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swedish_fighter 12-10-2010 06:58 AM

Canada is bleeding and badly need the UFC!
The Canadian population is in bad need for some blood. And let men be men and hit each other (possible kill). They have had it so good that they lost their will to fight same-sex-marriage's and other stuff that most people don't want. I'm afraid they even forgot how you fight? All thats left of this beutiful country seems to be gaymen and political correct girls who don't think for themself, nor have an opinion.

"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing" - Edmund Burke

I think we all agree that canada need outside help if they are to survive. Cus political correctness and gay people even tho it may sound like a healthy way of life can only lead to destruction and destablization in a country. Its a unhelthy way of life and a road that has been walked so many times only to present the same bad result.


When good men starts fighting however there is hope again. UFC in Canada could be the country reforming event the land so desperatly is grasping for while being eaten from the inside.

Knowing what I know about Canada and by seeing the potential of UFC being there brings my eyes to tears.
I recently heard there is going to be a UFC event in Canada, I hope all you canadians who are heterosexuals stands up for your sexuality, like homosexuals do... Before its to late - go support UFC (and bring girls).

And also start fighting for whats left of your beutiful land. Do UFC present such a force that it can reform a country that lost its will to fight? How will UFC be wellcomed by Canada media? Will Canadians start fighting once UFC hits their country? What are your thoughts on UFC in canada?

Killz 12-10-2010 07:07 AM

What the hell is this?

dude, you need to seriously up the quality of your posts on here. :thumbsdown:

UFC_OWNS 12-10-2010 07:14 AM

if you want me to go over to sweden and kick this monkeys ass give me a hell yeah

Killz 12-10-2010 07:20 AM

suffersystem 12-10-2010 07:28 AM

Did one of us Canadians **** your girlfriend or something?

I'll never fully understand this notion that Canadians are all rainbows and sprinkles. I find we are becoming more and more like America everyday (don't completely mean that in a bad way,lol).

Head downtown in any city on a saturday at about 2am after the bars get out, trust me, you'll see some fights, lmao. Many a Canadain are good at two things, drinking, and throwing fists, haha

erectus 12-10-2010 07:38 AM

Mr. Swedish Fighter, you have obviously read too much Strindberg. Try Ibsen instead.

Hammerlock2.0 12-10-2010 07:42 AM

Maybe now somebody will realize that OP is a troll...

Danm2501 12-10-2010 07:44 AM

You mean people didn't realise that already? =/

Hammerlock2.0 12-10-2010 07:45 AM

It always seemed to me like most people take OP seriously.

edlavis88 12-10-2010 07:45 AM

Wait i didn't know being gay was wrong... learn something new everyday!! :sarcastic12:

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