few more fights left. He was totally dominated by GSP and tapped out in their third fight in late December 2007. One can only hope that we will still see Hughes vs. Matt Serra before retirement looms, as there is genuine bad blood between the two.
Despite his waning skills and the rise of other fighters at 170 who clearly eclipse Hughes, he has rightly earned his place in the pantheon of UFC and MMA greats.
No one will mistake Matt Hughes for Ernest Hemmingway. (On the other hand, I doubt that Hemingway was any good at a flying rear naked choke, a la the kind Hughes whipped on Frank Trigg.) I confess to being a big Matt Hughes fan. This book tells you more about the guy, warts and all. It is not a work of great literature and doesn't aspire to be. For the MMA fan and enthusiast, it is a quick and still entertaining read. ''

#''There are 3 ways to judge this book. 1. as an autobiography 2. as a UFC/MMA/Matt hughes fan and 3. as a well written, interesting story.
This book comes up short on all 3 counts. Its a terrible autobigraphy. After i finished the book, I didnt get the feeling that i understood or knew Matt hughes. Sure, I knew more facts about matt hughes, but nothing on how he became who he is today, just facts. as a UFC/MMA/ Matt Hughes the fighter fan, its not real informative. He doesnt put any timeline on anything. I could never figure out where we are in his life. is it the next month, day, year what? Does he give any in depth thoughts or feelings into MMA? not really. Any behind the scenes stuff? limited.nothing of substance. he hardly even talks about his relationships with other fighter, or who is fighting with him. At one point he says he fought Tito. Tito Ortiz? yes. but does he ever tell us Tito ortiz? no. He just says tito. and you didnt even know Tito was atthe tournament until he says that he fought "Tito.". lazy. also, matt hughes come off pretty poorly in this book as a man. i had to double check to see if this was an autobigraphy or an unauthorised biography because he just came off as a selfish, meanspirited arrogant, judgemental, a little dilusional, bully. I dont care he doesnt have a relationship with his illigitamate son. Its a tough situation only he truley understands. I care he is not humble enough to acknowledge life is messy and people make mistakes, much like he has, when he makes blanket judgements on people (Especially Randy). finally this book is poorly written. paragraph after paragrah of directionless stories. I found myself rereading things thinking i missed something, or waiting in vain for a point to a story, some sort of epiphany or turning point that helped sculplt matt hughes the man. nothing. maybe some stuff got edited out because the book just had no flow, ryme or reason. I found myself getting frusterated as a read trying to undertsnad the point of a story, only to accept there wasnt one. BUT I didn't hate the book because there aren't enough MMA fighter books out there yet. The lidell book is much much better and mor einformative, but after you read that ther eis nothing to fill the void so you have to read this and just gut through it, just for another perspective as limited as it was. because of this, I am still glad I read it. I just wish it was more of what it could have been. I'msure Matt's life was very interesting, too bad he isn't. oh well.''

#''I wish the worst thing I could say about this book is that it reads like it was written by a high school student. Not that I expect Hughes to be John Irving (another wrestler turned writer), but it's almost a stream of consciousness with little background or timeline for the situations involved. ''

#''Hughes spends most of the book badmouthing other MMA fighters, some of whom are now his friends and training partners. He also badmouths the mother of his son and other family members. Then he gleefully goes into detail on some bad things he's done in the past, like bullying people, getting in bar fights and killing animals. Then the revelation.....he becomes a Christian on a trip to Mexico and is therefore forgiven for all of his sins, so now he can continue badmouthing others because his belief in God is evidently stronger than theirs and he knows more bible verses than they do.
Hughes really comes off as a big phony here. I can admire his fighting style while realizing he has a long way to go towards being a man outside the ring. ''

#''The book lacked any depth and was written at a very low level. The book continually drifted on different tangents and didn't reveal a lot of the MMA and grappling world, from Hughes perspective, that I was looking for. In addition, Matt came across as a cocky bully. He fits exactly the kind of jerk that we all try to stay away from in life. On TUF, I was surprised at how much Serra went after Hughes, but now I see his reasons.''

#''This book is a terrible read on a terrible person. A true psychopath. Any more attention to this degenerate is a waste of my time and yours.''

#''Being quite a loyal MMA fan there are very few books on the subject which fail to appeal to me on one level or another. "Made In America" is however one such book. ''

#''This book appears to be a hastily put together autobiography which fails to provide any insight into the man, the sport, the technique or the business of MMA. There really seems little here for anyone but the most dedicated of Matt Hughes fans, but they too will be disappointed by the lack of insight offered into the man in this book. One would learn more about Matt Hughes reading any interview that he has ever given than by reading this full length text. ''

#''A book which really fails to shine a light on its subject or the sport he participates in.''

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Even if everything contained in the synopsis from post #1 is true, I wouldn't have less respect for Matt Hughes, or think of him any differently.

Truth be told, Matt Hughes could be the biggest douchebag in the world and he would still be head and shoulders above people like Tiger Woods who are douchebags but try hard to pretend they aren't.

Kudos for Hughes for having the class to be who he is without engaging in politically correct bs or being a phony who tries to cultivate image.

Matt Hughes may not be perfect, but he is a real man. And, there are many media darlings in the public spotlight who could NOT say the same.

Hard work is the only real PED.
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Originally Posted by Trix View Post

Even if everything contained in the synopsis from post #1 is true, I wouldn't have less respect for Matt Hughes, or think of him any differently.

Truth be told, Matt Hughes could be the biggest douchebag in the world and he would still be head and shoulders above people like Tiger Woods who are douchebags but try hard to pretend they aren't.

Kudos for Hughes for having the class to be who he is without engaging in politically correct bs or being a phony who tries to cultivate image.

Matt Hughes may not be perfect, but he is a real man. And, there are many media darlings in the public spotlight who could NOT say the same.
not to be a prick here, but if he really did walk away from 2 friends drowning and then went out and partied...

not my favourite person.
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